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-Pretty Girls.

21/January/2010 | A Little More Personal


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———————————-lena fuji—————————————————-

Lena Fujii (藤井リナ, Fujii Rina?), born on July 2, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese fashion model, singer, and actress. She is managed by Stardust Promotion Agency.

Her father is of mixed American and Japanese descent, and her mother is Japanese[citation needed]. She also has a younger brother and a toy poodle named “Tiffany”.

Lena Fujii, a Tokyo native, is best known for her work for Japanese fashion magazine ViVi. She is a regular top print model for Japanese fashion magazines ViVi and sweet, as well as appearing in other magazines like VOCE, Lip, spring, and CUTIE. Lena Fujii is also currently the spokesmodel for CANMAKE Cosmetics. Fujii was featured on the covers of DJ Kawasaki’s albums “Beautiful” and “Beautiful Too”, where she was a vocalist in the song “BRIGHT LIKE LIGHT feat. LENA FUJII”. Kawasaki later went on to produce Fujii’s debut 7-song house/techno album, titled “LENA” on April 2nd 2008. Her 1st Photo Book titled 「LENA」 was released the same month on the 14th of April, 2008. On the 2nd July 2008, Fujii released “Various Artists「ViVi presents HOLIDAY STYLE selected by LENA FUJII” a compilation album.


——–leah dizon—————————————————————————

Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon is a model, singer, actress, and TV personality in Japan. Her ethnicities include Chinese, Filipino and French.

Leah Dizon Profile

Name: Leah Donna Dizon (リア・ディゾン),

Date of birth: September 24, 1986

Place of birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Professional: Model, Singer

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 115 lbs

Measurements: 34B-25-36

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel


—————————————————————-janice man——————

English Name: Janice Man
Chinese Name: 文詠珊/Man Wing Shan
Nickname: Shanshan
Date of Birth: 29/12/1988
Height: 168cm
Measurements: 80 / 58 / 87
Country: Hong Kong
Occupation: Actress/Model
Company: Starz People
Hobbies: Singing, eating, talking, sleeping, taking pictures

Love is Not All Around | 十分 愛 (2007) Guest Appearance
See You in You Tube | 愛鬥大 (2008) NEW!
La Lingerie | 內衣少女 (2008) release date: 08.08.08


—————————————–angela baby—————————————-

English Name: Yang Angela
Chinese Name: Yang Wing/楊穎
Nickname: Angie, BB
Date of Birth: 28th February, 1989
Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Chest: 32″
Waist: 23″
Hip: 34″
Country: Hong Kong
Address: Kowloon City
Occupation: student (S5), part-time model, artist
Language: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Model company [2004] : Talent Bang
Model company [2006] : Lookmodels HK
Interest: Dancing, Singing, Kung Fu, Sports, Video Game
Idol: 林志穎Jimmy Lin, 陳冠希Edison Chen, 周杰倫Jay Chou

Trivial Matters | 破事兒 (2007)
Short of Love 《矮仔多情》(2009)





i really cant find any profile for tia, if i m not wrong she’s in taiwan now,  a model was film in one of Show Luo 罗志祥’s music video, she’s like this cyber mystery blogger, her pics were passing around everywhere on forums and sites but not much of her personal informations were traced, from varies source, she did plastic sugoery before (not verified), which perfectly normal, she’s greatly alike to singapore blogger Dawn yang, like clone! also looks like vivian hsu!



alrighty! here’s the pretty girl pics fest! i promised to blog about girls which i stalked online, here’s the list, they are all DDG (DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) thei blogs and site links were given above, so boys you could stalk them like i do, alright i dun wanna talk much over this post, if i still type a long story yada yada how pretty they are, it really seems i m so 好色 to the max. alright, i shut up. enjoy boys!

anyway, i would like to know…



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18 thoughts on “-Pretty Girls.”

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icecreamsoda93 | January 22, 2010

they are all really pretty!
You could probably get any of them if you wanted =P

anna | January 23, 2010

tia is a taiwan celebrity and model. u can see her face often if u reads taiwan or jap magazine. her real name is 李毓芬. and she got a nickname call 小徐若瑄. this is her blog:

CC | January 27, 2010

hmm, i wonder among the girls u listed, which is your favourite?? 🙂

CC | January 27, 2010

((Dawnyang lookalike))

lala | January 28, 2010

post video tutorials on how you edit your photos! xx

John652 | January 31, 2010

Very nice site! [url=]is it yours too[/url]

Elisbeth | February 5, 2010

you added all this girls in your list but you probably left out afew
one of them is Rosa Kato.. goggle her pictures or website!

momoka | February 6, 2010

well, TIA is a taiwanese~
a very pretty model~
u can find out her in any magazines~

Mandee | February 10, 2010

Hmmm, judging solely from the pictures you posted, Lena Fuji appears to be the best. However, I’ve seen all these girls in numerous pictures and thus I conclude Angelababy is the fairest of them all ((IMO)). XD

Lena is really pretty in a kitten-like kind of way. She’s got this cute :3 type smile. I do find her moles to be distraction. YES YES I know they’re her trademark and make her unique or whatever but as a model, they are too distracting.

Leah Dizon looks good in certain angles, other angles are very unflattering. Sometimes she looks like… a skanky Middle Eastern girl. o__o

Janice Man is a good model, but I personally prefer Angelababy because I like girls who look sweet. Janice’s face is a little bitchy to me.

ABB is my favorite because I’ve seen her pictures since 2008 and I’ve never grown tired of her since. She’s sweet yet versatile. She can pull off many looks. 😀

Tia… I don’t really see the resemblance to DY, other than they both have long brown hair parted in the middle. ((Their hair are different shades of brown)) She’s pretty but I feel like I’ve seen a million other asian models just like her. She doesn’t really stand out to me.

Yuko Ogura | February 18, 2010

nice list of pretty girl…check out my blog too…
Yuko Ogura
Leah Dizon

Yuko Ogura | February 18, 2010

Nice list of pretty girl and i love leah dizon the most in your list…
check out my blog too
Yuko Ogura
Leah Dizon

JAPB | March 8, 2010

Like Lena Fuji and Angela Baby. The latter is cuter and sweeter though.. =D

kaas | March 12, 2010

great picks! you forgot misa campo though. but if i had to choose, lena fujii, she’s got that innocent, sweetness about her. plus who else could make symmetrical moles look that attractive!

D | March 12, 2010

ive seen a lot of their pictures/videos before this so in my perspective:

lena fujii – innocent, very pretty face, moles are unique
leah dizon – she has mousy, small features + big eyes, super cute
janice man – there’s something bout her mouth that throws it off/makes her look like a b*tch
angelababy – pretty, but she has that pre-teen, too-young kind of look
tia – typical pretty asian girl with big eyes nice hair, but her features don’t really stand out to me

Yasmin | April 18, 2010

hot sexy and cute chicks! but who is the guy on banner?

Dawnyangtheposer. | June 3, 2010

Maybe Dawn Yang went to a plastic surgeon with Tia’s photograph. Hmmm…

kylee | November 25, 2010

I love Lena Fujii, she’s so pretty and talented

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