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For The Face & That Face In The Magazine

27/March/2014 | Feeling Lucky, Review




New post! I m a hardworking blogger right!
6th post for the month!! i’ve been on a average
of 5-6 post ever month now, which is relatively a
good thing, i rmb the down period 1 year ago,
i used to blog about 1 once a month! lol, back
sophie and qiuqiu used to mock me as the
laziest blogger.


Recently, i m very very pleased and happy with
my work progress, for the last 6 months, i have
close many blogging deals and advertorials, the
highest peak in 8 years of being a blogger, also
because, before 2013, i wasn’t actively blogging
or enthusiastic about accepting advertorials, i used
to take blogging as a pure a none-money involved
hobby. but you see, boy gotta grow up and make
some money. lol.

I guess, one of the biggest achievement that i got
so far is that being a blogger, i became the new
face for Missha Urban Soul Singapore, the
advertisement was in this month’s HER WORLD
magazine, I am still discussing with the Missha
team to post the advertisement on other platforms,
nothing is confirm thou. BUTTTTT…!!! Being on a
full page spread of one of the TOP magazine in
Singapore is just…. AWESOME! i m not showing off
okay, its kinda big deal to someone like who is not
a celebrity, model or anybody important.





What is a bigger achievement than being on a
magazine full page advertisement? That photo for the
advertisement was taken by myself… basically on the
lame man term, its a selfie… a selfie as a big brand
advertisement shoot?


i honestly never seen one before.
lol. i am totally not concealing how proud and honored
i am. i could have totally act all cool about it, but…


This advertisement feature will help me to kick start my
(yet start up) photography career that has been talking
about forever.






Finally got the chance to dress up and take some
selfies with my trophy magazine advertisement, these
days i really rarely dress up unless i need to shoot
for advert or have to attend events… i guess i m facing
mid-life crisis, laziness is starting to kick in. oh shit.
i can’t imagine me being not vain anymore…






This month i received my favorite skin care products
from kiehl’s! its no secret, i m HUGE fan of their
products, these are some of their very very top sellers
and very powerful products,

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
– Awesome for late night sleepers, it helps to regenerates,
repairs, and replenishes skin for smoother, healthier
skin by morning.

Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++
– Super Light and none greasy Sunscreen and have
very powerful sun shield properties,
a rare find for oil screen type and yet want protection
from further skin damage from the sun!

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
-This whitening serum is awesome, it helps to lighten
pimple scars and reduce appearance of your dark spots
and also brighten and whiten your skin tone!

Powerful-Stregth Line-Reducing Concentrate
-The star product of kiehl’s powerful dermatologist
solutions. with pure 10.5% of vitamin C, it this
concentrate help actively reduce fine lines and smiling
lines at the side of the nose and beside the lips.

I personally a regular user of their Midnight recovery
concentrate and Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50
PA+++! I will posting another post on top favorite
products from kiehl’s! i will start be a active user of the
Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, as i
notice some formation of crow’s feet at my eye area…




and something new from kiehl’s Clearly Corrective
series! a brand sheet mask,

Clearly Corrective White Hydrating &
Clarifying Treatment Masque

Long lasting hydration up to 24 hours. It helps to treat
and prevent dark spots and even up skin tone! This
is kiehl’s 1st ever sheet mask, and its awesome, only
after sheet i tried, my entire skin appeared to be
brighten up! Definitely adding this effective mask into
my mask regime!

Get your Kiehl’s awesome skin care products from local
boutiques from this list of store locator!






After talking about the skin cares, here come the combo
of a skin treatment + concealer + Sun Screen!

YSL CC Cream Forever Light Creator

Having sick of applying heavy layers of stuff on your
skin before you head out and still HAD TO. because u
need protection from the sun, environmental damages
and wanna conceal your uneven skin tone and
blemishes? i know right, i hate it.

But with the NEW YSL CC Cream Forever Light Creator.
you only need one. It helps to conceal and treat your
uneven skin tone and blemishes and even brighten
your skin. with SPF 35 PA+++ you can forget your

It comes in 3 shades, so you could find your perfect
matching shade for your skin tone. i love it as its ultra
light and non-greasy. Yanyan (xiaxue) super love it too,
she raved how strong is the coverage and fair it is!

Get your YSL CC creme at:
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté,
#B2-34 ION Orchard,
2 Orchard Turn Singapore




ok, i m off to edit pics for upcoming new posts alr!

I will be working a one new collection post of
my favorite advertorials! while doing the post,
i realized, recently i really doing not bad in the
blogosphere. *proud* lol.

btw the Her World magazine is the March issue,
so its still on sale, you can grab a copy while its still

maybe a 7th post this month?


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One thought on “For The Face & That Face In The Magazine”

Jurika | July 20, 2014

awww amazing pics! i’m so glad for u!~ perfect as always~

My blog ♥

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