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Glossi By T.O.T

20/December/2013 | Advertorial, Feeling Lucky, Holiday

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Hello!!!! Project debut! Project debut!! I m
very excited to be as one of the ambassadors
for Gloosi eye wear, along with none other
than miyake!!! We will be blogging a series
of events that will happen within this few month!

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There will be a event this coming Saturday!


On this Saturday,
21st December 2012,
50 Jurong Gateway Road,
12pm to 8pm

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Me and @ngmiyake will be on a TWINS (friendly)
competition to take pictures with everyone
around the mall and will be giving out 500 over
T.O.T vouchers and win tons of fabulous prizes!

Come and meet us in person and have a
super fun Saturday afternoon at JEM!

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In this blog post, i will also sharing with you guys
more on glossi eye wear and their official optical
retailer shop, T.O.T!

The Optique of Tomorrow, T.O.T., is an eyewear
concept store which carries wide range of edgy
designer eyewear brands from all over the world.

At T.O.T, you could find your perfect eye wear and
be unique! They promise to have very limited stocks
for every single spectacles frames, so no worries
on bumping into someone else wearing the same
glasses as you!

They have a wide range of edgy designers brands,
styles, such as vintage, classic and even Avantgarde!
Personally I think wad glasses you wear defines you,
it’s a part of your outfit and personality, more than
just a spectacles to let you see clearly! This explains
why so many Korean stars and models wear glasses
at special events, public appearance and shoots!
Cos these glasses actually matches their outfit!

Glossi frames are one of the most avantgarde series
of frames that I’ve seen for ages, it’s super edgy and
personalized, not everyone could pull each design off,
but if you could, you will be really, one of a kind.

Glossi frames are all made in paris! They extremely
light (nearly weightless), springy and flexible, And
they are made of strong and flexible NCP™
(Nylon Compound)!

Celebrity following of Glossi includes Joe Perry,
lead singer for Aerosmith, K Pop group, S The One,
Korean actor and singer Lee Ji Hoon and J Pop group,

They are retailing at S$280 – $320!

Me and Miyake come up with 3 extreme different
styles inspired by Glossi’s frames, and they are
geeky, vintage and funky!

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Geeky look, this set of photos inspired by this Nerdy
yet stylish black frames! It’s the perfect for office boys!
the glasses that will get you out of trouble in school!
Personally I think long regular shape of the frames
suits my face shape the most, as I m tall and have a big
face. sadly not much frames suit my face shape!
I suppose most male fellowd have the same problem as
me, cos we are not small size like girls!

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One of my favorite look that I shoot for this advert,
and if I ever one day work in an office. This wad I am
wearing for sure, cos contact lens for office work is mad,
it will drying after a few hours and working at your most
comfortable state is important to produce quality work!

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Vintage look! This is my favorite shades frame shape,
the classic aviator frame shape with a touch of edgy-ness!
And I love big frames, it makes my face somehow
look smaller, like I said, big face only suitable to very
special shapes and size only! Unlike Miyake who always
show off her small face, well, I m face is NOT big ok!
It’s a proportionate to my height, I m standing at 189m
tall. Imagine if my face is small as hers, I will look super
weird pls. Lol.

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This frame is for those who love the retro look. Many
of the hipsters these days love the vintage frame
shapes. And this is perfect for you guys, the shiny,
plastic frame make you one of a kind vintage lover!

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This super bright blue outrageous frame is perfect fit
for the funky look! This is actually glossi’s signature
look, edgy, loud and colorful! I think this one is confirm
for guys who dare to be different.
Cos being the same and blend in is just so boring!

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I had so much fun shooting this funky look, where most
of the time my advert shoots are extremely safe,
and it’s so different to have a avangarde look for a
change! The awesome part of this pair, the shade of
the blue is easiest to match with most of my outfits!

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Here’s some behind the scene camwhore pics with

You can read her version of this shoot, she had
the similar style concept, geeky, vintage and funky
shoot! Read here!

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Find out more on the event, T.O.T optical shop and
their fabulous lines of branded glasses:

where is T.O.T located at:

50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Tel: (65) 6268 8967
Fax: 6268 8751
Daily:10am — 10pm

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I m very excited!!! This the 3rd project that I m
partnering with my super BFF Miyake!
The 1st was Mentholatum, 2nd is the on-going project
with KFC (along with qiuqiu too)!

But this time will be a bit different, cos we will on a
friendly competition! Like a battle of the sexes.
We need to compete with each other, see, how many
people who camwhore with on this Saturday’s event!
Sounds exciting and fun right! So please come down
and support us this Saturday! See you guys!


Finally done with this post! for some unknown reason
i took SOOOO long to finish this post, miyake too, we
were complaining how come we took so long to finish
this post actually. there’s black voodoo on this post!
lol. longer than my usual adverts! ok, finally one down,
MANY to go! till next post! ciao!

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