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-Estée Lauder CyberWhite Step 1

01/March/2011 | Advertorial

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recently i m invited to be one of the ambassodar of the Estee lauder Cyber white brilliant cells blogging challenge.
this is a huge appotunity to share with all you my buaety secret. why my complexion is so good! many of you asked me on formspring to share what facial products do i use! here it is!
this cyber white series is ultimate solution to brighter and clearer skin!


why do we need whitening? even boys?
many of you have the misconcept that whitening is for girl who are obessed to look pale. no. its actually to brighten the spots, pimple scars and even up our skin tone. often when we grew out of light years, we been thru puberty, that when we had alot of pimples! yes i did too. pimples were gone, but marks and scars are like souvenirs… never go away. estee lauder’s cyber white series is ultiamte solution! to say bye bye to those hideous spots! they could even lighten the appearence of freckles! ( which i do have) so girls and boys, to have a perfect complexion is not easy, and not by sitting in front of your laptop screen and envy will magically make do your skin any good. so! what more i should say? try them out yourself!

this post would be the introduction of the 4 step to whiter andbrighten skin! the ultimate 1st step!


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2 thoughts on “-Estée Lauder CyberWhite Step 1”

Jerry Williams | March 1, 2011

Nice piece.

Nani | March 2, 2011

I love a guy who takes care of his skin : D Most guys in my country think it’s gay -_-” But I love people who care for their skin and appearance. It doesn’t only LOOK good, but it feels good too. And your skin won’t age so fast.

I need to try out some EL products. I only tried their mascaras so far, and I LOVE it! : D I got a few uneven spots in my face, so I might try to get my hands on this..

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