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Get Away At Lloyd’s Inn

30/April/2015 | discovery, Holiday, Photobook, Photography, Review

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I had a little getaway staycation at the most cool boutique
hotel recently, with the raise of the Instagram hipsters, this
hotel is the all time favorite by all of them! Lol. The theme
of the hotel is minimalist, white and a lot of black spaces
for the hipster to crop them into their Instagram! Lol. The
team at Lloyd’s inn gave me the sky room, which was
perfect for a two days bath tub soaking getaway. I was
literally in the bath tub for hours after hours! Even the last
night Nich came to the hotel with booze, I got drunk,
I was in the bath tub too.


I simply love the entire atmosphere at the hotel, although it’s
fully booked, but the guest at the hotel wasn’t noise or active
at all, me, sandy and Wendy had the dipping pool all by
ourselves in the afternoon and night. It was such pleasure
experience at the hotel, it feels like I m actually at overseas,
a quiet place to getaway from all noise.

I go along with the theme of the hotel I shoot a series of photo
inspired by all the hipster photos on lloyd’s Inn Instagram!
The white, simple, and good framing photos!

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The location was also really awesome, there’s a convenient

store, super market, drugs store and many restaurants at
WALKING DISTANCE. Yes I hate walking, so when I say it’s
walking distance it’s really super near. And it’s also at town
area, going to orchard is like with 5-8 mins by taxi!

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If you are looking for a couple getaway, the sky room is perfect,

simple yet very romantic, the even at night the dipping area
gave me and my friends full privacy, there’s no one there!

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Sent this pic to the girls and said this is a totally unplanned tribute to ..


uncle yutaki is love you! lol

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I was alone for the 1st night then the 2nd night my dear BFF

sandy and Wendy came to visit!!! It’s been a while since we
had a hotel gathering! We had sooooo much fun catching
up! Sandy is more free than Wendy, this Wendy is now full
time working now. Very hard to catch her, and also sandy
will be going back to Taiwan permanently soon…. I will die.


How am I suppose to live without my BFF..?

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Check out lloyd’s inn’s Instagram, filled with popular online

influencers faces! Many magazine, blogshop and online
publications had done shoots there!

Thank you Lloyd’s inn for hosting me for the wonderful two
days! I really really really needed it, as I was super stressed.

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I m going in BKK in a few hours! Will be stay at W hotel bangkok,
hope I could have a great getaway there, shall review hotel when
I m back! I just love all the boutique hotels!

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