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-Dye Your Afro With Bubbles! Ft: Glory Of Vanity: 落陽公園

05/September/2009 | Advertorial, Vanity Vain

Sponsored Advertorial

Have you ever wish that you could change a look, change your hair color like every 2 or 3 months? sick of being ALWAYS the same, constant and boring? hair dye? but without much damage to your hair? and not spending hundred dollars at the salon, and waiting like 3 to 4 hours? how is even that’s possible?

Envy Afro ken? he’ s able to change his look/hair style/color any time any where!& he is the only cartoon character could do this!

yes, i know there’s so many DIY hair dye that selling in Watsons and guardian, but… there are much flawed.

– they used very hashed chemicals in the product and in results your hairs turns out to very dry and extremely damaged.

– DIYs could never do a good job as compared to color technicians in the salons, cos high chance of having your hair colored unevenly.

– the colors always does not turn out to be the same as the one showed on the DIY hair kit cover.

– DIY hair dyes! stain on your towel, shirt or even your foreheads, most disturbing thing is… they are really hard to wash away.

these are so many shits avoiding us to have nice color hairs!!

but have you ever wonder how come i always have nice colored hair every few months?

and my hair condition is never unhealthy?

and i can change my hair color whenever i want,

plus i dun have to waste my whole  precious Saturday afternoon in salon to get my hair done,

most importantly, i can swear to god, i spent less only 27 dollars to get a brilliant color hair!

what’s my secret?


see! again i hate and love being sponsored and advertise of my secret weapons, love it when i could get free products, hate it when, from now almost everyone could get healthy dyed hair colors! tsk! the last time was the shishedo mask, this time… Argh. never mind, there are still a lot of things on my desk that i did not share yet. hohohohoh (evil laughter)


its the

Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring!!

its the one and only hair coloring product that uses foam to dye the hair! in a another word, dying your hair is just simple and quick like a hair wash!!!!!



haha, and that’s my ultimate secret weapon, that me and close frens shares, we used to always beg gretchen to buy this hair dye product whenever she is traveling to japan, cos its CANT BE FOUND IN SINGAPORE. alright let me tell you what is so so so good about Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring!!!

, its the only hair dye contain AMINO ACID! (you can read more about how amino acid is beneficial to human body and hair @ here), which minimize the damage of the hair to the lowest possible, and also there’s Royal Jelly that could restore the hair to its perfect condition! now you could worry not about damaging your hair by changing colors every two to three months!

– 2ndly, why foam?

Unlike traditional hair dyeing, this product turns color agents into bubbles that makes the process as easy as washing your hair.

if you think you can wash your hair thoroughly with your shampoo, then the foam dye works the same way, it gets to everywhere over your hair, in a result, your hair is evenly dyed, instead of those lousy DIY hair dyes, which is in gluey and jell-liquid form, they are hard to spread out and get even over your hair, high chance of getting a patch of lighter tone and a patch darker, and everyone could tell the  finished look is obviously not professionally dyed.

– 3rdly, this is judging on my personal experiences, me and my friends who constantly used this foam hair dye, never once we experienced that the hair color turned out to be different from the hair color shown in the catalog and cover, compared to many failure and disappointment cases by using those normal hair dyes that are selling in singapore’s Watsons and Guardian.

– 4thly
, since its bubbles and foams, IT NEVER STAINS! have you ever had experiences that hair dyes that stains your clothes, or your hands or even forehead and neck? and it takes one or two days to wash them off?! its indeed a terrible nightmare! (imagine going to school or orchard with a dark patch of stain on your forehead?) but with the foamy hair dye, you are saved from those shits. that will never ever happen.

花王株式会社 Japan

-5thly, questioning about the quality? its only selling in japan, i will not elaborate more, cos japan = good quality as you all know, and its not selling under those nameless company,its Japanese well-known household and cosmetics-goods company Kao, and FYI, its the top selling DIY hair dye in japan, and also ambassador/advertised by a japan famous actress/model, (竹下玲奈) Rena Takeshita.

