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-Dream, Love & Fairy Tales

24/May/2013 | Give-aways, Monthly Special, Photobook, Review




1st of all.. i wanna thank all of you… all of you.
You guys responded as enthusiastic as I was
when I published the photobook. What I do to
deserve readers like you guys?? Not Forgetting
my blogger friends who were super supportive,
share, retweet and Instagram for me! And I could
say the response this year, was even more
spontaneous than last year! I tot last year’s
response was already huge and I thought couldn’t
get anywhere beyond than that. I was wrong…!!!
You guys are too awesome! made me so happy on
my birthday!!

Please please do know that your response,
comments, likes mean a world to me,
I really do appreciate them!








Here’s the ultimate question… Lol.
This is like a final verdict for me…
Out of the 3 self produced published online photo
books, which is your ultimate favorite and why?!

It’s a serious tough call even for myself, I love these
3 volumes equally, but I have to admit my skills
improved on handling photo quality and details.
If I m will to shoot [A Dream In Paris] all over again…
I think I will actually love it even more.

For the 1st volume set a new level for myself,
my style and photography direction.

For the 2nd volume, I took a leap, I became more
daring, way more adventurous than the 1st volume,
but still kept my style. More outside the box concept.

For the finale episode, I basically combine the vol 1
and 2 together. I can say finale is pretty much
predictable, my usual style. I tried to work something
new within the box. Even thou I can continue to be
adventurous, but I chose to keep my style and
work within it.


Do participate in this poll, comment to tell me which
photobook you like the most and why. I will be selecting
more than 1 winner on this blog post…
A photobook for each!!




Here are some hand picked desktop wallpapers. some
were published, some are not even included on the full
photobook. These wallpapers are done during the post
production period, wallpapers giveaway was already
pre-plan. LOL!















This set of photos in the photobook. Was taken
right after twice teeth cleaning done by tooth
angel! As I wanted a set of pictures with the
ultimate sparkling “Hollywood” smile!

I conquer my biggest fear and visit a dentist!
I hate hate hate dentist as they always give me
nightmares, but I was convinced right after my
consultations, the doctors were open-minded,
friendly and super soft and gentle!
They are the real tooth angels!

So check them out:



Tooth Angels & Co
Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd
Tooth Angels Aesthetic
Dentistry Pte Ltd
The Central, #B1-04,
6 Eu Tong Sen Street,
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6222 6220






For those who are interested in how the photobook
contents. Here’s what you’ll be getting!
All 288 full colored printed pages!

And great news, the giveaway review photobook
giveaway I officially extended it for 2 more days! It will
now on closed on

Monday 27th 11:59pm

So its not too late to join and submit your review!
Details as follows:



page 5

Win this [A FLOWER BOY’S TALE] The Best Selected Limited Edition physical photobook worth $220sgd. (estimated by the printing company, impressions)


The specification of the book: 288 Full colored printed pages. Size: 190 mm x 285 mm, Portrait Cover: gloss paper + matt lamination + board (hardcover) Inside : 157 gsm matt paper


There are 10+ copies to be won!

Win the photobook at 2 simple steps:


Simply like IMPRESSION Facebook page.



Write a review for the photobook and comment it on the [A FLOWER BOY’S TALE] post.



♥♥ Terms & Condition ♥♥

*Please ensure you post with a legit email, so when you won the photobook, I could contact you directly.

**There will be NO word limitations, multiple entries are welcome.

***This is an international Photobook giveaway, overseas entries are welcome.

****Giveaway close on 25th May 11:59pm, (EXTENDED! Monday 27th 11:59pm) the winners will be announced on my blog and through email.

AFBT (2)



I am terribly sorry that my Instagram and twitter LIVE
Q&A was a disaster. Lol. I was out having a mini
get-together, I was barely even replying… Totally not
“LIVE”… Therefore I m sincerely sorry, to make it up to
you guys, I’ve decided to reschedule a another Q&A
session. This time I will be home, with my charger, full
attention, to reply the questions, LIVE.

As promised, I will still be giving away 1 photobook on
Instagram and twitter each!

Again, I m so sorry!



It’s been 3 years, 3 hard worked photobooks, like I
mentioned in my 3rd photobook’s sign off, this is
the end of the series… Photobook styled blog posts
or shoots will still happen, but to produced such a
huge project, I will have to take it up as project for
work/career. I m TOO old to do this out of a hobby!!!
The time and money invested in these 3 photobooks…
Is insane.

