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-Super Junior 2012 weekly calender [Giveaway]

24/January/2012 | Everydays, Give-aways



its been a week, a week of non stop compliments! best blogger week! lol, no wonder so many bloggers doing give away!!! they love the attention and compliment! lol.. (me too) anyway, its really really tough to pick the winning comment, the 30 over comments are mostly nicely written, i could tell there are a lot of effort put in, like, you guys talk about smallest details about those blog post, and the little things i mention in them… *super touch*

why all so sweet one?!

ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ あははのは〜

before these give away Y U ALL NO post such sweet comments! well, i guess have, but not here, on twitter.
duh? For sure, i will be doing another give away soon…






i m gonna explain WHY SHE WINS…

1stly, almost all the things she talked about in her entry, touches me.. even though how much i love my comeback blog post, and how much attention it got for me, still… the [a dream in Paris] is (still and will always be) my life time fav blog entry… that’s the reason why she won…

2ndly comment that i could relate to… i do love my korea trip blog post, but you do not know HOW much effort i put in for that paris post, from preparation to shooting, from planning of outfits and the styling, from the phootshop to the illustrations… really a lot of work, i guess its not widely appreciated cos its not as “fresh” and back then when i post that entry, i wasn’t actively blogging, and that post is MOST “hang/laggy” blogpost on my blog, 218 pics X 1000 Pixels X HD resolutions… gosh, friends told me, they take 15 over minutes just load that one blog post (some load half way, give up!)… LOL!! but its ok, its safe to read now, i’ve changed all the pics to super easy to load already! Maybe i shall repost that post soon….! BECOS ALMOST ALL OF U LIKE NEVER SEE THAT ENTRY BEFORE LIKE THAT!!! WTF! lol.





and tadah! the mysterious gift is super junior’s latest album!!! i had a hard time to find siwon’s edition actually, and i really love it a lot! but i m giving it away to beloved readers!!! and winner tricia love siwon too!! so here you go!

ノ’0′)ノ ̄♪祝 v(^O^)v 祝♪〜ヘ(‘0’ヘ)


2 days no see! how are you guys doing?


i m super sleepy right now, (´〜`) むにゃむにゃ i took this supplement drink, to help me sleep well… cos i always have unhealthy sleeping routine, worst, i drink a lot of sweet drinks before i sleep. so i always dream a lot, woke up feeling like i’ve never slept at all. i really need to sleep or take a nap after this blog post, that drink i took last night, effect of it still have not completely been sleep off… fml, i m blogging this entry in a half awake mode.


OK! ルンルン((´I `*))♪ back to the main topic, this is my 1st official give away blog contest! a mini one! i m giving away this 2012 super junior 2012 weekly calender! super junior is one of the rare Korean boy band that i actually like (cos of choi siwon), the other one is big bang. obviously i m not the only person who likes super junior, i’ve notice there are a huge number of people that follows me on twitter actually tweet me about super junior! so i guess picking up something from this boyband is not a mistake!


ok 1st let’s take a look at what are in for:



SM entertainment’s genuine sticker!





the most special about this calender is that, it comes along with a unique verification code. a code that u could activate a super junior calender app on your iphone! so u could not only have this entire set of calender on your desk, also, on your iphone!


the thickness of the calender, since its a weekly calender… its way thicker than normal calenders i’ve seen!


contents inside!



ok how to win this! SIMPLE! yes, i thought so too.


just leave a comment on THIS blog post, answering this question:


Which of these following blog post(s) of mine is your personal Favorite? and why?














Simple right? dont worry, i fixed most these blog entries’ pics quality, made them safe/friendly to visit. just click on to the images above, they are already all hyper-linked.


ok here’s some simple rules and regulations;


  1. You could answer more than one time, but the comment content must different. duplicated entries will be deleted.
  2. The length of the comment does not have a requirement, one liner answers will be accepted but of cos, more detailed the answer the better! lol~
  3. The answer could be more than one blog post, (or even all) but u have to explain why do you like them.
  4. Closing of the mini give-away contest is exactly 7 days later! on the 24th of jan 2012
  5. Sorry, i m still fresh at doing such give away, so its only limited on local participants, sorry to over-seas readers… i would do a international give-away soon!
  6. The winner comment will picked by me! so make sure your answers is catch my eye balls! but i had to tell u, i’m not hard to please!
  7. Winner will notified by email! so please comment with your real email account!.

One last thing! actually this not it…


if you are the winner, there’s a mystery present along with this calender! (ξ^∇^ξ) ホホホホホホホホホ〜♪ of cos, that present is also super junior related! so if u are a hardcore fan of them, i dont see why are you not participating!!! so you get to walk home with not one BUT TWO GIVE AWAY PRIZES!





actually this contest is part of “comeback” to blogsphere thing i gotta do.. as i lost some royal readers, and gain many new readers. this give away works like a bait to “force” you new readers to dig in and learn more about me, by reading some of personal most proud blog posts! サンキュゥ♪(o ̄∇ ̄)/ tata!