– lastly
, its about the maths and cash, you see, as poor students like us, who barely even making money on our own yet, of cos, we should want to look good, in the way that could also save us the big bucks for something more worth awhile, right? what’s more, do you know how ugly when your dark roots started growing out, and you have no spare money in hand to go for hair dye in the salon? which cost you at least, $ 70 – $150!

let me do a brief calculation for you,

*Average time for dark roots to grow to a extend of “too obvious to notice”,

2 to 3 months.

average salon charge for hair dye service,

approximitly: $100.

so in a year, times of hair dying is necessary,

12 months divide by 3

= 4 times,

and 4 multiply by $100 = $400!!

you will have spent 400 motherfucking dollars on hair dye a year! come on! that sum of money could get you a itouch 8Gb or a PSP slim and countless grabs in a ZARA sale!

but prettia foamy hair dye which as good as professional hair dye (actually even better!) only cost


so 4  times hair dye a year, only cost you $100!!! u can save $300!!! god! by adding a whee bit of money you could get a new gucci wallet!

used to have some bitchy bitch laughed at your uneven-dyed hair, bitching u of being a cheapo and ruin your own hair in do-it-yourself style?

now, its your revenge time with prettia foam hair dye, which only cost $25, u can show off your, evenly dyed, healthy looking and laugh at those bitchy bitches’ damaged and dry looking hair, that they spent hundred over dollars and ruin their hair in professional style! hahaha!

alright, enough of the benefits of the product already, i could go on and on non-stop, cos i really really love this foamy hair dye personally. reading up till here, if you still hesitating whether to buy or not, i think you should knock your head against the wall! what you waiting for??! its clearly its superb!

let’s me personally do a “even dumb ass could understand” tutorial on how to use  the foamy hair dye!

here’s my color choice this time:



get un-boxed!


1. Kao Prettia Hair Color Agent No. 1 40ml

2. Kao Prettia Hair Color Agent No. 2 60ml

3. Pump head

4. Palty Hair Treatment 4ml

5. Gloves

6. Instruction Manual


Tilt the bottle slightly and gently squeeze the foam into

the palm of your hand. Apply foam evenly to dry hair

Be sure to cover the entire hair area, gently spreading

the foam evenly down to the root area

Leave on for about 20-30 minutes to let the dyeing

agents settle. The bubble foam may disappear during

this time, but this will not affect the process. (camwhores, main while u could camwhore.)

20-30 mins later…

Rinse thoroughly, Shampoo as usual and apply “no-rinse”

after color moisturizer for hair treatment conditioner.

simple right! if you still dun get it, now watch the

“even super duper dumb-ass should able to understand”

tutorial Video!

-though its in japanese, but watch the actions man!

Are you ready to see the result?


my old, metallic dull black. i m ready for a more vibrant and summer look. more natural look!

below pics are also new set of “Glory Of Vanity”, June’s set. sorry, its late!


dun worry, there’s a huge variety of colors to choose from:

























Natural brown and black could last for one month!



new 2



Note:  Light beige, number 10, is the one shown in the 1st TVC, & the one i used in this advertorial is number 5, Milk Tea brown!

Now watch another super cute



but again… bad news, like i mention before.. ITS NOT SELLING IN SINGAPORE

unlike the shishedo mask, there’s so many other blogshops selling it as well, but this brilliant product, is really NOT SELLING SINGAPORE. AT ALL. TOTALLY, dun believe? go try google or ebay it, if you could find, i will shave my head for u.

tempted to buy right?!

HAHAHAHA, u people can go get jealous and die with your dull/unhealthy dyed hair colors! WAHAHAHA!!!

alrighty~ i shall stop being a tease before you people track me down and gang bash me…



&& before you wanted to ask me that stupid question that many of my friends already asked a thousand times, i will give you the answer, RIGHT NOW, prettia hair coloring series is NOT one time hair dye, IS permanent hair dye. erk.

u guys should all thanks me for revealing my desk secret once again… no thanks! =D  (i m so shameless, hahahahah)



& get your Fav color dye now!!

here are some suggestions and previous prettia hair colors, i chose!

my past colors dyes choices from PRETTIA:

personal rating: 5 stars!

cos, prettia is my secret to become Afro Taki!

i can change my hair color anytime i want without any WORRIES!

so what’s the next color i should try? maybe..


what you waiting for?




imagine the world is as vibrant as the world of afro ken’s!



