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-Glory Of Vanity: LightRoom & My Bloody Valentine

16/March/2009 | Vanity Vain




late updates? but my GOV pics seems never out of date and always on time or even early. like this time, its the new GOV of March and April.




Light filled the room, reflected brightly on the camera. one of a kind, the ultimate yutaki’s regular camwhore pics, just with a extra touch of brightness and light intense. not much of movement, tone down in featured cut in designs and illustrations, no wordings, no big ass art input, no fanciful effects. just light intense. hope.







My Bloody Valentine


Dark, red and more heavy atmosphere, one of my darkest set  so far, name after a recently horror flick, which relatively fits into the pics perfectly. depicts the hatred that i had recently, the unbearable and bloodiness of the relationship that i been through. all i could say this set is not friendly, serious and and black intense, and the only color in this set is red, of the rose, depicts the bloody, poisonous and gross romance flow within. what is hidden behind this set of pics?  its the countless devil ranging to be unleashed.






Anyway, i m aware of the my side bar widgets pics are out of bandwidth, its un-sightful, but just bare with it, no time to re-upload them, i m working on the zillions of pics taken in feb and march, then i realized, how fucking long have i not update my blog already… worry not, i m trying to edit as much as i could recently~~ my blog burst in blog hit recently… i wonder why, i had not update any interesting shits at all… i think i know why.. maybe you guys just love to see my miserable current situation… when i was happily attached,  no such increase in blog hits, once i broke up, WAKAO… at least increase by 10times! gosh… maybe tml i got bang by car, my blog will be as famous as…ass.

alright back to business, currently i have 4 fresh made headers, come and take a look and choose one to be the my next blog header!

1. lightroom

(my current header.)


2. Love hurts


3. My Bloody Valentine


4. Age Of Gold

(re made of my fav set, been header once, but this is a remade version.)




also, my 2009 set of GOVs depicts on the on relationship movements…



Golden Age (Jan)

> love at 1st sight, delight, new bright love is born.

Eduardo Recife (Feb)

> complications, but still delightful, fairy tale and unbreakable pureness and clean.

Lightroom (Mar)

> plain, dry, hidden chaos, but still awaiting for hope, changes and improvements. light =


My Bloody Valentine

> Cruel, Betrayal, bloody and unforgiven. pure darkness and no mercy. depicts the last chapter of this love story. finale.



P/S: await for my updates man! also, next GOV will be the my birthday month GOV!! anitcipate!!!

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10 thoughts on “-Glory Of Vanity: LightRoom & My Bloody Valentine”

jess | March 17, 2009

header 3 looks really good;) i love the choice of colors that you used.

watcat | March 17, 2009

Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

diamond water | March 17, 2009

yes 03 ^^

arily.vinnie | March 18, 2009

Love the bloody valentine. AND I LOVE THE MOVIE.
HAHA! (Not the company tho -.-”)

U should use that as header. U look sexy and cool. xD


yutaki | March 18, 2009

its used to be fake, but after sticking for a year, it becomes natural and best, permanent! jealous? go get one, jealousy whore.

p/s: dun tell me nothing, ask yourself, love me or hate me, still an obsession.

mery | March 20, 2009

HEy!!! i love the ‘bloody valentine’

that’s undescribable~~!!!

anw~ the new class list has out -.- go n check it out,dude!!!

felicia | March 22, 2009

i love number 4(as is not easy to choose! all of them look really nice!).

update more often ya and stay strong ya! u are way awesome! is her lost and btw, do u know u look hot? or u already knw this! hahah!

*letting go doesnt mean you are weak but it proves that you are strong enough to let it go!* i just realised this when my bf decided to dump me for a petitie girl = which is lame! haha


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