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Girly Make & Little Thoughts.

16/December/2013 | Give-aways, Holiday, Personal Thoughts

GME (1)

GME (2)

I dedicate this blog post to my close friend…
its all about qiuqiu, ok, i even start the post
with her photo instead of mine! lol

To start off this post I have a public thank you letter to qiu,

ok here it goes:

GME (3)
Dear Qiu,

It’s been 5 years! We have been friends for 5 years!!! i was 20,
and you were 21 when we became friends! Still rmb the 1st
time we met, you were in the pink PJs for the OMY Singapore
blog awards! U super excited and run to me and take pictures
with me!! and how funny when you complained that u were
the only who dressed according to the theme, as it was
suppose to be a slumber party theme. lol. And this is how I
know this wonderful friend, who is so real, loyal, supportive,
caring and someone who is at the same sane frequency as i
am. a rare find, cancer girl.

GME (4)


For the last 2 years, our friendship deepens so much, and
there are so many times our friendship were put to test. And
without fail, you continue being yourself, being the amazing
friend that you always are.


Early this year shit flooded my world, I had one of the worst
hurricane of all time. I had to face the hardest decision of
letting go a very poisonous part of my life. I rmb you and yanyan
(Xiaxue) and Sophie talk to me till morning for so many days
just to cheer me up, advise and tell me what to do. to be
honest, I was so lost. You gave me assurance, securities
and encouragements that If I ever walk away from the darkness,
I will be happier and I could fly higher… Without you, I would
never have the courage to let go. Thank you.

GME (5)


On my birthday. You walked that extra miles to make me feel
like the spoiled prince I always am. Being there for me when
ever i m being needy, giving me encouragements whenever i
feel ugly, buy gifts whenever you go overseas, lend me your
ears whenever I need a supportive friend. You are always
there. I haven’t met someone I could depend on so much
for really really long time.

GME (6)


You are always one of the most hardworking girl I ever know,
constantly working, you work 7 days a week. Almost every
night u stay up till morning to blog, working on your business.
Always so close and tight with your family, you gave so much,
but expect so little from everyone around you.

GME (7)

When girlymake was born, I see the even more hardworking
side of you, piece by piece hand cut the stickers of the girly
make eye lash box, you cut and stick the labels of eye lid
tapes one by one yourself. Every single part and pieces are
hand-made. I see your dedication, your hard work and your
determine. I felt so touched and inspired.

GME (8)

At the girly make event, I was proud being your friend, you
made it so far. Even the entire event was put together piece
by piece all by yourself…

How could I be so lucky to have you as my friend, I m very
thankful. Thank you qiu, for every single thing, i hereby wish
you greatest success on your future, let’s work hard for our


And like we always said, we may not call each other baby boy
or baby girl. but we know, we are much more than that.

Yutakis aka YK.

GME (49)


GME (49)


Ok, back to the blog post. Congratulations to qiuqiu!! The lady
boss of girly make! By girly make I meant girly (hand) make,
if you read the above public letter from me to qiu. U will know
it’s really HAND-MADE. How could anyone so dedicated one!!!?
Only qiu can la!

GME (49)



GME (9)

GME (11) 

GME (10)

GME (12)

GME (13)


 GME (49)

The event was held at Cleo hair & make!

9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk,
P2-09/10 PARCO Marina Bay

This entire event was put together by Rainbow effect!

Event Concept and Management company

 GME (49)


this desert table is chio right? the food is super oiishi also!
they are set up by



GME (14)

GME (15)

GME (16)


GME (17) 

GME (18)

me with the super kawaii bloggers kitty on a spaceship,
pxdkitty, rachell and peishi, also Genevieve

GME (19)

GME (20)

Ok. Here’s the of camwhore pics of all the guest! 



GME (21)

 GME (49)

 Miyake is with me at the event, me + her… we are the
criminal duo for… nothing but CAMWHORE!!!
LOL. check out, she is wearing the most popular, lash 
number 5! she said its her favourite and super comfortable!
did i mention its in brown color?!

GME (49)

GME (22)

GME (23)

xx7 (2)



GME (24) 

Ok, I personally got a full set of girly make products…
And it’s for girls… So.. GIVEAWAY TIME!