Share the love ♥
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41 thoughts on “-Super Junior 2012 weekly calender [Giveaway]”

BenVoda | January 17, 2012

Hi Yutakis!

I love the first post the most because it’s your comeback post and I was looking forward to it. When it was published, I was NOT disappointed at all. Its another piece of artwork, just like any of your other previous posts!

And I do enjoy reading more of what you are doing etc! I actually read every single word in the post and I do enjoy going through them! Also, needless to say, the photos are so beautifully captured. Till today, I am still wondering how do you actually edit your photos! That is why till today I still love reading your blog!

This post of you and Miyake in Korea is so well done and I love it a lot because of the vintage essence that was incorporated in it! Thanks for blogging such a wonderful post again 😀

And I do hope to win the SUJU Calendar because I love Siwon, Eunhyuk and YeSung!

Good luck in whatever you do!


Shuying | January 17, 2012

I like the number 3 post! To be honest, that was the first post that I read from your blog, and start to come in contact with knowing more about you. From there, I started to track back and read all your old posts from your blog. I love looking at all your photos and reading your little updates about your life.

I also love the effort that you put in to improving your blog to make it more user friendly! Please do update more in the future! ♥ xoxo

Kasia | January 17, 2012


First, sorry for my english/engrish…

Of course I choose post number one.
When I saw the first picture I thought:
‘OMG!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yutaki meet Jang Geun Seok!!! Now I can die in peace…’ ( I’m sure that most of you know who he is, but for sure…
Then scroll down and…
‘OMG IT’S YUTAKI!!!!!!!!’
My favorite male blogger look like my favorite actor?! It’s wonderful!!!
I love all photos. It was worth waiting for this post.

Animefreak3103 | January 17, 2012

Hi yutakis !!!
I like picture 2 because it is not a common type of picture and I think that is what makes it stand out. It’s not only unique but it gives a very fresh young and active message. I think picture 2 stands out the most and it speaks out to the viewer thus I think picture 2 is the best one out of the few.
Well that why I love it <3 🙂

yutakis | January 17, 2012

its the blog post to choose~~~~ not pic!! lol

Animefreak3103 | January 17, 2012

Oops haha sry

Michhysaurous | January 17, 2012

Hello Yutakis!

yutakis | January 17, 2012

**REPOST>>>> dear david, u commented on the wrong blog post! lol comment on this blog post only!!**

Hey Yutaki, I am here to comment on another of my personal favorite!

This Atelier Royale is my personal favorite because last year 2011, (if you remember) I attended my first AR event, and I got to know you YUTAKI! You were really friendly during the event, you are hardworking and willing to be friends with anyone. I hope this comment catches your eye. “Humans are all imperfect but to me you are already a PERFECT person/blogger and Atelier Royale let me get to know you better. I love the way you laugh and willing to make friends with me! I will keep the photo that we took during the event forever! You are like a sunshine to me! I hope I win this SUPER JUNIOR give-away! Haha.

Thank you!


yutakis | January 17, 2012

**REPOST>>>> dear david, u commented on the wrong blog post! lol comment on this blog post only!!**

Hey Yutaki !!

I have been following you on twitter and facebook for quite some time already! I was so happy when I heard you have your first give-away and my favorite korean band SUPER JUNIOR!! I really love this blog post, my personal FAVORITE because you put in so much effort and took so many chio photos in Korea! I especially love the photo with the one you hold your pink color Yutaki book, with your super nice curly hair!! You really fit in every single style. I am always amazed by your photos. I hope I can win this give-away ! I am your loyal reader always!


David Wang | January 17, 2012

Oh no. Haha. Sorry Yutaki! I posted a new one already.

Thank you. 🙂

waterfalls | January 17, 2012

Finally, I get to see you blogging again!
When I started following you, I realized your blog wasn’t updated as much anymore ><
anyway, my favorite blog post is.. *drumroll*

Number 1 because, it was when you finally came back to blogsphere!!
And I get to know more about you XDD
The photos were really really awesome!
And they were also taken in Korea, a place I've always wanted to visit.
Not only do I get to see part of Korea,
but of course also you both, the twins, the handsome You and the pretty Miyake!

Thanks for coming back and start blogging again!

also, since you like Siwon so much, do remember watch 華麗的挑戰 (or Skip Beat)
cuz Siwon's in it!! :DD

Hope to see more posts soon!

Li Ting | January 17, 2012

Okay firstly, I’m a hardcore Superjunior fan. I’ve been trying to find this calendar ;o; And I’m also one of Yutaki’s fans! It’s my first time commenting on your blog posts (or rather, anyone’s blog posts) because I don’t dare to leave comments. I don’t know why either 😡 So since there’s this giveaway, I may as well give my opinions and try my luck! My favourite blog post will be this: “-第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語”!

Reason being, I really like Korea and stuffs, but really, I’ve never been to Korea. Some of my friends did and they told me it’s a really beautiful place, especially during winter. Yutaki! Your blog post let me see the Korea which I’ve never seen before! -thumbs up- Miyake and you both look so awesome Q.Q

I think it’s cool to meet your reader in a place where you’re going for holidays! It’s like, you’re so famous and everything gosh. (I’m not trying to suck up, it’s true) plus the places are so fabulous and pretty. Your photo editing skills (Y).

