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Smiley Lessons From I-Dental

29/October/2015 | Advertorial, discovery




Hello!!! Will be doing some teeth talking on this post, actually
I’m pretty lucky, I didn’t have much teeth issues since young, all
I ever care about was whiter the better? Lol. Yes my expectation was
very superficial and shallow… I don’t really show much teeth in my
pictures as I am not too confident with the shade of my teeth, it’s
not pearly white, so I most of the time I rather not show my teeth when
taking pics… But you will notice an exceptional amount of smiling with
teeth selfies in this post! Lol.


To be honest, in the local blogging scene, most products need you to
have that million dollars smile, those show at least 10-12 teeth wide
smile, sparkling white and sunshine smile, but sadly I don’t have those,
sometimes i t pretty challenging for me to take up some of those product
advertorial, to able to channel the sunshine vibe without the million
dollar smile is…. NOT easy. Lol.







Before I went for a consultation with i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated
Clinic appointed by Align Technology to be the flagship Invisalign
clinic in Singapore, all I ever wanted was only veneers, as you could
archive that ‘impossible’ white shade for my teeth!! But after meeting
the super (over 25 years to be exact) experienced Dr Cheng Eng Wah,
also, the founder of i.Dental, he is very funny and easy to talk to,
I realized veeners is not the best option, there soooooo much more
than just white teeth, it was really an eye opener for me, a very
insightful lesson on understanding my teeth better!

Many people do not know that Invisalign providers are actually
classified into different tier levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold,
Platinum, Platinum Elite, Diamond & Black Diamond! In Singapore, the
highest tier is Diamond so far. Basically, the higher the tier, the
more number of cases they have treated. i.Dental is a Diamond provider
which means that they have treated a large number of cases! Dr Cheng
is also awarded the Diamond provider status in the individual category,
making me assured that he is highly experienced in treating all kinds
of teeth conditions!


Photos Credits to Zoe Raymond

Now after the 2 sessions of consultation that cost about 200+ bucks, I learn
so much about healthy teeth and of cos, I understand more about my teeth, we
did a X rays, teeth analysis on my 1st visit!

I was quite nervous before the visit as I have a phobia for
dentists since primary school as the dentist was so fierce but
Dr Cheng made me feel so comfortable talking to him!!

After much discussion with Dr
Cheng, I understand that doing veeners is less healthy as it not your own
teeth afterall, it’s a replacement, you can never have healthy teeth when it’s
not yours. Yes they might sparkly, but there’s always other options like teeth
whitening instead of replacing your own teeth.





After on the 2nd visit, Dr Cheng did a deep analysis of my teeth situation
through the 5 X Rays/ photo reports I did previously.

Here’s what I know now, my nose-lip-chin or the frontal face is symmetrical,
which is good, but my jawline is bigger on the left side, for sure my teeth
is not perfect aligned,
There are gaps, wrong directions of the teeth, but my bite is not too bad.

if you guys noticed from my smiling with teeth selfies, they are not showing
any gums, ideally, it should show a approx of 2mm of gum, it will make you
look younger and cuter when smiling.

Then I realized all these problems can befixed with Invisalign! Yes
the ultimate invisible braces!! I can’t finish explaining the benefits of the
invisible braces, not one, but literally ALL my blogging friends had it before,
xiaxue, qiuqiu, Shuyin and even Sophie. And yes, I missed out one, Miyake. She
is on consultation getting it too!





The only headache that everyone had for their teeth is that the old
metal braces is such a hassle. I have heard people who go through it
had so so so so much suffering, so even if they have teeth problems,
they rather just live in denial (like me) and never wanna fix it as
its too much work/suffering. With the tolerable invisible braces,
Invisalign, it makes all the negative concerns go

away altogether. Like you don’t even have to worry about it looking
ugly as it is always invisible, you can’t even tell when you taking
a selfie or while speaking.

Totally wowed by the case studies that the staff from i.Dental showed
me, they make so much difference!!! Now everyone can have perfect
teeth, why live in denial!?

Now I know I could fix all the problems/concerns I had so effortlessly.
I’m seriously considering doing Invisalign!




Everyone at i.Dental is super warm and very patient, which is very
important for me, because I’m quite a slow learner. Sometimes, people
have to explain me at least twice before I can fully understand,
and the staff were at i.Dental were very professional. They made
sure that I fully understand their explanations and made sure I
didn’t leave with a single doubt in my mind.





Well, if you interested to better understand your own teeth! Please
call 6323 2813 or email to make an appointment!
I did some price checking from the clinic too, Invisalign prices
starts from $4500 (before GST) depending on individual conditions
and complexity of case!

For those keen in exploring Invisalign treatment but can’t make up
your mind, you can attend their Invisalign Open Day! Dr Cheng will
be speaking as well and showing you some of the cases he had treated.


Date: 6 November 2015, Friday

Time: 7pm (Registration starts at 6.45pm)

Venue: Capital Tower RSVP now at !

i.Dental even provide evening session caters to working adults too!
Mad awesome, because for dental appointments, some of us actually
have to take the half day off for appointments! Thanks to i.Dental,
you don’t have to waste your leave anymore!

For more info:




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Don’t live in denial like me no more, eh, don’t wait till your teeth problem
become a real problem when you are older then fix them! I want take more selfies
with wide wide smiles too!

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