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Dore Aesthetics Review!

14/December/2017 | Advertorial



Recently I was invited to Dore Aesthetics for a Face Whitening Treatment!!!
Which I really do need, ever since my Europe trip early this year, I can’t
seem to be fair back again, I m at least 2-3 tones darker, No matter how much
whitening cream I apply. I still look…. Super Tan, i Guess it’s due my age?
I don’t get fairer back so easily anymore.

I reached at Dore Aesthetics with dropping jaw, this is by far the fanciest
aesthetic establishment I’ve been to! It is super huge and spacious!!
They are so huge that Dore Aesthetic and clinic have 3 units on the same level
for different treatments and procedures! On TOP of that everything is so new,
bright and clean!


The therapist and consultant are all very experienced, as they had many years
experiences in working in this field, after explaining to me what kind of facial
that I will be doing today!

From the consultation I also learned that Dore Aesthetics has served more than
2,000 satisfied customers and a Google Review rating of 4.1 stars!! They are
also featured in The Straits Times and various popular magazines such as ELLE,
Her World and Singapore Women’s Weekly!!


With such extensive portfolio, I m very sure I m in good hands!


It was very easy and relaxing experience throughout the entire treatment, it
feels more like a relaxing spa facial rather than a facial treatment, lol,
I fall asleep a few times! Lol


I actually much much fairer with the next 1 week! I could tell that I become
fairer as I started using back my old foundation, which is 2 shades lighter!!!!
I m Super impressed and Super happy about it!!


Not only I m back to old shade, I noticed my skin is significantly smoother
than it ever was! So soft and smooth that entire week I can’t stop touching
my own face!

Thank you Dore Aesthetics so much for letting me getting back my old skin tone,
and I can’t thank them enough!

Check out the Face Whitening treatment that I did!

Dore Aesthetics
SBF Center
160 Robinson Road
Singapore 068914
Monday to Friday: 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Tel: 6792 1478

Check out their sister company website at:




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One thought on “Dore Aesthetics Review!”

Mae | January 19, 2018

I can’t believe how fast it changes your skin color for the small amout of time!!! I am amzed by their work for making your skin look brighter and smoother!! I would definetely try their facial treatment if I have lived near there. Woahhh ♥♥♥

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