Some people who are so proper, they can’t stand you using vulgarities. Whatever. I don’t mind, cos’ yeah I use them a lot, even my friends know I can’t live a day without swearing. I really like it when you’re not afraid of losing your readers cos’ you use swear words or whatever, because that makes you YOU. Not having to bother about what others think about you, treating your blog truly as your own. Gambatte for your blogging carreer(?)!

I recently fell out with a good friend of mine who went to Japan to study last November. Things started to get awkward, eventually we argued because we no longer understand each other. I felt that it was a pity, because she was a really good friend of mine. She came back to visit on our first day of school, we had nothing to talk about. That very night, she texted me asking why I ignored her. We talked and patched things up. Now we’re as close as we ever were. Like you, I learnt a lesson. Your blog post reminded me how much our friendship means to me.

I may not win this giveaway (I don’t even think I have a chance of winning LOL), but I just want to share my story. Thankyou for giving me a stage for me to express myself. I know my comment is probably lame and everything and I don’t even know if it’s related to this giveaway now LOL. Just…thankyou (:

p/s, yes your Japanese emojis are so cute!!! mega love!

Sheryl | January 17, 2012


I really like -自拍大王第四章:グレッチェンとジェームス韓国の冒険. Why? Because it was the only picture among that whole list that caught my eye. Maybe because of the wistful look in the picture. And because it’s about KOREAAAAA. Super Junior is from Korea, and I really like them. I also really want to go Korea (no money T_T). But reading/looking through your blog post made me feel like I was there, and it only managed to strengthen my want to go Korea more XD

Sigh. If only I could.. And I never had any Suju merchandise before. So I really want one. No money to get any, besides the one and only Bonamana album I bought from Popular 😡 The rest are just too ex, especially those from SM.

So, I may not get it, but just trying my luck. 🙂

winterrisefall | January 17, 2012

Ohaiyo kozaimasu,Annyong haeseyo yutaki.I am Jeanny and glad to choose the 2nd post cause firstly u mention about kiehls again and i’m a BIG FAN of it too!!!HI5!^^ Well,i love the picture very much as well cause it has birds in it and its ma favourite and you look damn cute and hot too!And you were in korea with miyake. I love her!!!!hehe.I like that gift u get it frm erica cause its something unique.To be honest you look more like a japanese,but u nailed to be a korean too! Ahh youre lika prince charming.XD actually im not a big fan of super junior but am a BIG FAN of bigbang!!!I participate cause i love yor pictures so much and it is nice if i can get da stuff from you,haha,not a peervert or smth is just nice to receive from someone i admire and a role model, yea,u r one of ma role model. Hi again and glad to come across about you.

Suli | January 17, 2012

When I saw your twitter saying that you will be giving out a Super Junior giveaway I was so excited~! Cause I love Super Junior so much~!! Although I might not win this giveaway but thanks for this giveaway!

My favourite blog post will be -第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語. As I follow you on twitter I knew that you went to Korea and was waiting for the blog post. There is another reason why I like this blog post so much, its because I love Korea (besides Japan hehe) and I have never been to Korea before. All those pictures were taken so nice especially those scenery are so beautiful~! This blog post makes me wanna go to Korea even more~! You and Miyake were so stylist in those pictures love it~! I love how you always captured those lighting perfectly! And of course the foods taken made me drools heheh.

You also mentioned friendship. I also lost some friends. This friend of mine was my best friend, we hang out everyday after school and we shared everything together but one day our gang added a new member, well when she was added in, slowly it become hell to me. This girl talked bad about me and influenced my best friend and slowly we seldom talked and then I was all alone. Well we made new friends along your life and we will make some good or best friends like I did too. To me those who consider good or best friends are those who will not mind what others negative opinion about you. SO we must not give in to all those haters out there, they can hate all they like but only those important will know how awesome you are.

Actually I followed your blog this year and I love your blog very much on what you blogged about and those awesome pictures taken. I will continue supporting your blog although this is the first time I’m commenting on your blog because I am a silent reader. Next time I will comment more on your blog post when you update it!

winterrisefall | January 17, 2012

I’m sorry my name is jeanny.i type the (name required wrongly)

Tingxin | January 17, 2012

Hey Yutakis! I don’t actually read a lot of local blogs by males (mostly only females because of fashion and beauty related stuff) but I find myself visiting your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY to check for your updates. You are just so different and so much better. It was about 2 months ago when I “favorite” your blog on my laptop, so I could visit your blog every day easily. But, the 2 months felt like 2 days ago because your blog posts were always different, fresh and don’t even get me started on the photos! Your photos on every single blog post will never fail to impress me, and also keep me in awe. You will always make an effort to blog about different things, and take super amazing photos at the different places. Whenever I am reading your blog, your photos will keep me at the edge of my seat. I will say things like, “how can he be so handsome… how can he have such pretty facial features… how can he have such awesome photography skills… just how can he look so good!!! how can he look like he is not a pure singaporean…” even when I am reading your blog alone! In conclusion, your photos can make every girl on Earth fall in love with you. Needless to say, you in person!

