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Lookin’ Fresh At Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre JB

27/November/2015 | Advertorial



I’m back to tell you guys about my experience with Beverly Wilshire
Medical Centre JB!

Here’s some background information on Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
(BWMC). It is a multi-award-winning integrated beauty medical centre that
sets the standards in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine (non-surgical
and laser treatments), and healthy ageing (wellness and regenerative
therapy) in the Asia Pacific region. The centre offers a comprehensive
range of established cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments and
health services, allowing the provision of a holistic approach to its
three core specialities.


BWMC also serves as the Asia Pacific regional training centre for the
principle of Botox© and Juvederm® fillers – Allergan.

Beverly Wilshire is also Licensed by Ministry of Health Malaysia, they
won many awards throughout the years! Awards such as IMTJ Medical Travel
Awards for the International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year 2015!
BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Master Brand Award in the BestBrands in
Health & Beauty – Specialist Medical Centre category, which BWMC won
for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014.


Recently, They opened a new outlet in JB, which is super awesome!!!
Cosmetic treatments and surgery could be…. SUPER EXPENSIVE. Yes,
and the next best place to go is Korea? But it’s a bit too far, now that BWMC
is open at JB, short traveling time, quality service and affordable…? WHAT ARE
YOU WAITING FOR?! You could get there within 15 mins, I wasn’t even
exaggerating at all!! BWMC JB provides a luxurious Concierge 2 way pick up from
SG to JB vice versa.


The 1st time I went to consultation with Xiaxue, I brought tons of
snacks and drinks which I prepared for the long road trip and wanted to
start a gossip marathon with Yanyan. I haven’t even finish half a pack of my
chips.. I REACHED! I kept laughing about it!! Xiaxue and I were super
amazed with the short traveling time to Beverly Wilshire Medical

BWMC is backed by registered and board-certified plastic surgeons,
then I was introduced to my aesthetic doctor of the day! Dr Lawren, despite
her pretty and young looks, she is very experienced, she
is very warm and take my concerns seriously.


Actually for the longest time, I may not look like much but I was
always conscious about my camera angels. I hated my dark eye circles
(NOT aegyo sal) always looking tired and my double chin, I felt Ilike I forever
look tired and bloated, even with super tons of sleep, I still look tired,
I’m slim, I’m 68kg and 189cm. But sometimes I still can’t help but
look bloated somehow. It’s very frustrating I swear, it’s somethings
on your body no matter what you do, you just can’t change. I told
these issues that I had to Dr. Lawren Lee. She has the EXACT remedy
to it! She was super patient and explained to me in details, how the
Botox facelift and tear trough fillers could work magic on my face!


Xiaxue and listened closely to what Dr Lawren Lee’s explanation.
She wasn’t at all annoyed with the both of us asking too many questions
lololol. We took the advantage and asked her many things that we
didn’t have the chance to ask to a professional Doctor usually, like how
invasive are the procedures I’m interested, how long does it last,
how long is the downtime and side effects.

She answered it all!


And I finally decided to say byebye to my tired and bloated face and
byebye to my double chin, hello define jawline! Dr Lawren’s reassurance
and confidence made me super sure about my decisions and I booked
the 2nd appointment with her instantly!


Actually to be honest, I wasn’t sure about doing surgeries or any
cosmetic procedures other than in Singapore, but after meeting the
doctors and the team, seeing how professional they are, and how HUGE the
centre is, ( it’s so huge, it’s a hospital by the way)
everything is so high tech, luxury, clean, with full privacy and
comfortable! Treatment & technology are FDA

Xiaxue and I were instantly sold, she booked her appointment (for
double eyelids surgery) and I booked for face lift Botox© treatment and
tear trough fillers!


My 2nd trip to the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, it took me less
than 20 mins, even with a bit of traffic at the Custom, it was still
super fast to get there! Super amazing!


Before the procedure, Dr Lawren explained on the dos and don’ts after
the procedures, it’s pretty minor, no big fuss, like the basic things
like cannot have seafood for a day or two, don’t lie flat on
bed without a pillow as head support, it was quite a fuss free
procedure, best of all, both procedures don’t have downtime!

It’s basically AN INSTANT CHIO procedure! Zero pain. Maybe also
because my tolerance for pain is pretty high, with the help of numbing
cream, I didn’t feel a thing… I was still chatting with the Doctor
during the procedure!


Here are the BEFORE AND AFTER PIC…. INSTANT. The effects are INSTANT.
It’s M A G I C.



Here’s tear Trough fillers, instantly more alert and fresh looking
eyes. I look like I had 48 hours of sleep and fully recharged! With a couple
of years shaved off!



I personally think the Botox© facelift is insanely awesome, my
jawline magically appeared after hiding in my face fats for so long,
like hello, long time no see, lol. My double chin is reduced, if
you notice carefully. Did you notice even my laugh lines are
less obvious?



After the procedure, I’m super happy with the results! Kept thanking
Lawren nonstop!!! I said my face suddenly look so long all thanks to 
previously I thought only nose and chin changes one’s look, but now I pay
attention to facial shape and skintone as well. I rarely have
 attention on
issues like looking dull and bloated!!
I can’t thank Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre JB and Dr Lawren Lee enough
for the awesome results!

Defintely going back to do more procedures! I really
really love them!!
Where to find such convenient, quality, luxury and affordable
Nowhere else already please.


Check Out:

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre



for their treatments and medical centre info!



Now I’m super confident, even when comes to videos, normally I’m always
scared to take videos as I felt I can’t photoshop away my eyes bags!
Now take a look at this selfie video of mine taken months ago. I felt
I looked okay, but if you noticed the eye bag was super obvious,
like I felt it’s biggest noticeable different from me and my
photoshopped photos.. 

here’s one old GIF taken at least 8-9 months ago… the eyeabags.. 

M A S S I V E .


Here’s one GIF video of me taken a week ago, ( 1 month after
the procedure) did you noticed the eye bags are close to only 15%
noticeable…? It’s barely there anymore! I felt my face is
firmer looking too! so much improvements!!!! can’t photoshop gifs okay! lol



Just got back to singapore from korea, i intend not to go overseas
for a while… but.. that’s like not gonna happen, even when i tried
my very best to just be a otaku, jobs might have keep me going out
of the house, not gonna complain as the last time i checked, i was
complaining that i was too free. LOL.


Always living in extreme, why can’t i have a more balance life, 50%
work, 50% lepak (relax)? i also have this terrible habit of always
procrastinate!! like quote:

“I’m very busy doing things i don’t need to do in order to avoid doing
anything i’m actually supposed to be doing.”

last night, while i realised i have tons of overdue work, and i felt
stressed and i finally got to my desk and started…

pack my socks collection.. LOL. SCREW THIS SHIT. i need
professional help.

Goodbye for now, till next post! (very much soon)


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One thought on “Lookin’ Fresh At Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre JB”

Skin Alley | May 29, 2019

Great blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring
writers? I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m
a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with
a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are
so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed ..
Any recommendations? Kudos!

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