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Missha Project: Deep Sea Energy

16/December/2013 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Monthly Special

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Welcome!! The 2nd official engagement blog post
with Missha! For the 2nd post I will sharing with you
the guys the importance of moisturising, and of cos
3 of the most moisturising products from
Missha for Men!

To be honest, for centuries (lol), I never care at all
about moisturising. That’s like the step I always skip.
I’m actually making a huge mistake in terms of skin
protection and preservation. Because, I always
assumed that skin hydration is for people who have
dry skin. I, myself is a more to combination to oily
skin type. Why should care about hydration???


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I was dead wrong, after watching many beauty TV
shows, they always emphasis hydration, even if you
are oily skin type. Do you know your skin actually
produce MORE oil if your skin is not hydrated? The
only reason these oil are produced is to maintain
your skin moisture level when it’s lack it!! So you think
you have oily skin? You will have even oilier skin if
you don’t hydrate your skin properly!


On such Beauty TV shows, they mention many times,
the only reason babies skin are always so bright,
dewy and healthy, it’s becos babies intake sufficient
amount water and their skin are well-hydrated.
So if you are like me who don’t drink sufficient
water daily. You seriously gotta hydrate your skin


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Introducing MISSHA For Men Urban-Soul Deep Sea
Energy! Its an energizing and highly moisturising skin
care line for cool and stylish men. It supplies marine
energy of various marine ingredients and deep sea
water to the skin to make the skin moisturised and
clean. If you desire to kill that dull, dehydrated and
tired looking skin. This series of Deep Sea Energy
from Missha for men is made for you!

It have a Cool and clean fragrance, Citrus fragrance
like cool sea water/wind!


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Soul Deep Sea Energy have Pure Crystal Complex
consisting of 9 various marine ingredients and
whitening effect make dark skin of men’s bright
and clean as well!

This series help to Improve moisture and nutrition
by containing 20% of Deep Sea Some Complex, in
result a more moist skin, with strengthening
whitening Effect, a More bright skin. It’s suitable for
all Men who want to supply moist to the skin, Men
who look for fresh and moisturising skin care line to
archive brighter and cleaner skin!


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There’s three products in this series,

the Deep Sea Energy Skin,

Deep Sea Energy Soother

and Deep Sea Energy Lotion.

Let me tell you more on these
3 products individually!


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MISSHA For Men Urban-Soul Deep Sea Energy Skin
is a Fresh and soft liquid typed highly moisturising
skin toner!

The toner could use to double cleanse dirts and
remaining make up (BB creams) that are properly
removed during cleansing. It also Help your skin to get
ready for absorption. It works like a key, to open doors
for absorption~!


After shaving or washing the face, apply an appropriate
amount over the face and pat lightly until fully absorbed.


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MISSHA For Men Urban-Soul Deep Sea Energy Soother

Dual functional soother of skin toner and lotion with
fresh and moist benefits to make bright and firming skin

This alternative toning, this soother have moisturising
effect too! I suggest you guys replace the toner and use
this at the night! When you want heavier nutrients on
your skin for the all night repair and absorption!


After shaving or washing the face, apply an appropriate
amount over the face and pat lightly until fully absorbed.


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MISSHA For Men Urban-Soul Deep Sea Energy Lotion

Highly moisturising and nutritious lotion to
make bright skin!

Use this in the day and night for maximum hydration
effects! Lotion could as a moisturiser, it works as a lock
at the end of your skin care regime, it helps to lock up
and maximize the absorption! So you feed a lot of
nutrients to your skins, you need the help of a moisturiser
to lock it up and let your skin take them in at 100%.
Normally when you don’t add a moisturiser, your skin
might only absorb 50%-60% of nutrients from your skin
care products you applied on to your face!
It’s as good as wasting your money down the drain!


After using skin toner, apply an appropriate amount
over the face and pat lightly until fully absorbed.


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Use these products in this following sequence:

Shaving or washing > Skin toner or Soother > Lotion

* If you use soother, skin toner is optional


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Merry Christmas Promotion
Men Gift Set Up To 30% off!!!

Up to 20% off Storewide. Additional 5% is for
member. Till 31st December 2014.

Gift with purchase: Receive a 4 pieces gift
set with $128 nett spent.




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Find Missha at:




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Their local boutiques are located at

2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609731

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 569933

MISSHA White Sands
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
Singapore 518457

MISSHA Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

MISSHA Esplanade MRT
90 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189562

201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

MISSHA Westgate
(Coming Soon…)
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

MISSHA Orchard Gateway
(Coming Soon…)
227 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

(Coming Soon…)
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 149544




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Love love love this 2nd chapter Missha project!
With the help from Kenzo!!! Super love one him!
Yeah and the pictures are taken at a secret project!
Shall share soon!


Year end…. It’s crazy how time fly by so fast, I have
quite a number of friends around me who are
married now. Mostly younger than me… And I m
still single. I guess I’ve been cursed. Cursed to be
forever alone. Should I sign up for some online
dating websites, to explore options? Lol.

Updates coming right up! This month end have
quite a few activities and events to attend! its
gonna be a busy busy holiday season for me…

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