Okay enough of my “fan-girling”. I love all your blog posts but if I were to choose only one out of these six posts, I will choose the first one, “A Winter Story In Korea”. This blog post is just… AMAZING. The other posts are amazing too, but this particular post, a winter story in korea, is just different to me. I think that this post showed how much you have changed over time. I don’t know why, but probably it is just me. It kind of showed a different side of you? I also love your fashion sense in this post!!!! Your fashion sense has always been good, for every blog post, but I personally LOVED this one so much. You look so handsome, cute, pretty, fresh, manly and soft and cuddly all at the same time~ How is that even possible for any guy???? Lol. On top of that, the photos and the angle of the photos came out perfect. I like how some photos remind me of the Korean fashion blogs with the Korean ulzzang (pretty face) as their models. I like how you used your location (Korea) as an advantage or emphasis on your photos. Very good! It totally brought out the beauty of Korea, and the beauty in you. I totally enjoyed reading this blog post so much… I loved it so much that I shared it with so many of my friends! I still remember the first time reading it, I was in class. Yes, I also smiled to myself while the teacher was having a serious lecture… I did not want to read it since I am in class but I had to click on the link when I knew that you had updated a new blog post! I knew I had to! And I did not regret clicking that link, and I know I never will. I smiled to myself while reading it and even said out loud, “HOW CAN HE BE SO HANDSOME I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE”. Majority of my classmates turned their heads to look at me. After the lecture, I shared with my classmates this blog post. They all thought you were a Korean, and you were a Korean ulzzang. One even asked if you were a Korean idol. After their nice comments, I felt proud of myself and of course you too! Till today, a lot of my friends are avid readers of your blog too. I’m so happy for them. Oh other than the photos and your fashion style in this Winter Story in Korea post, the appearance of Miyake, Sandy and your reader Eda was a huge bonus! Miyake was so gorgeous too~ She totally helped to bring out the “Korean essence” in this blog post. She looked like a Korean ulzzang too. I hope to see more photos of the two of you; the both of you are so compatible! Indeed best friends and twins.

In conclusion, I really loved this “Winter Story in Korea” blog post. This was the first blog post that made me squeal like a fan-girl in class and even embarrassed myself. This was also the first blog post that made me share your blog with so many other people. The feedbacks from them were all extremely good, by the way. 🙂

I hope my comment has helped you, or made you smile in some way. I’m not good with words, and how much I love reading your blog and drooling over your photos definitely could not be expressed with words. It will never be enough. Oh and before I end, I really really really hope I can win the Super Junior 2012 calendar. It could be a gift from you and I will seriously treasure it so much. It will also inspire and motivate me to work harder, and always remind myself that I cannot be lazy to doll myself up so I can look good like Yutakis did.

I really did not want to sound like such a crazy fan girl, but I could not help myself as I type this… Good night Yutakis, I hope I’ll get chosen! Love you! I will always support you no matter what decisions you have made in life and will always be reading your blog until whenever <3

Vampireknight | January 17, 2012

Hello yutakis!!!!!
Firstly I’m a really big super junior and I’m 13 this year I choose the first post
Because that was the first post I actually read lol!! And after reading it it gave me inspiration to follow my dreams
I’m writing shorter because I know u have to read tons more so that’s all
~<3 ~

David Wang | January 17, 2012


David here!! 🙂

I finally know where to post my comments for the give-away already! I am a huge fan of SUPER JUNIOR and of course a loyal fan/reader of you! 🙂 You always put in so much effort for your blogposts.

My personal favourite is No. 1 blogpost.
because it’s the most recent blogpost you posted, I think you took so many chio pictures, I can read that you really want to WIN back all your loyal fans and you type with all your heart. <3 I can see that you are sincere and generous to your readers! I know that you are a person who care about your friends feelings and it makes me feel so touched. Everyday I will refresh my page just to wait for your updates in the blog. Your blog is my homepage now and I am so proud to show all my friends and family the photo we took together during AFA 2011! I am so excited as I am typing this because you know your hard works inspire me and tell me that never to give up on anything I do. Even if no awards also nevermind. You have loyal/sweet readers like me who support you FOREVER!

The blogpost No.1 really showed me true friendship between you and Miyake. The both of you are so good at taking photos!! I also love Korea and every single blogpost I read makes me feel like I wanna go with you to overseas and see the world!

I am not really good at my words, sometimes I am afraid I say the wrong words. But I read your blog and you dare to dream, be yourself and always so cheerful and confident. I remember you are so friendly even when we meet outside. You are so cheerful. Thank you for all the hard work Yutaki. Every single word i type here is from my sincere heart! <3 You are always loved by me as your good friend!

I will always read your twitter and get myself updated with new about you. Buy the newspaper and read, support your friends too. I type so much but hope you will read my comment. Hehe.


