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SASA Fragrance Fair

23/October/2014 | Advertorial

SASA (1)

HELLO!!!! Last week i was very honored to be guest blogger at
SASA’s <Scents In The City> fragrance fair at Jurong Point!
There are 23 perfumes that took part in this event, 10-20%
discount on all the fragrances!! To name a few, there are
CK, Prada, Gucci, Daisy and even my fav… DKNY!!! So happy
that i got to work with SASA this time as they are my all-time favourite,
skin care shopping place, where i could find all the awesome products!
SASA provided me lifelong supply of double eye-lid glue, i started using DEG
since i was 14, all the way until now, it was always from SASA!

SASA (2)

Another happy reason to work at the event is that i m working with my
close friend, qiuqiu! super love working with her, she’s always very
caring and professional, always having tons of fun and endless laughter
with her around.


SASA (3)

The event was packed with fun activities, like photo taking, meeting the
readers and followers session. Qiu and i also had a friendly competition of
being the customer’s perfume adviser, see who could sell 5 bottle of
perfume 1st! she won and she sold 5 bottles so quickly!


i have to admit pregger qiu could be great sales person
(if she ever wanna be one!)

SASA (4)

later on, we also did a live perfume Q&A session, then we also walked
around the shopping centre to meet the readers and took photos with, and some
even came up to us and request to take photos with them, they were given a few
sample size perfume!

SASA (2)

SASA (3)

the 1st day ended with qiu and still super energetic, we met many
of our readers and many of them travelled super long distance just to
come down and see us in person and greet us!

SASA (4)

SASA (5)

SASA (6)

SASA (7)

here’s with the awesome emcee of the day! super friendly and funny!

SASA (8)

Here’s with the super easy to work representative from team SASA!

SASA (9)

SASA (5)

some readers even bought us presents, food and even handmade cards,
decors and even letters!
qiu and i are both very very thankful for the gifts! look!!! we even had
readers who want us to sign their phone cases!!! i was very happy to
do it and i really super love qiu’s signature! there’s a heart!!!
i love all signatures with a heart actually!!

SASA (10)




SASA (11)

The 2nd day start with another fellow Nuffnang blogger, Yina Goh!!
had met Yina at many many events before, and we spoke a few times
but it was my 1st time officially working with Yina! very excited!

SASA (12)

SASA (13)


our activities is slightly different from the day 01, this time me and yina
had a friendly competition, that was to take as many pictures as we
could within 1hour and 30 minutes with complete strangers and see
how many photos we could gather!

SASA (14)

SASA (15)

SASA (16)


SASA (17)

I won!!! and the winner is this little girl who is my reader for years! she is
so supportive that she is there for every single event that i ever
announced!!! thank you so much! no one deserve to win this
gucci perfume more than u do!!! thank you for the constant support!!!
love!! the rest of the day was fruitful and fun with yina! i gotta know more
about her too!!!


SASA (18)




This perfume fair, <Scents in the City> will continue all the way until
16th November!



If u wanna get perfume for yourself or your love ones, please go down to any of the SASA stores!
there’s 20% off 23 participating fragrances, and 10% off the other fragrances in stores.
SASA VIPs or Citibank cardholders can enjoy additional 5% discount on storewide fragrances.
Shoppers will receive a $10 Voucher* with nett purchase of $100 worth of fragrances.

*Valid for next storewide purchase of $50. Terms and conditions apply.

This coming weekend there’s another 2 days event with another guest

Nuffnang blogger, Melissa Koh!!

She will be at SaSa Wisma Atria #B1-06/08 playing games, contest and
many more! go down to town and support her and meet her in person!

SASA (6)

Currently in china, harbin right now, its getting really really cold now, i brought
back so much to do, that i didn’t even sleep last night to rush work… well,
holiday? not much, but work while i still could! ciao!!!
China block almost everything i used, including instagram… but..



See you guys on dayre!!!

SASA (7)

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