Tmr I will be attending the Singapore social star
awards concert!!! With Sophie! There tons of big
names will performing! Like Carly Rae Jepsen and
PSY! OMG, madness! So if you are going!
See you there!

Here are some details on the concert:

Details for 24th May, Friday
(Carly Rae Jepson, Ceelo Green, Psy, Blush)
Venue: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
Time: 7pm

Details for 25th May, Saturday
Venue: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
Time: 8pm

Get your tix here!

Next week I m heading over to Japan for a
photoshoot project! This time I m not shooting
myself, kinda excited and nervous at the same
time, cos this is the very 1st paid photography
job I took up, it’s a FULL blast shooting, me myself…
opps, no, correction, someone else. Thou its not
my 1st shooting someone else, but its paid, a
photobook! So I expect perfection. So please,
wish me luck this will be my debut! Ciao!


look! one of the my fav fan art to date!
drew by this really talented girl! super love it~~!
*so touching!*
check her out!


Share the love ♥
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11 thoughts on “-Dream, Love & Fairy Tales”

kalyanamettaa | May 24, 2013

Its hard for me to choose one of your album since I love them all..
but what I love the most until right now is ‘A Flower Boy’s Tale’
because I felt this album represents a person (you) who has 4D personality
Manly,Sweet,Romantic,Charming,Cute and cool all that personality consist in one album
and this album also has a great concept. And the important one is did you realise that your album always bring inspirations for many people maybe many people? expecially for this album : Maybe many people thought that flowers is belongs to a girl but with this album people can realise that flowers are suitable for boy too and maybe after seeing this album people can change their mindset.

Thankyou for inspired me a lot.

Keep Inspired People,Yutakis~

Dungeon Dragon | May 24, 2013

first off, congratulations on 3 successful online photo book. I like all three photo books that you made yutakis. What I liked about the VOL.1 A DREAM IN PARIS is the beauty and talent that you showed. at first I thought you were just like the rest of the bloggers out there. but I was wrong. when i opened your blog a world of fantasy unfolded. your blog is totally different and stands out among the rest. I was blown away by the way you blogged! every entry is like a page fresh from the magazines. i saw a lot of effort in every post you made as it showed how dedicated you where to bringing an excellent blo post to your readers. every post has it own story other than the blogs story itself and it almost made me feel you’re not real that your an fictional character that came to life. anyway going back to vol.1 this photo book proved you’re not just a pretty face and it showed the world of blogging your talent when it comes to photography, photo editing, and Ovcourse making an actual book. while on VOL.3 A FLOWER BOY’S TALE or the FINALE showed the appreciation of beauty, Timelessness, Elegance, and it also showed us your readers how much of your talent has matured over the years. the final book almost feels like you made a wonderful performance and had us all on a standing ovation and left us in awe and wondering what a guy can do with a camera, a blog, and a beautiful mind.

that leaves VOL.2 SUMMER LOVE as my favorite among all 3 Volumes. Why? I don’t actually know where to start but when I first saw the VOL.2 it actually showed me a persona you have that goes back. I don’t really know what the specific concept was for VOL.2 but it seems to me like AMERICA in the 60’s I love how you used different filters on this VOL. and showed us your versatility (specially the ones where you were in all black). the VOL.2 to me was like Lana Del Rey X James bond on a vacation on a tropical country. This vol showed us a prince on vacation. a boy looking for peace & solicitude. A dark mysterious Merman. and an American on a hot summer in Santa Monica.

After i saw the VOL.2 online photo book i asked myself, “Why is this an online photo book!? every bookstore should be selling this guys book!”. your books deserves to be on the shelves on every bookstore in the world. I can’t shrug of the feeling wanting the world know how talented you are. the contents of the vol.2 is soo unexpected and is like an editorial on a September issue of VOGUE. the vol.2 totally feeds the hungry creative minds of people and that’s what i loved about the book.


that’s all i have to say about the book. keep up the great work day, you will not only be known in Singapore or in the blogging world. one day the entire world will know who Yutakis James is and how wonderful his blog is 😉

Quan Ng | May 25, 2013

Hi Yutakis
Sometimes in life it’s really hard to make a decision, this is the point where I had to keep thinking which Photobook is my favorite.
My final choice is Volume 3: A Flower Boy’s Tale
The Vintage, Fairy Tale and New Age City theme it is my favorite!

1.)The Vintage theme makes you have the classy rich man look.
2.) The Fairy Tale Theme… I’ve always dream to go to Rome one day and the Toga reminds me of that.
3.) The New Age City Theme It gives you that serious cool guy look. (Like Jay chou?) Haha

Your pictures impress & inspires me at the same time and that is what I really like about it!