P.S. I hope I can win this give-away! Haha.


ryeojin | January 17, 2012

Hello Yutakis!

My jaw really dropped when I saw your tweet – a giveaway of Super Junior’s calender!! This giveaway is a real awesome news for super junior’s fans, me included 😉 and especially for those who don’t have the chance to attend their coming concert, me included again :'(

My favourite post out of the ones listed is definitely number 1 (-第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語)! Reading that post brings a smile to my face as I’ve been interested in Korea and the korean language ever since I joined the fandom of super junior. I even made a promise with my friend to visit the country together 🙂 Seeing the pictures you took, I was blown away. Every single photo is so pretty and serene, with great edits!! Your photo album in the post just gave me more reasons to save up and work hard at learning korean so that I can one day fly off to korea for my dream holiday.

I have something to confess 🙁 I am a first time reader 🙁 But when I opened all the links in the 6 posts you provided, I am really surprised!! Don’t be discouraged because you didn’t win the award, because as a first time reader, I felt that you’ve really put in alot of effort in your posts. Especially from the way you present your photos, in “chapters” (01 cover story, 02 white story, etc). & the part about the misunderstanding with your friend! It reminds me of how I fell out with a good friend of mine too :/ We didn’t talk anymore after a quarrel.

Anyways, this post is the perfect comeback to the blogosphere, its a strong BAM. Continue doing great blogposts, I will definitely start following your blog ^^


CassandraThoi | January 18, 2012

Hi Handsome! 😀
Well, i gotta be honest, and i swear on my granny’s grave (she’s someone i love really dearly and she left me few years ago) i almost teared when you finally post again (which makes it my favorite post!! )after 123456890 years. (okay luh, only maybe once a month you’ll post some post on your blog and you’ll disappear again. to me, it’s like so many years.)
I started reading your blog through JiaQiWoo

Lynde | January 18, 2012

Okay, clicking the links one by one, looking and reading through them. I think number 6… is my favourite 🙂
blog #6 is able to know and understand you and your blog better. I could see you’ve put so much efforts in this blog, the photos, the editing, the blogging. Love the photos. Can tell that it toke a long time and a lot of hard work to do all these. Your journey… your experience, the enjoyment, I hope to see Bangkok again too.
I agree on what you wrote. Seriously, #6 is my favourite. Have you publish your book? I support. jiayou! will read your other posts and explore your blog 🙂

CassandraThoi | January 18, 2012

through JiaQiWoo’s blog where she used to have a page on which people she follow and read.
I was hooked to you immediately because your photos make me feel like i wanna be your friend and travel with you because you always take super duper pretty photos. (I’m sorry i used pretty because i cant find another word to describe it)

When you recently post that you’ll be blogging more often, i cheered to myself and say finally there’s a blog i can look forward to every night.

I never read your older post, because it was in the past, and i was’t there to read and know what happen. I wanna read your newer blogpost, because i know now i am your fan, thus i wanna know your latest news, whats going on in your life and etc.

I know blogging everyday is almost impossible because you have a hectic live, which most human do. But i appreciated the fact that you kept your promise that you’ll blog everyday and you actually did.

*I just read your twitter and u said no one comment unless you do a giveaway.
Not that i don’t want to, i wanted so badly to comment on your post when you said no one can help you with your online business. I wanna help you, but i don’t know how i can help. i only started my class for business enterprise this few months, but i’m really scared to cause your business to fail. I really hope you’ll find a good and effective partner to start your business. Im looking forward to see your shop starting~~

I do love SUJU very much, but at the same time i wanna let you know, i’m really really happy you’re back. I may have the same meaning with the other commenters, but one thing you should know what i may not be commenting, but i’ll always, and i quote ALWAYS be reading in my little corner in Singapore.

Winning this contest is not really that important, but being able to let you know how i feel is much more important.

Yeah, people may think i’m a hypocrite and i’m writing all this ’emotion’ comment so as to win this contest bla bla bla.

I know i am sincere, and i’m speaking from my heart. I have nothing to hide, and i wish you’ll feel the same too.

Remember, even if you feel that no one is reading thus resulting in you not wanting to blog, i’ll always be there to read.

(PS: sorry i couldn’t post it one comment, i accidently press the enter button)

raden | January 18, 2012

My most favorite post on your blog post is A dream in Paris.
It just makes me feel really happy when seeing all the photos, you know when you seeing someone’s dream come true.
And I like the note that you wrote on the second photo.
Last, I wish I can visit my dream place too, which is Tokyo-Japan.

Esperadaxy | January 18, 2012

Hi~ ^^v

I’m a Super Junior fan but I’m commenting because I want to comment!
I like the post no. 1 because it’s Korea we’re talking about, hahaha. Besides, I thought the photos are really nice, as in, the settings and all. #justsaying

Anyway, I think many people tweet you about Super Junior because you like Siwon. Was surprised when I (actually) found out that you like Siwon, hehe.

