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13/December/2014 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Give-aways, Love, Review

MILK (1)

MILK2 (1)

MILK (2)

H E L L O.

love with this post that I m actually really excited while
editing the pics of this sponsored advertorial!! It’s not that
I have not been posting advs, but it’s been a while since
I post an advertorial that I actually VERY proud of! I just
added a new category on my blog, the [Classic Advertorial
Collection]! All my all time favorite, best of the best advertorials
are stored under this category, it also will serves as my
starred online advertorial portfolio, of cos this post will be
going right on to the list!!


Okay enough of my self praises, this post is actually is about
something that I personally VERYYYYY VERYYYYY love.
No joke! This ig post could prove that I m actually being
100% honest:



This instagram photo was posted 107 weeks ago!! That’s
like about 2 years ago!!!!! THE MILK DRINK is literally my
favorite milk drink. Each and every time I drop by seven eleven,
I sweep all the MILK drinks off the shelves!! It’s so known that
I love the drink so much that one fine day…

The good people, the representative of the local distributor of
MILK emailed xiaxue to engage her for an advertorial for them,
and upon receiving the email, Yanyan immediately came into
our group chat and told me about this offer, and she said she
actually replied them that her friend (me) is a huge fan of their
products and will love to extend and introduce me to this
advertorial too! I was so excited please! I told Wendy that even
if they don’t pay me, just give me free MILK drinks I will be dead
of happiness and very willing to help them to blog!!!!

Just my luck that the food representatives from MILK local
distributors are actually interested in working with me. I was so
happy la!!! What an awesome friend I have!!! actually yanyan
always help me like that, always super love and generous with
her friends, so love her!


The MILK drink is literally all over SINGAPORE, in every seven
eleven, at super affordable price! How to not love them?!!

I honestly hope more people will go down to seven eleven and
try out this favorite MILK drink of mine. I hope they could bring in
more flavors! Also bring back the locally discontinued honey
melon flavor…. It is my 2nd favorite flavor from the MILK drinks.
Now that my new favorite is…

MILK2 (1)

MILK (3)

MILK (4)

MILK (5)

MILK (6)

MILK (7)

MILK (8)

MILK2 (1)


THE ALL NEW PUDDING FLAVOR!!! Where got such awesome
flavor one! I bet no other brand of milk drinks actually do have
such flavor, like they always have usuals, the strawberry, the
chocolate… But pudding..? TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!! Not only
they tasted exactly like the type of pudding I personally love, they
also looks so cute! Did I mention they actually all originated and
imported from TAIWAN?

Actually these days whenever I head down to seven eleven to
grab the MILK drink, most of the time they are out of stock.. Are
you guys also a fan of MILK drink?

MILK2 (1)

MILK (9)

MILK (10)

MILK (11)

MILK2 (1)


Of cos MILK’s most classic and original flavor will be their original
milk flavor. Better than of those other milk drinks I’ve tried, I actually
don’t like those that very tasteless milk flavor drinks, like those low
fat ones. I prefer something that just the right taste, not too blend
not too heavy. MILK is just right for me!

MILK2 (1)

MILK (12)

MILK (13)

MILK2 (1)


For the longest period the papaya flavor was my honey melon
replacement as they are locally discontinued! Actually personally I
think the papaya flavor tastes a bit like a combination of melon
and peach! I super love it!! And it’s a super unique and refreshing
flavor, again, which other milk drink offers such flavor? NO OTHER

MILK2 (1)

MILK (14)

MILK (15)

MILK2 (1)

The last but not least, the chocolate flavor!!! This chocolate milk
drink is just at right blend, not too thick, not too light. I just so love
this about the MILK drinks, a lot of other milk drinks I’ve tried they
are so thick that after drinking I actually felt even more thirsty.. No
such thing with MILK drinks. My top milk drink choice whenever I
m down at seven eleven.

MILK2 (1)

MILK (16)

MILK (17)

MILK (18)

MILK2 (1)

MILK (19)



Is on sale at island-wide ALL Seven Elevens!


For more info please check out their official website

MILK (2)-


The awesome peeps from MILK is doing a giveaway on Instagram!
all you need to do… SO simple!

SIMPLY take a photo of the milk drink and hastag it with #niuniumilk!
you will win yourself ONE CARTON OF MIXED FLAVORS MILK drink!!!
That’s so simple!! its could be a selfie, a welfie or just artsy product shot!
(so long there’s milk drink in it will do!)

*This Giveaway is a Singapore only giveaway!

**Giveaway close at 27th December 2014!

***Remember your instagram account have to be public to participate!

MILK2 (1)

MILK (20)

 MILK (21)

MILK2 (1)

As this my favorite advertorial in a long time, and the photo
outtakes are also my recent personal favorites, if you guys like it
as much as I do, here’s two HD wallpaper that you click and save!





MILK2 (1)

MILK2 (2)

The name of this blog post is actually called [ MILK PRINCE ].

A little background fun fact about me, my 1st online screen name
when I was still using Friendster wasn’t “yutakis” it was actually
“Milk Prince”!!!! I doubt anyone remember this, I used to have a lot
of friends on Friendster Lo! I have like 3 accounts, and it was
[ Milk Prince I], [ Milk Prince II] and [ Milk Prince III]!! Lol, I wonder
where are all those “friends” I had on Friendster. LOL.


I could feel that finally that my life is slowing down… I actually very
thankful for this. I am finally have no much “rush” work to do/finish,
I’ve completed 95% of my overdue work, I could finally seat down
and have a piece of mind, my alone overseas getaway trip can
FINALLY… Come. I hope by the time I come back from the trip, I
will be fully recharged, I can take up more jobs and face new
challenges!! Gambatte Yutaki!

MILK2 (3)

MILK2 (1)

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