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Thank You.

24/September/2017 | Confession of yutakis

With the recent accusation I’ve kept silent as I’m more grown up compared to the old yutakis who was extremely vocal (if you follow me Long enough! 😂). After confiding with my friends @bongqiuqiu @yankaykay @mykxii @thatericboy, I feel I owe my Long term followers an explanation. 

Today’s Instagram has a lot of the users finding ways to grow, whether as a influencer or not. Many are struggling, I too, am one of them.

Organically u can up your game on photos, content, be more interesting, or know more Friends.

There’s also gray-er ways, like following more people get more exposure, like more photos on explore pic to get noticed and grow on your digits. Comment more and make more online friends, like its name, social media, u need to socialise.

Some host giveaways, use relevant attractive materials/ gadgets to do giveaways, to grow.

Also with the new prompt function on Instagram, u can pay for more exposure and more likelihood of increasing your numbers, impressions, likes, I paid at times, for exposure on giveaways or sponsored posts, to get more people to join. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying for some posts to be “promoted”, it’s like a free value-add to my clients or in some ways a self-promotion tool. Instagram earns from it but if it’s so unethical or not organic, I don’t think they will allow this function? People can see it’s promoted post after all right? 

I personally did a lot giveaways, through the years, mostly skin care, kpop albums, photobook, make up, concert tickets and even gadgets like cameras, I feel I grow the most from such giveaways, I could increase a few hundreds, to even 1k+ per day.

In recent years, while I m losing interest in blogging and being very inactive (I only uploaded 100+ posts in 2016), even lower in 2017. I get alot of people unfollowing, that’s the reason why I host a giveaway every 2-3 weeks. My following typically spikes everytime I post one, and I get tons of unfollows whenever I announce the winner(S) , normally it’s less than 5 winners, and I get 100-600 participants per giveaway.

One of the most significant jumps I had was back then I entered the Indonesian market with AFA, butler cafe, but I only attended one year. That one event day I grew 1-2k. Also once was featured on Indonesian fun fact account @faktanyagoogle, and within that 2 days I jumped 2k followers. These are the most significant jumps I remember.

My figures if you look carefully on the socialblade chart, it varies, it went up and down in between the figure of 60k to 65k followers in between that line, nothing too dramatic, it’s pretty unfair to compare me to people who have so much more followers and much more significant jumps.

For the past 2 years, I was handling depression, as well some internal dramas with my friends, family and building a new relationship. I stopped updating as regularly, and tbh, I understand why people started unfollowing me massively due to the lack of updates and constant quality content.

I m sorry that I wasn’t as hardworking as I once was, and I resort to using constant giveaways to gain followers, but I do have my own personal struggles that I no longer share it online. But I hope you guys could see that I still put in my 100% whenever I update a blog post. Sometimes it takes weeks of preparation, all that is hard work and effort that can’t be bought, and I take pride in them.

I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and some followers followed me for that long. I hope you guys can see my effort in other aspects, other than my figures on a graph, i hope I can still create more good content in future for you guys too. As for right now, my life is in a very good place, much better than how I used to be in 2015-early 2016!!

I rarely open up these days, but I hope you guys would stand by me, at times like this, and vouch for my hard work over the past 10 years. If you have stood by me all this while, I really thank you. 

Thank you so much for keeping good faith in me!


with love.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You.”

yanti | September 25, 2017

i wan’t to say something about this but sorry for my poor english, i’ve started reading your blog way way back, i used to be skeptical about singaporeans blogger, because wow they sponsored for literally everything and they are being so “open” about that, however as i start to read their blog more i kinda understand that. even it is paid post or not, the blogger giving their 100% skills in every post, (i’m not reading A LOT of blog but i’ve seen yours and miyake’s) it’s just not like their showing it is sponsored but more like they are proud of what they did and they should be!
about instagram pic i also follow you since 2 years maybe, you used not to post very often but it’s not like disturbing or what since your pic always nice and i know it’s take long time and lot of efforts to make that. i really really impressed about what you did for etude house contour stick in your ig story, i really want to dm you about that but i’m not good with words, but i want you to know it’s literally like fancy ass magazine, cannot believe it was instagram stories.
also about indonesian follower, i understand about that, i also from indonesian, instagram user here is crazy okay, with the amount and how easy they are really follow and unfollow people. so i think that crazy amount of people follow/unfollow actually normal.
one last thing to end my comment here, i hope you never really being disturbed about this, i never really think about this but, through your photos and post i can see your effort and i enjoyed all of them, a lot of people really working hard for their post but i think you are one of the one who really really put everything for it!!

Cheryl Tay | September 25, 2017

I’m still here! 😀
I totally understand how much effort it takes to post a good quality photo and especially the ones you posted on your IG. I have always admired your photos and will always be here looking forward to your photos even when you’re busy with your life. ^-^

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