Uh… okay, bye! :B

AnimePOP | January 19, 2012

My favorite one was definitely the post on you participating as a butler in the Atelier at the AFA event.
But this does not mean I don’t like the other posts, just that I’m an anime person, so I chose that post as my favorite.
To me, anime and kpop was like a part of my life, almost inseparable. But there’s a problem with this you see – I was afraid of what thoughts people had on me. Like anime freak, kpop freak, WTS.
Instead of spazzing over anime and kpop with friends, I’d rather stay at home and watch some videos. #truestory
I was watching animes on YouTube, and after that when I was reading some blogs, (the blogger Tsuriki) one of it mentioned how they participated in some anime event. I went to YouTube and look up for videos of it, and then there’s this video that says “Atelier Royale Butler Cafe at Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X)”, curious I went to watch it. I was surprised at the butlers, they look like they walked out of animes themselves. Serving consumers with dashing service, I noticed this guy that looked like anime guy the most out of the rest of the butlers. I was like “hey, that guy looks familiar. Like a blogger.” I like to read blogs myself, like XX, QQ, KK, Jayley, hayley, tsuriki so I guess I’ve seen that face somewhere when I was reading these blogs.
And then I read the comments and some said his name was Yutaki, a blogger. Looking at his blog pictures, I went “Ah it’s him.” I followed him on twitter but didn’t really read his blog every day, only maybe a few times a month! 
After anime I was more into Kpop so I didn’t watch animes a lot like last time, as I’ve also watched finished quite a few.
A few minute ago I saw Yutaki tweeted something about super junior giveaway. Went and one of the posts links is the AFA one!!!! And the pics is like in Manga format!!!!
Reminded me of the recent Black butler anime I was watching ^^
but the awesome thing is, the butler pictures I’m seeing consist of real humans, not anime characters ^>^
How the fuck is that possible for human to look like anime people wtf wtf wtf. 
Because I love anime, so I chose that as my fave post!!!

Melody | January 19, 2012

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥HELLO YUTAKIS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I like you january 14th’s blog post,titled: Glory Of Vanity: 보라색 하늘 Evolution 30th Edition

-Because during that period,you feel that you ran out of ideas on camwhoring~ but well after 5 nights of photo project,you managed to produce 1st 2010 set of GOV pics!! HAHAAH! and what’s more you did even better than some of your previous sets of GOV!! That’s really cool!

-frankly speaking,I only managed to read till this post……. And…..
P.S. You looked quite similar to Danson tang!! A taiwan idol!! Haha! hope you don’t mind!!

Hope you will have a lot of royal readers as time goes by!
have a nice day!!!!!

Hui Ling | January 19, 2012

To be honest, this is my first time stumbling upon this blog and I’m really amazed by all the pretty pictures you posted on your posts.

My favourite post is your trip to Korea. I was expecting some long posts on the different must-visit spots in Korea but what surprised me was the photos that replaced the words. It makes me feel like I’m reading some photobook and I really like this style of yours. After a few clicks here and there, I realised I’m actually addicted to your blog.

Suju is my one and only favourite boyband and although I would very much want to win this, I just want to let you know, you have just successfully earned a new reader, which is yours truly. ^^ Thank you so much for giving me a chance to win. 🙂

Shi Li | January 22, 2012

Waheyyyyy!!!! Finally found time to comment T__T
Read your blogposts on my phone but will be too hassle to type using the phone..
Phew that the dateline is not over yet!!! Thank you for the one week timeline heh 😀

Firstly, thanks much for having this giveaway!!! I mean… is SUPER JUNIOR!!! Glad that you are their fan too!!! 😀 So i presume the next giveaway will be related to Big Bang?! XD Okay back to topic!

Not easy to choose, but my favourite post of yours is #1.
First reason being it is like your comeback post, soooo welcome back!! 🙂
And the whole post is like you have published into a photobook.. (yes, i think you and miyake should just sell it physically XD). The photos are real stunning, love the scenery, the places you guys took photos at are just simply professional! This blog post makes me want to go korea so bad, cos i have never been there. Plus being a kpop fan is making my heart itch so bad!!! >_<

P.S All your photos are so chio! Would love to see a blogpost of your editing skills 😉 Like a tutorial :] Hehehe..

Okay i think thats all i would like to say *brain-dead* XD

Looking forward to your blogposts! And of cos the winner of Suju Calendar! Heheh..
Happy CNY!! Huat ah!

P.S Are you going SS4? 😛

Shi Li 🙂

Tricia Tang | January 23, 2012

(^•^)/ Hi Yutakis!

Okay, I probably won’t have a high chance of winning this giveaway because my english isn’t very good but I’m going to try anyways cause holy moly, the Super Junior calender looks gorgeous!!! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

My personal favourite would be the A Dream In Paris [Photo-Ebook Edition] post. It was a tough battle with myself between this blogpost and the first blogpost about your recent Korea trip but this won in the end. I loved how this blogpost was in a photobook format and was so different from what I read from other bloggers. I was basically scrolling down like how I would flip the pages of a photobook.

