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-Glory Of Vanity: 보라색 하늘 Evolution 30th Edition

14/January/2010 | Daily Things, Vanity Vain

TATAH!! normally my GOV  sets never late, always on time or even a month early, but this time i dragged 2 weeks time to produce this set of pics, this set of pics matters. at least  they matters to me, its the 1st set of the year, must be something fresh and have the W factor. (wow factor) i really took quite a long time taking and adjusting lighting, background and thought freally long time on what type pics i wanted to portrait, its was dry and idealess.

Suddenly it dawn down on me… maybe i had ran out of ideas on camwhoring, maybe i have reached my limites, and could never go beyond my old pics… that just that simple thought frightened me… then after 5 nights of photo project… my 1st 2010 set of GOV pics were born. and i think with that dicouragement thought of mine, i did even better than any of my previous sets of GOV, a new level, a new standard, i proudly present you, the evolution set of pics:

Glory Of Vanity: 보라색 하늘

Evolution 30th Edition


NEW banner

was not easy, i had been wanting to change that banner of mine for quite sometime, it received countless compliments, and to take it down, i had to come up with a one which could be even better than that. and its not easy. seriously!

last night i had my worst photoshopping experince, this banner was not the 1st product. it was the 3rd product. as my photoshop elements decided to bitch me out, it “….is not responding” on my TWICE! when the banner amost done!

here’s the last min printe screen shot of the 1st one i did, a few seconds before the programme auto shut down,  felt really pissed and faster restart the the programme and redo watever i did, as i scared i might lost of the feeling of the pics and could no long edit a similar banner pic…

70% almost finished editing, the mouse was not moving AGAIN! in my mind, i was screaming and slamming my head against the wall and curse the mother of photoshop elements.. then start begging mentally for mercy from my computer… but he bitched me out. it auto shut down AGAIN!! by then it was already 3.00am.. by right, if the programme was performing totally at regular status, i should be finished that banner by 2 am!

here’s the pic of the 3rd try, similar to the 2nd one, but spot the difference, there’s two major difference in both pics. for the 3rd time, i played safe, by kept saving it as PSD file while editing… and finally… the my banner is finally alive!

after sorting out the pics, then i realised the pics was a bit too short in the width… TSK! major TSK-ness. i swear i roll my eyes balls 360 degrees. fuck man, i was already fucking sleepy, it was already close to 5am!!! and i had test the next day. fucking hell.

then finally i massively add lenght as far was i could… my banner is finally finally fianlyl usable. finally. by the time of 5.30, i felt like crying, the 1st banner that made me edit 4 times! but my hard work did not go waste, i fucking love this new banner and it looks, magical, blue (my signature color) high in W factor and most importantly, i always like sky and night, my header actually tells all, my blog is too good to be true! ahahhahaha! kidding, maybe the other way round, too fake to be real!!

p/s: mainwhile the UN. post pics is progress, be patient updating in 2 days time!! i m busy with my blog shop people… sorry sorry.



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21 thoughts on “-Glory Of Vanity: 보라색 하늘 Evolution 30th Edition”

joanne | January 14, 2010

:O first to comment! 😀

i like this new banner. ^________________^V
i especially <3 the GOV jan ver.
great job taki. 😀

keep it up! <3

yutaki | January 14, 2010


Xavier | January 14, 2010

WOOO,photos are nice!

Eric | January 14, 2010

wowo, too goood…

Hayley S | January 16, 2010

Hmm why so gloomy? reflection on your mood for 2010?
However for the first time.. must say.. you look cute on the 5th image down (large one) very innocent look.. more of that please!

I’d love to see some black and white photography with a more edgy look of you some day. A more messy look.. just a suggestion.. think it might work on you 🙂

yutaki | January 16, 2010

certainly yes, the begining of 2010, is gloomy, a breakup, my grandma fall ill, alot of dramas, sometimes i really think i cant handle all these. i did not put the “gloomy” mood in there on purpose, but i think it somehow drip into the pics during taking and editing… perhaps, my hands is link into my heart and brain.

Hayley S | January 17, 2010

Life isnt always easy.. there are good times and bad times. When it is good we enjoy and when its bad.. we cope.. we learn.. we grow. Feeling sad is just an emotion, you cant control how you feel but you can control what you can do.

You may not be able to cure your grandmothers illness but Im sure you have made the effort to spend time and talk to her, showing you care and thats really quite enough. Im sure it makes her happy.

