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-Love from kandy

15/February/2012 | Daily Things, Love, Personal, Personal Thoughts

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sorry, its too cute not to blog about these, i totally…


when i saw kaykay’s new stocks… i was like, can i keep one!? no… its for the girls of kandy kayne… sibei jealous i tell u… do make super cute bento for your lover ok…. still wanna buy one!!! too kawaii!!



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6 thoughts on “-Love from kandy”

Kasia | February 16, 2012

It’s super cute! 😀

yutakis | February 16, 2012

@kasia yes!!! Omg!!! Puke rainbow!

Vicky | February 16, 2012

They are soooooo cute!!! 😀 I want to but them all

yutakis | February 16, 2012

It’s love at 1st sight man!!! Damn love!

shyr | February 17, 2012

ZOMG cuteness overload!
i like the picture of you puking out rainbows lol

DAVID | February 17, 2012

I am going to go KandyKayne to buy them all! hahaha. support KandyKayne and you! 😀


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