Thank you Yutaki! <3

misshermes | May 25, 2013

My favourite series is Summer Love because the art direction, photography, and everything is just amazing! You took many risks in some of the photographs, especially the one on the rocks and also the underwater photos, and I really admire your dedication to perfection. The photos also give out a feeling of a beautiful summer romance, with you as the prince that will fulfill every girl’s dreams! It makes me want to go on a holiday to a tropical paradise right now! Cho love one! ♥

Lexi | May 25, 2013

This time you’ve confronted your readers with a though question. ^^ It took me more than half an hour to decide. But I finally could make up my mind, kind of. *lol* I’d be happy to vote for two favourites though. 😀
What I’m very grateful for & uber – happy about is that you’ve extended the giveaway for two more days. I was looking forward to writing a review but then I’ve catched a cold & lay down with fever & anything but a clear mind to be able to write it.
Now that I’ve got time until Monday I’ll do my best to write a good review on the weekend & keep my fingers crossed to be one of the lucky winners to win your beautifully designed photobook.

Much love,


Jenny | May 26, 2013

Congratulations on the photobooks ! Very happy for you and proud of you ^^
Although I like all three, my favourite is the 1st Volume: Dream in Paris. The reason why is because it’s super romantic and elegant and I love the theme and the colours. It’s so hard to choose because your photos always look super professional and I always love the styling so so much !! Congratulations again Yutakis and keep up the good work !!

Maywan | May 27, 2013

It really hard for me to pick but my favorite would have to be Summer Love! I love A Flower Boy’s Tale as well, but I think I like how Summer Love is more adventurous. Although in all the three volumes, there is beautiful scenery in all of them, I am more drawn to Summer Love. I have no idea why XD…such a hard decision. I do agree that volume 3 is a combination of both of the concepts of 1 and 2 though! It’s such a hard choice to pick of the three, because they are all really good! 🙂 I am sort of going back and forth between volumes 2 and 3 though haha. Congratulations again! This three-part series of photobooks really goes well together! ^.^b

ashiyad | May 27, 2013

Moi Yutaki *(^o^)/* ★~ (it’s Finnish but it means Hi Yutaki)

I’m not good with my English but I will try my best to write something. My favorite is Volume 1 : A Dream in Paris because the font and photo. Inspiration. When I saw A FLOWER BOY’S TALE-pictures , I was thinking about Vogue-magazine, you should really send your pictures to them, your photo’s quality is so good that I think it’s good enough for the magazine *blush*

best regards,

Saya R | May 29, 2013

*grabs the wallpapers* omo, these are stunning *o*

all the 3 editions were flawless! but ofcourse everyone has them favorites~ ^^ i will pick the latest though, since i’m loving the color palette in the pictures. i’m loving the vintage(y), colorful pastel ambience that it gives for me. i’m very fond of these kind of colour pallete!!! they are soothing in the eyes and the texture feel of the photos seems to be super smooth!

and you had a lot of personas portrayed here and i think you did superbly~ a flower boy’s tale is daebak (the best)! You were gorgeous in all of the photobooks yutakis~ but you ended the series with a bang of perfection which is this photobook! your hardwork is really appreciated ^^ <3

goodluck on your photoshoot in japan dear~ :*

take care always, saya

Denise | June 10, 2013

Hi Yutaki!

I’ve always read Sophie’s blog and I’ve seen numerous photos of you. I have of course started reading your blog as well 🙂

If I had to choose, I would choose “A Dream In Paris”. It really shows how much you have grown as a photographer, from all those camwhore shots to actual professional portraits. As an avid fan of photography myself, I really look up to you as one of my inspirations. Your photos, settings, editing all give me inspiration when I’m shooting outside. I really love the beautiful scenery of Europe, and you managed to capture all of the beauty in your amazing photos. Coupled with the amazing editing, you managed to bring life into the photos.

The colors that you used showed the romantic side of Paris (It’s the city of love afterall). It’s practically flawless.

I am truly amazed at your professionalism, humbleness, passion and dedication which has shown in your photos.

I really hope I win a photobook, so that I’ll always have it by me to give me inspiration.

Thank you for reading and all the best in your future endeavors. I think you would really make it big shooting other people. If I got married one day, I would definitely hire you to film my wedding (ok that’s a little far-fetched but you get what I mean).

Saphiel | June 13, 2013

This is a must have. I really want to have a copy of the hardcover book but since its limited can I request for a PDF copy… like E-book version.. or do you plan to have this book available in Amazon or online bookstore?

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