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-Gwiyomi challenge Ft-ing Miyake

08/April/2013 | A Little More Personal


there’s a recent craze this gwiyomi dance on the net, a lot of kpop celebs had done it in one way or another, even… siwon!!! other day at sandy’s house, miyake and i decided to take up the challenge too! also, check out miyake’s blog, she’s mad spoiling market for bloggings, updating daily and even 2 post in a day! wtf….

ok, before seeing our version, here are some interesting kwiyomi challenges vids!


check them out!


Kpop celebs:

(this is only part one, u easily find the part 2 on youtube!)



A korean couple:



The boys:



Jane Chuck:



Okay, last but not least…

our version:


Miyake & Yutakis



hope u guys will find it funny, personally i think the purpose of this challenge vid is purely just for entertaining sake, cos the dance moves are kinda really cute. i usually hate doing videos, as i think i always look awkward on videos, i got myself out from my comfort zone and did this one! well, if u like to try the dance too, why not make a vid and share it with me? have fun yo!

ok, i shall go back to photoshop for my photobook alr! tahtah!


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10 thoughts on “-Gwiyomi challenge Ft-ing Miyake”

Kan Curam | April 8, 2013

oh, very cute video *____*

Quang Hue | April 8, 2013

Amitabha, hi Gwiyomi, you look like Miyake. Is she your gf or sister?

Raine Lee | April 8, 2013

You are so cute & handsome!!! *-* People who say that you photoshop your pics so much that your looks changed or you look very different in real life can seriously shut their mouths after watching this video. Miyake looks really pretty too! <3 Super kawaii video by the both of you! 😉

yutakis | April 8, 2013

Awwww! How sweet! v(^_^v)♪ thank u!

x | April 10, 2013

look at all your archives, with you stating how kaykay was your best friend. and now you turn your back on her, just like that? how cruel. you ought to feel bad.

yutakis | April 10, 2013

Oh fuck u srsly, how u know is not she turn her back on me??????? If u dont know anything don’t come here and talk cock leh pls.

prc | April 20, 2013

u change friends the way you change underwear. just waiting for the day you “break up” with your latest clique of “BFFs”. LOL

yutakis | April 22, 2013

So according to you, I just recently changed a underwear that I wore for 11 years. How many friends I lost?? To count, only 2, NC and KK. Alot meh??

honestly, if u compare the people who fall out with kk and nc over the years, then they should be named as changing “bffs” like changing underwear pls.

hyunji | April 24, 2013

kyahhh ur sooo adorable~~~~
i was planning to do a 귀요미 video but i also look very awkward in videos so i kinda planned not to ahaha :) ur hand motions are so cute ( *^*)/ yeah im korean :-/

Jazzzz | June 3, 2013


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