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Rest In Peace, Casio Tr150

11/January/2016 | Camera Talk, Confession of yutakis, Photography, Review




i m someone who actually easily get attached to people and things,
one of the things that i m super attached to is my phone and my Casio
camera, for the past 3 years, she’s been my baby. but sadly, last year,
in last year around may, i noticed she is sick… the censor for selfie
mode is no longer functional, whenever i flip the screen over for a
selfie, its no long in mirror image, its non-reversed image, in the
beginning, i thought it was a glitch, but it could resolved by restart
the camera, it wasn’t much of a trouble. but slowly it got worst. it
doesn’t take restarting the camera to fix the problem, slowly, the
problem become permanent, in july. that’s when i know she is gone.

i was super devastated. she is literally my favourite camera A L L TIME.
like she was with me in so many countries, so many places. that’s why
this blog post is completely dedicated to her, the sorrow of losing her.
i even wrote her a eulogy. and listing 48 of the Best selfies taken with
this ultimate selfie machine.






Dear Casio Tr150,

It was love at 1st sight. i knew i will bring you home when i saw you on
the internet, where other net selfie gurus were using your siblings, i
told myself, I NEED THAT CAMERA. yes, and i got you, ever since, i had
left my bulky DSLR home, only bringing you out. you know how much i love
you, remember so many times when i was overseas, i thought u were lost,
i literally said things like, “ holy shit, i could lose my phone, my
passport, i couldn’t lose my TR150!!” i always keep you close to me,
not even my phone had such privilege.

throughout this 3 years, you had serve me well, u make me feel pretty
when i don’t have believe in myself. you had capture angles, distance,
positions that i could never get if i m using some other camera or dslr.
You are the best. for the 3 years, no matter how i try to find some other
camera to replace you, i couldn’t, non of your newer generations siblings
are better than you. you remind to be the queen of my heart.

Even at my fattiest days, my self esteem lowest days, my ugliest days,
you lift me up, you made me look good, i can’t believe you are not longer
with me anymore, i always said ‘nothing forever, but a selfie does, they
last a enternity’ when i was younger, i guess i was right, we shared so
much memories together, so much that the ones that i posted online are
merely 10%? or maybe less. even when u re gone, i will still slowly take
our those unpublished selfies that you captured for me and post them on
my blog, my instagram, you will always be a part of me.

I promise, i will never forget about you.

May you rest in peace.

always love you madly, dearly, deeply.

Yutakis James.





Here are handpicked 48 selfies that taken by Tr150 throughout the 3 years
she is with me. Read my virgin (product introduction) blog post on the late
Tr150 here, its also one of my fav concept Adv ever posted.

Check out other cameras that i use and have here, there are many other
new additions to my camera collection, shall blog a updated post
on the cameras that i use soon!


best of1

best of4best of3

best of2



Thank god, 2 months after the passing of Tr150, Casio finally released a
new generation of Tr series that are almost as good as Casio xxx series.
the two digits TRxx series in past years were super disappointing, i never
thought my Tr150 will be able to be replaced. but, miracle happened.

Shall blog more about my new love which replaced Tr150 in the next post!
Stay tune.




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3 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Casio Tr150”

yaptus | January 11, 2016

Sorry to hear this. My TR150 is not in a good shape as well. Dead pixel lines appear when the climate is too cold, the battery life even worse. Upper half part of the touch screen is unresponsive and of course the terrible lag when in use TuT
I’ve criticised it for eternity but this post reminds me that I should be grateful and appreciative for the amazing photos it’s given me :’)

Yutaki | January 11, 2016

I think you should try out the new TR60, I bought it!! I never thought I would, Becos I totally lose faith in Casio ever since the later gens of the TR series, but I loan one from Casio to test it out, IT WAS GOOOD!!! I felt it’s almost 90% as good as TR150, just maybe it is a bit darker color tone, but it could be easily fixed by adjusting the EV! Then again, this month CASIO is launching the TR70! I haven’t try it out yet. Let’s hope it could be as 100% as good as TR150, Becos I saw the news, it says that this series will focusing on the clarity!! Which is very important and the lousy gens of the TR series lack of!

Liz xo | November 8, 2016

Ahh I wish they sold these models here in LA! I am currently looking for a good selfie camera at the moment. love your posts! been a long time fan 😀

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