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OPPO N1 Mini And The Country

09/October/2014 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Photobook, Review, Vanity Vain

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Proudly presenting my advertorial for the OPPO N1 mini!
The theme for this advert is country/farmboy!!! It’s been almost
half a year since my last photobook concept advertorial!!
And I am BACK!!! I am back and actively taking up adverts!

This advertorial is not only one of my currently favorite mini
concept advertorial photobook, it’s also taken in Perth Australia!
My 1st time in Australia, and the place is awesome! Although it
was hectic work trip with Sophie, but in midst of photoshoots
and rushing here and there, I still pretty much enjoyed Perth.
It was a really good place to take pictures!


This advertorial was taken at house we rented from AirBnb,
it was little bit far from city area, suburban neighborhood! I will
update more on the trip with Sophie soon! But now back to
the main topic of post… The magic OPPO N1 mini.

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When I was approached by Nuffnang to take up an advertorial
on a mobile that promise to capture the best selfies. I was
doubtful, until I finally met up with the Singapore OPPO marketing
team. I was sold, instant sold! The moment I flip over the rotating
camera. I swear I was super amused, i still remember what was
the 1st thing that came out from my mouth..
” OMG! Why so chio one!?”


The screen was big, the image was clear, bright sharp and I look
really really good on the phone screen!

I happily took the phone home and was thrilled to have this new
selfie tool to play with. After weeks of using it, I proudly conclude
that it was the really the best selfie smart phone that I ever tried.


I picked the White one! the Mint one is so chio!! Sophie picked that!


Long long time ago, whenever I take selfies with my smart phone,
I always complain the quality of it, it’s either too grainy or the picture
wasn’t sharp enough, I always tell my friends how I wish there’s a
phone with flip camera, that will be so awesome, I waited for a really
long time… Finally this phone had arrived… The OPPO N1 MINI!

As all the smart phones in the market love to boast how good their
front cameras is, but let me tell you something, NO FRONT CAMERAS
ARE AS GOOD AS THE BACK CAMERA. The manufacturers will
always put in much more effort in make the back camera good, yet
the front camera is just… Average. But let me know tell you this. The
world had taken over by selfies, 50% of the time, we turn on our
cameras are to take selfies, so the front camera is just as important!



But OPPO N1 Mini has a 195 degrees rotating camera. THE BACK
AND THE FRONT CAMERA ARE THE SAME!!! The quality, sharpness
and brightness of the selfies are just… MAJOR HEART!

Forget about the mainstream phones, OPPO N1 mini the ultimate
indie Superphone! I swear i wasn’t over selling about this phone.

Honestly the only reason I love iPhone and don’t really wanna switch
to Samsung phones, because I have tried a lot times, the phone is
always laggy. But OPPO n1 mini’s processor was amazing build that
it was not lag at all! Which totally made me can’t take my hands off
this phone.

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Beside the major selling point of the rotating camera, there are MANY
of awesome features of the phone;

The instant i rotate my camera to the front, the N1 mini auto turn on
the beauty mode! This save me a lot of time, most of the time
I know a lot of us actually download a lot beautiful apps just to take
beautified selfies, but with the OPPO N1 Mini, I don’t need a 3rd party
app to capture pretty selfies of myself anymore It’s instant! It’s built in!!
And of cos if prefer normal selfies, u could turn this option off!


Now not only you have HD selfies, all thanks to the rotating camera,
you can have automatic Beauty mode pics without the hassle of
jumping from one app to another! How awesome is this!

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The super phone camera have an amazing f 2.0, it helps to take those
very artsy blurry background photos! HDR, for high quality scenery
photos, slow shutter for those light drawing photos, or night scenery
photos! HD Video recording, Build in GIF maker and even an audio
photo maker!

Not forgetting a LED Flash light, that can be turn on all the time, it’s
like a portable ring light!! I’ve tried take pics with the normal iPhone flash
light at night. I swear 99.9% of the time it could not be focused due to
the low light environment, but with the option to turn on the camera
LED flash on all the time make focusing on the subjects so much easier!


The more I take and the more I explore this amazing OPPO N1 Mini
it made me felt so lucky to own one of them, and just so you know the
OPPO N1 mini is really affordable, even students who love taking selfies
can afford this Phone!

What are waiting for selfies lovers!!!?

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Here’s a recap of the awesome specifications of the phone! Another
thing I have yet to mention, the battery life of the phone was pretty
impressive! Long lasting!

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Here are 6 X RAW no colored edited/filtered selfies taken during the making
of this advertorial! Just to show of the amazing quality of these selfies,
yes I know, they look like they are taken with the back camera of
your mobile phone… BUT.. they are selfies taken with front cameras!
Ahaha!!! Can you guys please see my skin? It’s so flawless
(NOT SELF-PRAISING) all thanks to the auto beauty mode of OPPO
N1 mini!!

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Official Website:

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Did you guys notice something in this mini concept advertorial photobook??
did you notice that i have freckles? lol, actually i have them all my life, it’s just
i always conceal them with concealer or photoshop them away, as i always
hated them, and think freckles only looks cute on ang mohs. this is my 1st
time showing them off as i tot it was really suitable to farm boy look! okay, i 
felt naked after showing my freckles to you guys… lol.

last night i started on an organizer… this is never happens,
i have so much things and deadlines to lookout for that i need
a organizer to keep track of the meetings and all.

looking back the entire year’s instagram post, blog post, dayre
post, i am always saying how busy i am, and needed a break.
the busy was constant. the break never ever come… i think break
will not come for this month and next… most prob at the end of
the year maybe, i really wan a holiday alone, to a place with no
work, no deadlines and no stress. i need to recharge so badly…

ciao, till the next update!

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One thought on “OPPO N1 Mini And The Country”

aaynoor | October 10, 2014

I really like the way you wrote the review. On the other hand, if you are an expat and plan on moving to Singapore, you may want to check out I found it to be very useful in finding a place.

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