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29 thoughts on “-Dye Your Afro With Bubbles! Ft: Glory Of Vanity: 落陽公園”

ellaa | July 21, 2009

hey there yutaki
i’m a big fan and your blog is entertaining and ever so useful especially posts like these =]
thanks for the sharing! hehes
i just have on question
what do you mean that it is “NOT one time hair dye, IS permanent hair dye”
it is not one time hair dye? huh? isn’t one time and permanent the same thing?

yutaki | July 21, 2009

one time dye is those dye for one night or day, it will be washed with shampoo! get it?

cs | July 22, 2009

So this is the shit you’ve been using. :0

japan always have the best stuffs!

Nice post.

afro ken! « :: i love teh-bing :: | July 24, 2009

[…] Filed under Uncategorized &#183 Tagged random, shopping, thoughts have been pondering over the amazing hair dye kit as advertised on yutaki’s blog… haha~ it’s cool! and i like the afro ken poster […]

isabebe | July 25, 2009

Hii!! I like so many colours! Was wondering is honey brown very orange.. is it more natural than milk tea brown? I would b very grateful if u cld post more pics of the honey brown =P Thanks!

yutaki | July 25, 2009

to i think that i tired both, milk tea brown is more natural, the honey is more to orange side, and milk tea brown is more close to brown side.

isabebe | July 26, 2009

ahh awesome thanks! Grats on the endorsement and love ya blogging style as well. Shall be supporting ya! Jia you!

Aisha | July 29, 2009

I love this post! Japan always have the good stuff! Now to see if they have that great stuff here in America! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, but I see how that other stuff stains and looks weird so I was like screw it, but this totally is changing my mind.

I’ll make sure to keep coming back to your blog. a lot of helpful stuff and funny things. Great work. ^^

Kimmi | July 30, 2009

dangg this wall post was interesting!!

Alisa | August 9, 2009

Hi, maybe you have not know this, this dye is now selling at NTUC for $19 only. Hee… i tried ytd but think bcuz my hair too long liao… (close to butt liao) and i share the dye with my bf and still got lots of it left. but i will try it again. Thanks for the reconmendation.

Daryl | August 17, 2009

So shave your head leh! Don’t lie!

roxy | September 21, 2009

it’s out int the market already =) called as liese here..
but they dont carry all the colours =)

yutaki | September 24, 2009

YES~!! and my client is selling cheaper at 18 dollars, the watsons is selling at 19.90..

roxy | September 21, 2009

it’s out in the market already =) called as liese here..
but they dont carry all the colours =)

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psp forums | October 23, 2009

Hi, thanks for posting this article. Do you know where I can find more information on this. Thanks

-私の人生に色を追加!Ft: Glory Of Vanity: Vivid & Story Line « Yutaki's Ecstatic Rhapsodies™ | November 4, 2009

[…]… […]

kimmi | December 22, 2009

Hey will it be alright if I post this blog entry on a public beauty and fashion fourm called Soompi?
I will put credits and a link to your blog =)

yutaki | December 22, 2009

sure! =)

Christina | December 30, 2009

Wow. Thanks for the post.

I’m choosing between Milktea, Marshmellow, Cassis Red and Sweet Pink for the new year.

I wonder if the color fades, or rather, how long does it take to fade completely? Does the color get lighter the more you wash it? I don’t use any color-protecting shampoos/conditions, but mask it regularly with a color-protecting mask.

yutaki | December 30, 2009

it took me two months for a colour dis-vibrancy, as in color not as bright n vibrant as before, by the two months, my roots r already grown to a noticable length so its already time to buy another box hair dye!

xx | February 2, 2010

hmm.. This sounds good, but I have to dye my hair at salons coz touching up roots at home never works and just doing roots alone at salon makes the colour patchy.. have you tried this hairdye over already dyed hair?

and to touch up your roots do you leave it in the roots for longer, and then put the rest in?

jassssssssss. | March 21, 2010

ohhh, so cool!
how often do you recolour? every two months?

Alvinachanda | April 8, 2010

Hey 🙂
In your photo with the honey brown colour, did you dye that from black hair?
Just wondering because now I have medium ash brown which is quite dark and want to go lighter.
Also, have you tried the bleach??

Sushie 6 pounds | April 18, 2010

Thanks a lot for this review, i think i will buy this thing, it has been so longtime i’ve never dye my hair and it miss me lol xD.
But i don’t want to always buy another pack each 2 month, i’m not rich me xD…

babybui | June 11, 2010

Do you dye over your previous hair color or do you have to use a hair color remover before hand?

ふゆの | February 11, 2011


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