GME (25)

$ 17.90
Natural looking black and brown lash suitable for daily wear
and natural makeup look.

GME (26)

GME (49)

GME (27)

$ 17.90
Most suitable for strong makeup look. Goes well with smokey
eyes for the mode make.

GME (28)

GME (49)


GME (29)

$ 17.90
For girly sweet girls to achieve the innocent eye make.
Lashes are not too long.

GME (30)

GME (49)

GME (31)

$ 17.90
Full brown lashes for gyaru droopey eyes look!

GME (32)

GME (49)

GME (33)

$ 17.90
Most popular choice by far! Natural criss cross brown
lashes with a sweet flare at the end.

GME (34)

GME (49)

GME (35)

GME (38)

$ 3.50
Extra high breathable eyelid tapes for parallel and obvious
double eyelid.

GME (49)

GME (36)

$ 3.50
Small sized breathable eyelid tapes for natural double eyelid.

GME (49)

GME (37)

$ 3.50
Medium sized breathable eyelid tapes for high double eyelid.

GME (49)

Win yourself the entire set of GIRLY MAKE lashes and
eye-lid tapes! on instagram at 2 simple steps

Step 1:
Follow @girlymake on Instagram!


Step 2:

Re-post this photo on your own instagram



With this standard caption:

“Join & follow yutakis X @girlymake
‘ Instagram cosmetic Give-Away!

GME (49)

Term & Condition

There will be only 1 lucky winner! winner will walk away
with 5 x girly lash 3 x eye lid tapes!

This giveaway is open locally only.

Duplicated posts from the same account are
considered as one entry.

Giveaway accounts are instant disqualified to win,
only legit accounts are welcome to participate.

Closing date of the giveaway is at
30th December 2013 11:59pm!

Winners will be notified by
@mention on the winner’s Instagram page!


GME (39)


Find girly make:




Girly make products are not only selling online,
they are retailing at the below locations:

Cleo Hairmake
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk,
P2-09/10 PARCO Marina Bay

Space Invasion


GME (49)

GME (40)

Another business that Qiu owns!
this is one of the most awesome idea, look, when
was the last time u ever bought flowers for the girl/guy
you like or love… like never? like this year’s valentine’s
day? which was 10 months ago? pls! i once saw this
tumblr of a very very old man, who buy flowers for his
wife ever since they got married, like every day until today…
its super romantic la! if i ever have a lover, i will sure buy
flowers every other month! i love love love giving and receiving
them, i swear, each time i received flowers, i could be
happy for weeks! i even dry them up and keep as as dry
flowers. well, i used to, until broke up. LOL.

GME (41)


ok, little thoughts provide delivery service of flowers, gift
baskets for different occasions and events! they even have
get well soon gift baskets, bouquet of flowers for lovers,
friends, birthdays and of cos, your bride!


And they are having the xmas collections of gift baskets
RIGHT NOW!!!! its mad pls, i was super happy to receive
mine last week!!! cant meet your friends up? cos you are
overseas or too busy? just send them a xmas gift basket!
i swear, the its the sweetest thing!

GME (42)


whenever i watch movies, i always love the part where guys
sent flower to the girls, delivered to their office, i super super
love that, cos that’s super showy, imagining walking out of
the office with a huge bouquet of flowers or a pretty gift
basket? Its in everyone’s face, that you are LOVED AND
WANTED. lol. when comes to flowers and gift, i m very
conservative and traditional, i believe in birthdays gifts,
valentine flowers and holiday thanks you presents.

Celebrating the grand opening of little thoughts, they are
having opening promotion! 10% off all their regular price
products! and FREE DELIVERY for everything on their website!
faster go sent a xmas basket to your love ones!!!

GME (43)

GME (44)

Find little thoughts at:


2 Soon Wing Road #02-14 Singapore 347893


GME (49)

GME (46)

GME (47)

GME (45)

omg…. finally a blog post that is not an advert. LOL.

ok, i still have a few blog post to rush!!! ok, ciao!
alot of post overdue this month! so not too long
till the next update!

GME (48)


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