Its a new year.. new things.. new girls (yes ive seen how many girls are dying for your attention!) and i have noticed some of your negative opinions on love.. not easy to find huh? but thats the fun part! if something was given to you on a plate you might not appreciate it but its the ones you have to work for that you cherish the most. goodluck with that

Look forward to seeing some happy colours in your next theme 🙂

Unknown | January 18, 2010

hey, why says that new girls or many girls are dying for your attention? is he some kind of singer, model or artists…??

i mean, like, is he someone from the entertainment industry…??

yutaki | January 18, 2010

haha, why matters? come on, she just trying to make feels good when i m down, she could comfort me by saying i could rule the world, so does that make me god? just saying dude. relax.

Unknown | January 18, 2010

but what she said is liked adding the stress level…

i mean like, popular people or people who’s got 异性缘 definitely feels that stress level somehow…

don’t have to spell it out so clearly by saying those lines…

but i do agree with the “not easy to find huh? but that’s the fun part! if something was given to you on a plate you might not appreciate it but its the ones you have to work for that you cherish the most”

Hayley S | January 19, 2010

To “unknown”
You do not have to be a singer/model or be in the entertainment industry to get attention. Incase you didnt know all those singer/models etc are still normal human beings just like you.


1. When you was talking about popular people or people who’s got 异性缘, are those people models/singers/in the entertainment industry?

– If you say yes. You need to leave your house more. There are people who are not models/singers etc that are popular at school, at work, on social websites, out in society etc.

– If you say no. You clearly just contradicted yourself and have made a wrong assumption (please read over your first comment) Does your comment now seem somewhat irrelevant?

2. On the topic of stress levels.. you seem to be the only one that is stressing out. You need to calm down. If I was causing Yutaki deliberate stress, I would apologize. But tell me why are you stressing when it doesnt concern you? The person who I wrote the message to hasnt complained so why are you complaining?

3. Im slightly amused.. but what exactly is your point?

Im not trying to offend you but trying to see what exactly is the problem. I look forward to your reply. If there is a reply.

Unknown | January 16, 2010

This banner of yours is really nicely done…

Especially the GOV jan ver…one pix of urs really gives off the artistic feel..

But i would suggested that since it’s a new beginning of the year, i’m thinking of white then fade to the current color(that you used) background would be better or simply changed it to brown…

cause the whole thing gives me a little bit of the down mood…

feels a little stressed..

something’s still lacking there…

OS: sry for saying so’s just a penny of my thoughts..but nice work..
overall, today, it’s my 1st time visiting this blog and it’s quite good though..

yutaki | January 16, 2010

yeah, i might want to try some more color adjustment of these photos! thanks so much for the suggestions! nice having reader’s feedback, in the nice way of cos! thank u super much! =)

Unknown | January 17, 2010

Glad my words didn’t offended you… but your photo shop skills quite good… you must have been practicing for a long time…

i see… no wonder can feel the “down mood” through your work…

you know, sometimes, people can see through your feelings, emotions and thoughts through your picture…(i don’t know bout others, but I’m a visualize person, hence I’m quite sensitive and can see a lot of details through pictures…)

quite a few of your pic does gives a strong feeling of the sad and down mood…(especially a few of ur pixs such as e 2nd pix from the left of ur GOV jan ver… your eyes does gives or tell people feelings that you’re sad or down in mood and emotions through the eyes)

Kirei | January 17, 2010

Whoa, that 5th picture is so cool! Looks really like a advertise for a new Diesel perfume or something. The new banner looks very professional too!
Mind to do tutorial? LOLOLOL, jk

Unknown | January 17, 2010

i think the 5th picture looks more like a CD Album’s cover(专辑封面)…

which gives off people the “歌手气质”

Stephanie | January 23, 2010

woww, you have soo many pictures of yourself. i like how they’re all very professional looking. is there some sort of software you use…?

Lea Sabel | February 4, 2010

Ich merke gerade das ich diesen Blog deutlich öfter lesen sollte- da kommt man echt auf Ideen.

μέθοδος ρουλέτας | February 6, 2010

Super Artikel, jetzt muss ich nur noch jemanden finden der Ahnung davon hat und mir das ganze nochmal im Detail erklären kann.

Oki | February 13, 2010

You should really do hair. I’ll be your number one customer. Swear.

Jayden | February 26, 2010

Oh wow! You did it again Yutaki! Super super awesome!

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