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-HighTea With Casio TR150

26/August/2012 | Advertorial, Camera Talk, Classic Advertorial Collection, Review, Vanity Vain, Weekends

casio (1)

casio (52)

Noise are added to the pictures of
this mini photobook intentionally,
it does not reflect on the true quality
of the picture taken by Casio TR150.
Actual Raw quality picture samples
taken by Casio TR150
are provided below.

casio (52)

casio (2)

casio (3)

casio (4)

casio (5)

casio (6).

casio (7)

casio (8)

casio (9)

casio (10)

casio (11)

casio (12)

casio (13)

casio (50)

casio (15)

casio (16)casio (17)casio (18)

casio (19)

casio (20)

casio (21)

casio (22)

casio (23)

casio (24)

casio (25)

casio (26)

casio (27)

casio (28)

casio (29)

casio (30)

casio (31)

casio (32)

casio (33)casio (34) casio (35)

casio (36)

casio (37)

casio (38)

casio (52)

casio (39)casio (40)

Could u all believe all the pictures
taken in this mini-photobook is taken by a….
compact camera?! could u?!?!?!!?!?
i couldn’t! NOT a semi-pro camera (lumix lx3 or Samsung ex1)
but a compact camera, casio Tr150~!
I never trust compact cameras, their quality are horrifying, shaky,
most of the pictures i took from a compact camera
are blurry, out of focus, colors are just.. dull.

casio (41)

Casio’s TR150 rock my opinion on compact camers
360 degrees upside down!
1st time in a long time, I m so confident to leave the house with this
pocket camera,and not even worried of not able
to capture perfect pictures. Pictures quality
taken by TR150 are way beyond good for blog entries.
of cos if i really wanna take those really professional photos,
i will still take with my dslr.

casio (42)

casio (43)

casio (44)

here’s a 9 picture collage of the RAW pictures
taken by casio tr150, no photoshopped at all!
i didn’t even liquidify my face at all, see my face without
ANY Photoshop or beautifying filters! Tr150 made
me so confident, as the pics are totally amazing!


ok, i m gonna list down the fantastic things about TR150 in point form;

casio (52)

It’s the famous camwhore camera that tons of Japanese/Taiwanese/
Honkie online beauty gurus are using, its sold out world-wide for
a really long time. trying to find this camera on the market is super
hard. The black markets are even selling this super limited stock camera
at thousand over dollars!

casio (52)
The 360 degree rotate-able screen let me take pictures of myself at all angles.
It have a super wide lens, i could capture more things at nearer distance,
which is totally amazing.. It even beat lx3’s wide lens coverage!
casio (46)
casio (52)
The TR150 LED flash/light is madness, its like a ring light on your camera!
it makes your face totally flawless, even at super dark environments
i could still camwhore. now, nothing is gonna stop me for self-love. NOTHING.
casio (52)
It comes in 4 super delicious colors, actually my 1st choice of color is gold.
thou my favorite color is white, but the gold is just too handsome!
i really want it! sadness, it’s limit edition.
casio (48)
casio (52)
it’s not only a camera, it is toy! u could cut and paste pictures in the camera,
your very own portable neo-print machine!

casio (47)

casio (52)

It’s been so long since i m getting oh-so excited over a compact camera,
really… I really is super love it.
ok, u might think i m being paid to write this entry… NOPE.
Yes, the camera is sponsored, they only asked for a review blog post.
but, this camera is too good for just a review,
i did not only made an online photobook with the pictures taken by it.
Here, I m hard selling it as well. because if something is really good,
i don’t mind introducing to all of u for free.

Sorry, i couldn’t find any TR150 product videos,
but this TR100 non-english video is brilliant. watch!

casio (52)

casio (49)

casio (14)

casio (51)

Right after this blog post, my bi-monthly
blog give-away is back! this time i foresee,
its gonna be crazy! its brought to you by my
new sponsor, YSL! i will be giving 2 generous
sets of YSL cosmetics! it worth 400 over dollars!
madness girls.. well, I never do cheap
give-aways… as u all know why?? cos i love u all.
& you know u girls love me too. right?

casio (53)

casio (54)

casio (55)

casio (56)

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11 thoughts on “-HighTea With Casio TR150”

Electra Rose | August 26, 2012

Do you use Photoshop Actions for your the effects on you photos?

Suzy | August 26, 2012

Seriously and honestly u look like a prince !

Double Ls Mom | August 26, 2012

Makes me wanna get my hand on Casio TR 150 too! Nice work on this mini photobook 🙂

Nea | September 2, 2012

Your blog is pretty and you’re pretty! ;u;<3

Povy | September 16, 2012

Super Delicious! ;D

Selling: Casio TR-150 (Red) « Be simplified. ♥ | September 16, 2012

[…] out the nice photos taken by Yutakis here: Yutakis & Casio TR-150 (I guess if no one wanna buy, I’ll may use it..? Dilemma leh! I still have my beloved Samsung […]

adamhaiqal | September 19, 2012

hello, i came from malaysia..friends of hanis zalikha,.
wow,ur pictures are super amazing! superb!

LoveSiee | October 8, 2012

Thumbs up for the camera and your photography ! 😀

fugly mentally retarted | December 2, 2012

OMG you ought to do something about the eyebrows.
They look like you stuck a worm on your face.

You said..
“I never trust compact cameras, their quality are horrifying, shaky, most of the pictures i took from a compact camera are blurry, out of focus, colors are just.. dull.”
Not to sound offensive, but your pictures look slightly blurry, with noise and dull… so much that it makes me wonder why get a good camera to make the look exactly like what you want to avoid?
Can share why?

yutakis | December 2, 2012

ps effects? yeah, i purposely edited the pics this way, to create a style that i like, problem?
and i did provided the untouched pics on the bottom of the post w/o photoshop, that’s the actual quality of the cam.
i added noise, soft focus and desaturated color of these pics, that’s just my personal preference.
picture quality is the same as photoshop effects.
pics quality should NOT be “blurry, out of focus, colors are just.. dull.”
but photoshop effect i could let be it as “blurry, out of focus and dull” as i want.

ehhh, i m perfectly fine with my brows, thank, but no thanks, i like the way i am. =)

HitomiNeko | May 13, 2013

ooo makes me want to buy one. but it’s so expensive.. =(


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