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Missha Project: Show Time

29/October/2013 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, discovery, Feeling Lucky, Monthly Special, Review

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Debut debut debut!!!! My 2nd on hand long
term project! Yes I m honored to be picked
as official blogger for Missha! For the next 6
months I will be sharing with you plenty of
awesome skin care from them!!!

In case you are wondering…. MISSHA IS
OFFICIALLY back in Singapore! A few years
back, they silently left but made a lot faithful
customers heart broken but no worries!
They are back.

missha (20)

missha (2)

In this debut post of yutakis X Missha project:
Show Time post, I will be reviewing and
introducing you guys 3 of their top selling
product men’s products!

missha (3)

Not too long ago, in 2009, the luxury Missha
Homme Urban Soul line was launched with
higher quality and are more expensive than
the existing two men’s cosmetic lines.

missha (4)

Ok, let get over the excitement of sharing
Missha with you guys and concentrate
introducing you guys the awesome products!

missha (20)

missha (5)

The Urban-Soul First Treatment Essence.

[Review + Introduction]

This product is for men, Its the male version
of best-selling “The First Treatment Essence”
for women edition from MISSHA . The original
First Treatment Essence has achieved a
breakthrough sale of millions in a short period
of time and trust reviews of women who have
used directly! So you can imagine how good
this is USFTS (Urban-Soul First Treatment

missha (10)

This product is the ultimate all in one product
that all you need! This essence have super best
effects including the control, has a primary
function of care required of a total of eight to
preventing skin damages.
Control sebum, moisturize, soothe, improve
skin texture, even out skin tone, repair wrinkles,
and restore elasticity.

missha (7)


Awesome right? Where got such miracle product
that have so much effects one? This essence is
formulated with 80% liquid yeast fermentation,
it completely improve your skin condition!

I been using this product for 3 weeks now, before
I could honestly write a review on it. I swear my
face before tighter… Which is insane, the biggest
concern of my skin is firming. And this product
defiantly made my skin much more firm than how
I was used to be.

I also noticed huge improvements like the number
pimples outbreaks within this few weeks was really
low. My skin also appears to be softer!! I will
defiantly not let go of this miracle product, like
ever. Cos it made my much face smaller!!!

missha (8)


Use a toner to be get your skin ready for
absorption, this helps in accelerate the amount
of goodness to be absorb into your skin. Pat
gently to help absorb and Always use a moisturizer
after the essence. To lock up whatever had been
to absorbed into your skin.


Fermented yeast 80%, fine tree sulfur,
beta-glucan, rice extracts.

missha (20)

missha (9)

Urban-Soul Vitalizing Foaming Cleanser

[Review + Introduction]

This is another lazy men’s product!
This is a facialcleanser.
This is a shaving foam.
This is a massaging cleanser mousse.
How awesome, how convenient?!

missha (6)


Yes once again. This cleanser even have the
most awesome properties…. revitalizing and
firming!!! By revitalizing, it’s direct translation
to “small face effect” to me!
Revitalizing = tightening + firming!

I can’t explain how much I can’t live without
skin care with firming effects. It will make
your face smaller and less saggi-ness!!

It helps to remove light make up, like BB
creams and impurities!

missha (11)

I m using this every other morning when I
shave, it’s save loads of time. I just gotta
shave and wash my entire, tadah! I m done!

It have this squeaky clean after effect, and
leave my face fresh and firmed up. You can
actually feel the tightness, it’s a very obviously
after effect of the product, i love Missha for
this super awesome product.
3 in one + firming = miracle.

missha (14)

Use circular upwards motions to massage the
mousse to clean your face and archive best
firming effect! Make your face smaller too!!!!!


Chia Seed, Safflower Extract, Black Jewelry
Complex, and Anthocyanin

missha (20)

missha (13)

Urban-Soul Vitalizing Scrub Cleanser

[Review + Introduction]

Usually I don’t fancy facial scrubs at all, as I find
them really harsh on my skin, at times I have
small breakouts, these scrubs actually make
them worst! But trying this Vitalizing Scrub
Cleanser for the first time. I m immediately sold.
Not just by the “Vitalizing” title. But with the texture!
It’a a super super gentle and smooth scrub!
You could barely feel like the beads!

missha (16)


This magic scrub contains Active Capsules and
Crystal Capsules coated with Vitamin A & E and
natural Jojoba scrub beads to exfoliate without
causing irritation.
AHA, BHA components help tighten pores for
healthy skin.

This scrub is actually one of the most hot selling
product in the urban-soul line, beside the 1st
treatment essence of cos. It’s been selling like
hot cakes in Korea and super love by the local guys!

missha (15)

After trying this scrub for the 1st them, my skin
is super clean (as it help to remove dead skin
cells too!) soft, I feel dewy, well-hydrated, and
most importantly, if feels tighten up!

missha (12)


Use this scrub fortnightly, rmb to use cool water
to raise it off after cleansing, it helps to close up
the open pores while using the scrub!


Meadowsweet Extract controls sebum to help
you get clean, radiant skin.

missha (20)

These 3 items are seriously the most basic
necessity for Men. Shave, cleanse and treat.
“Small face” series are AWESOME!

Find Missha at



Their local boutiques are located at

2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609731

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 569933

MISSHA White Sands
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
Singapore 518457

MISSHA Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

MISSHA Esplanade MRT
90 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189562

201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

MISSHA Westgate (Coming Soon…)
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

MISSHA Orchard Gateway (Coming Soon…)
227 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

MISSHA NEX (Coming Soon…)
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 149544

missha (18)

missha (20)

missha (21)

I spent so much effort on this debut post! It’s
finally done! from shoot, directing and editing
took me about me 1-2 weeks… i want a bigger
impact when i debut this project as i really love
missha for a long time.. it felt so awesome to be
a part of the missha family, one of the top and
most reputable cosmetic brand in korea!

lastly i wanna thank kenzo who help me out for
the entire shoot, such a awesome partner and
friend, cant wait to share with you guys more
awesome things i m planning with this partner
of mine!!!! seriously cant wait for more debuts!

Ok. This one of the projects that I will be
announcing on my blog. there are more
projects coming up soon, glad that recently
my blog is doing pretty well and attract a list
of clients and sponsors, and like i promise i
will make sure my sponsored/advert blog post
will be pretty and i will pump in effort to make
it interesting, wad i really hate about a blog,
its not that its flooded by adverts, is flood by
effortless and boring adverts. that suck.
Ok, I stay up the entire night just to finish up
this blog post, I m gonna die soon, NIGHT!
I gotta to sleep alr!

missha (19)

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