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Stay Pretty Inside Out!

07/January/2016 | Advertorial




Hello!!!! Back to introduce a great new collagen drink from Bioskin! The Stem
Cell Plus Collagen Drink from Bioskin!

Been introducing many ways to look better with maintenance and treatment skin
care, but what actually works from within us, it’s actually things we consume,
looking pretty, depends on what we eat too!

Facial and slimming treatments/skin care can cure what is outside but if the
internal system continues to be unhealthy, the problems will just keep coming
back, so with the help of collagen drinks, we can archive healthier skin from
inside of us!





Bioskin stem Cell + Collagen drink contains the most premium and beneficial
ingredients that are formulated by Bioskin and made in Japan, that will benefit
both men and women, improvement in just 10 days & see visible results in 3 months!

In just 3 months you will notice major results such as:

•Promotes younger looking skin
•Improves skin moisture level
•Improves skin smoothness by reducing the number of micro-relief furrows
•Improves the signs of deep wrinkles
•Improves skin suppleness

When I travel to overseas like Bangkok, Korea Taiwan and Japan, i always see
there’s tons of collagen drinks selling off the shelf in their convenient stores
but NOT in Sg, I wonder if it’s the secret that people from those countries
always look so fair and flawless!

Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen drink are wayyyyy more precious than the ones
that selling over the counter in overseas too.





There are 10 main effects of the Bio Skin Stem Cell + collagen drink, they are:

•Anti Aging
•Firming & Lifting
•Skin Brightening
•Skin Rejuvenation
•Overall Well Being
•Anti Oxidant
•High Internal Lubrication
•Inner Moisture
•Inner Sunscreen

One of which I’d love to highlight is that the ability of “Inner Sunscreen”,
it even help your skin build up protection from the harmful UV rays from
inside of your body!!!! That’s crazy amazing, totally mind blown when I was
1st introduced to the new product!

Read more on the 10 benefits and it’s 10 powerful ingredients here!





By now you guys should all know the importance of collagen right? It’s the
most important  component to stay young, without it you will age extremely fast.

Collagen is a natural protein component of the skin that acts like a scaffold
and the main building block for cells, tissues and organs. About a third of
the protein content in your body is made up of collagen, our body naturally
produces the collagen that it needs, but this production is gradually
disrupted as part of the natural aging process, so
With more collagen in our body will help us slow down aging and look
healthier and younger!

Personal review:

The 1st time I tried it, I was very surprised that it wasn’t too sweet and
artificial as the ones I had before, it still taste very tasty!

By the 3rd consecutive day drinking the Bioskin stem Cell + Collagen drink,
I woke up to brighter skin tone, my skin appeared to be clearer! What a
pleasant surprise, within only 3 days consumption!







Enquiry Hotline:
6222 6777


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 12.17.19 am copy


Bioskin Raffles

30, Raffles Place, #03-03 Chevron
House, Singapore 048622

Bioskin The Central

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-54,
The Central, Singapore 059817

Bioskin Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road, #04-18,
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Bioskin Jurong East

Blk 133, Jurong Gateway, #01-291
Singapore 600133

Bioskin Tampines 1

10 Tampines Central 1, #05-17,
Tampines 1 Singapore 529536

Bioskin Toa Payoh

Blk 185, Toa Payoh Central, #01-338
Singapore 310185



This is a scheduled post, by the time u guys are reading, i might be one the
way or already in korea, again, had so unfinished business to take care of…
lol, i sounds so serious, but it isn’t serious at all. lol. but it will be a
super short trip, when i m back, there’s plenty of things to settle, like buying
some furniture/decor for a new project space that i m been planning on
F O R E V E R… and also a big project shoot with a client, no, i m not the
photographer for this shoot this time, kinda insecure, gotta look good for it,
i need to eat less carbs and less salt. I’m really the king of water retention
these days… f m l much. 


wish me luck. i wanted to blog a bye-bye 2015 and hello 2016 post… eh, its
nowhere to be seen as i spent my last few days to rush overdue posts…. well,
i finished them all! those paid ones la, those PR ones, not quite yet, maybe a
few more post more till i m completely A FREE BIRD. LOL.



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