The pictures that were in the blogpost were beyond beautiful with the scenery and my favourite would be the buildings (I have an intense love for detailed buildings!) And can I please say here that I really like your fringe being pushed up, exposing your forehead, HAHAHA. I really love how the wallpaper, the bed frame and the curtains all matched in the rooms. Furthermore, the hilarious photos of you and the photoshopped moustache almost make me spit out the milk that I was drinking. 且_(・_・ )

The natural scenery of the background of the photos are really pretty, especially the large dandelions. I’ve never actually seen dandelions that huge, the ones in Singapore are so small! Another main reason of why I liked this post the best was because while looking at the photos, it felt like I was actually touring Paris and made me really feel like visiting there sometime in the future (I’ve never travelled out of Asia before!) I also love your fashion sense (I MAJOR LOVE THE HATS THAT YOU WERE WEARING) and while I think The Eiffel Tower looked ordinary in the day, it looked really amazing at night. ◕‿◕

I really liked the absolutely breathtaking photos of the sky near the end of the post and that your camwhoring skills are really really mad awesome! I can’t even imagie how much time and effort it took to edit the photos into something so beautiful.

Overall, I really enjoyed all 6 of your blogposts (I loved all the photos! <3) but this is my favourite! Anywho, it's really awesome to see that you like Super Junior and that its cause of Choi Siwon because he's my bias in Suju heehee. ^_^ AND WELCOME BACK TO THE BLOGSPERE! I REALLY HOPE TO SEE MANY MANY OFTEN UPDATES SOON! "ヽ(´▽`)ノ"


Jason | January 23, 2012

Number 4 as he is my favourite out of all of them and i want to have him on my wall so that i can see him when i wake up first thing in the morning.

michelle | January 24, 2012

I have planned so long to think what to write cause I really like SUPER JUNIOR~ ^^
I mean they are like so cool and hot. and so awesome in so many things like DJ, acting, variety shows and on and on! Tada~ Just because of them, I’m here to leave comment!
Actually, I have pondered for a long time whether I should leave a comment and I think should. Not only for SJ’s calender, but also to compliment all your artistic photograph! My favourite blog post is: “-第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語”! ;D

Firstly, since I’m getting SJ’s calendar I would really wonder how they live in the country itself. the pictures that you have taken have shown how these boys grow up. and it is truly amazing.

Secondly, despite the fact that I have went to Korea. I went there when I was really young, I cannot remember a single there. The places you have take picture this time is really pretty. I hope you would release a post on the places and address >3< ~ hehe. Even though I also like your post on your first Korea trip. I dont know why, I like the vintage(?) (I dont know)feeling more^^ In addition, the places you took pictures look different from what normally or common places that people normally goes~ Maybe it is due to your reader that you met! Thirdly, Miyake and you is like OMGGGGG. I cannot take my eyes off you two. It is like no words in the words can describe the beauty of you two! I wished that I could also go Korea with my friend! I have planned twice and both failed due to results 🙁 I wish I could go Korea with my friend like Miyake and you FRIENDSHIP FTW~ I'm like writing essay ~.~ REALLY HOPE TO WIN THOUGH. I may not win at least I tried! (looking at the timing. 24Jan ends I don't know it means 24Jan 12.00AM ends or 11.59PM) ANYWAY,I really hope that you will have more and more readers as you wish! DO WHATEVER THAT YOU WANT, YOU WILL HAVE YOUR READERS ROOTING FOR YA!

Nick | January 24, 2012

Number 2! Because it’s freakin cool to take pictures in the city! Actually all your blogposts and photos are really amazing and extraordinary to me personally because i don’t think i’ll ever get to do that in my life. ): Okay i can’t bootlick very well so i’ll just get straight to the point. LOL . Let me win okay! getting the calendar for a special friend (: cheers!

Jane | January 24, 2012

Initially not that interested in participating in this giveaway cos like no hope of winning etc la even though I like suju a lot. Then curious in the blog links you listed cos I realized some I haven’t read before. Then got one blog post is about you traveling to Bangkok, Thailand. I was like “WTF, Yutaki will go to this cui place?” Cos last time I went to Thailand it was in Chiang Mai. And the place is very……… And I thought everywhere in Thailand is like that wtf. But as I read on, the pictures spoke a different story altogether. Pretty hotels, nice scenery, still got cute vintage shops, the brickbear toys etc!!! So.damn.different. Only after looking at this blog post’s pictures do I realize, “WTF I’ve been living in a well.” If you get what I mean… And hey, blonde hair!!!!! Pretty pictures, awesome post, what’s not to like in this post.. I do like other posts a lot too like the AFA X one and the Paris one , hard to make a choice but since this post made me “climbed up the well”, so I just choose this la hahahah. 
Have a nice day ahead!!!

kim | January 24, 2012

-第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語 for the win ^_^ .
I love the photos together with miyake in korea and espc how you guys met up with your reader from singapore! I like how singaporeans are almost everywhere but yet ironically we are one small red dot keke.
It gives readers the biggest impression as well, as in the way we are all connected as singaporeans spreaded globally O_O lol okay nvm.
Anyway partly also how i liked both of your fashion sense in this post with the denim jacket and checkered/safari prints the best , I always wanted a denim jacket ):
The photographs here also kinda inspired me to experiment with more clothes and perseverance especially finding a denim jacket.
This was the post which made me check up your blog more regularly too and it’s my favourite post because it’s in Korea and it’s one of the places I’m determined to travel too in the futureee~
Oh and the picture you put as the hyperlink banner is very captivating there.
It’s like a story to tell and it really feels like a professional photoshoot in the post as well hehehe ^^v
Lastly I love super junior!@#@% , my comment isn’t as enticing haha but oh well your a great photographer and blogger!
Happy chinese new yearrr and wish you the best on your blogging too!

Chloe | January 24, 2012

Hey Yutaki ^^

I like the first post the most! I’ve never been one to like jpeg posts (which is why I never read your blog regularly until the first post. ~_~ and besides loading your page was damn bloody long!!! Don’t have that problem now though… THANKS WINK WINK) and I’m glad you decided to include both words and pictures for that post!

I don’t really know what else to include… >____< you look like some celebrity but I cannot remember who :/ sigh. Anyway I'm planning to give this to my sister for her birthday so it'll be great if I won this~ she's a huge suju fan but she really cannot be bothered to read sg bloggers blogs (though she told me once that you're v good looking! Plus point!!!)

Happy cny!!! Huat ah!

JIAQILEE | January 24, 2012

Hey there, Yutaki!
Just came back from Msia then I saw this contest that’s why I’m commenting late sorry!!
I don’t like to read blogs actually.. Cos I’m the need type that prefers reading hard copy book. There isn’t a lot of bloggers that I like/know, the only one I like is XX, and the other one is you. I like to read blogs when they have chio pictures, and the way you blog just somehow makes me want to read on idk why la!!
You take pretty pictures, and I think your blog is more of “A picture shows a thousand words” kind of blog. I remembered the first time when I stumbled across your blog, I thought to myself,”does this blog belong to a blogger or model?” I mean, just pull anyone from the street. I bet they’ll tell you the same thing. I’m really into all the Japanese hype that’s why I like your blog a lot a lot. So Jappy and dreamy and model-ly Aiya just damn damn nice la. I started reading your blog through my friend who told me about it… I LOVE THAT FRIEND SO MUCH FOR INTRODUCING ME ONE OF MY CURRENT ADDICTS.
Sorry for the long rant. Even though I’ve been reading your tweets and blogs and instagram, if you’ll realize this is my first time commenting. In social network there’s this person called creeper. They never comment or like your status but just keeps reading it. I’m that kind of Internet kid HAHHA.
Y U SO EVIL. Ask us to choose just ONE post as favorite? It’s like choosing between pretty and pretty. Next time got this kind of thing can choose at least 3????? Please!! Anyway. I think I’d choose number 4. I think I can relate to that post so much. Why? I like Japanese stuff a lot ever since my mum started working in a Japanese restaurant. Polite service, beautiful culture, and the best of the best — ANIME!!!!! I was damn crazy about anime. If you’ll come into my room, you shall see why. I have those mini models of anime characters in my room which I bought from comics connection. Then got their soft toys. Mangas. Bed sheet. Maybe that’s the reason why I got so less friends? Aiya anyway. So yeah. Being interested in anime would eventually lead you into the world of cosplay. I watch a lot of cosplay videos. I really really wanted to cosplay. But a lot of factors are obstructing me. Shy, money, who to accompany me, how does this works, and most importantly, the person who indirectly got me into anime– My mum. She keep telling me that cosplay is useless etc and I should spend more time on studying etc WTS. Then I saw your post on the AFA X. Inspired me to go cosplay 🙂 even though mum discouraged la bit I still went and it was so much fun. 🙂 Still a newbie like do we go there and do make up or wear the costume there or do they have breakS, where to find costumes etc. But because your post inspired me to go for it, I did and since then I’ve never looked back. My first time cosplaying wasn’t perfect but as more and more experience piled up, I was able to cope. And the reason why I go for it in the first place, is seeing how much fun it has as I looked at your butler AFA X video.  
I hope you’ll continue blogging even though you for blog often , and continue to inspire people to do what they like to. Like my friend ( the one that introduced your blog to me) wanted to do modeling but wasnt sure, she read a few blogs including yours which gave her so much inspiration, with the lovely photos you take. Her name’s Mina btw in case you realize there’s a stalker stalking you every second at your twitter HAHAHA. 
I guess that’s about it!! Have a nice day ahead!!

Miko | January 24, 2012

I love blog post one the most. I have always been a fan of fairy tale stories and to me, blog post one happens to be one of them. It took place in a modern day setting – my fave country Korea. Prince Yutaki and princess Miyake, both so photogenic and picture perfect. I adore all the fantastic photos which reminds me of the days when I was in Korea. Welcome back to the blog world, Yutaki and I look forward to your future blogs. Keep up the great work and gambatte ne !!! ^_-

Tricia Tang | January 25, 2012


( ≧Д≦)


Maryann Patrias | July 29, 2012

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Roberto Koes | January 16, 2013

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