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The Face Diaries! Vol.02

21/August/2013 | Review, The Face Diaries


Welcome to the 2nd entry of [the face dairies]
Previously on TFD, I talked and share about nose and
chin fillers. On this entry, I shall explore more into it…

It’s been 10 months since I last did my fillers on the
nose and chin, I decided to top up my fillers and consult
a different doctor, a doctor who is highly recommended
by a lot a lot of beauty bloggers!


Dr. Karen soh!

She is super polite, funny and informative.

Honestly speaking, my knowledge on fillers wasn’t that
deep, all that I know of, is that I could enhance my nose,
my chin or even my cheeks? But…..
I found out something truly amazing….


I could even do fillers on my smiling lines and under eye!!!!!!!
This basically saved my life. The technical term of smiling
lines is called the Nasolabial. To let u guys understand a bit
more and why is it so important and crazily awesome to me…

for the very 1st time expose i m gonna expose my before and after
photoshop photo…! Omg, I can’t imagine I m actually doing this…
(I might change my mind later and delete this entry… Lol)



This is most photoshop “feature”of my face that i do almost all my
blog/IG photos, ( more professional photoshop retouching work are
done on my professional photoshoots.) Look what i photoshop the
most? The smiling lines and sunken under-eye!!!! It make me
look dull, older and worst, tired. I tried all sorts of skin care
products, anti oxidant, firming or lifting.. They don’t seems
to work much at all…
Slowly I given up hope until the day i met Dr.soh…


After doing my nose and chin fillers top up, Dr. Soh, or i
should say, Dr. knowledgeable (lol) she asked me if anywhere
else I m not happy with my face, I told her the truth, I said I really
hate my smiling lines and sunken eyes….. She said, she know
wad to do with it and make them disappear, AND SURE SHE REALLY
DID! I wanted to hug her badly pls. U know how much photoshop
work this officially saved me? Basically my nasolabial and
sunken undereye are decreased in appearance at almost 80-90%!


Look at the before and after pic that is 100% photoshop-free,
u can clearly see that my nasolabial and under eyes are firmed
and lifted, they as good as GONE!!!!

Now u guys know will know getting rid of smiling lines and eye
bags are POSSIBLE. This really gonna changed my life, as I
always tot it will be impossible to do that.

My love for fillers had went up to a whole new level.

see how its done [here]


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Some facts about the fillers that I did at prive.

-It’s absolutely painless, with the help of numbing cream and ice!
on the scale to 1 to 10, 1 to be most painless and 10 to be
super painful. I will rate the nose and chin fillers at maybe 0.5,
the nasolabial and undereye fillers is basically zero!!!


-The fillers for the Nasolobial and undereye can last as long as
the fillers for the chin and nose, about 1 year.

-Prive is a very established and well-known clinic, so is Dr.soh,
she have work with many beauty blogger, namely like Pxdkitty,
Dweam and Miyake! The moment I googled fillers clinic Singapore,
Prive’s bloggers reviews are the top search.


Speaking of Miyake. She is such a awesome twinnie/BFF. She
knows I m really insecure about being on video, she even came
down to be around and just to make me feel not so alone as
this is my 1st time working with aesthetic hub.
She even agreed to host/special appear for interview!
Twinnie, I is really love u too!!!!!!!


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The fillers cost slightly lower than the market price,
which is 900 dollars at each individual area.
i did my nose, chin, smiling lines and under eye,
that’s 3.6k in total in cost
and also, there’s a review after the procedure, so
to ensure you get the best result that you wanted.
if its not the shape or size you wan, u can always
go back to dr.soh for a “top up”.

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-Fillers for the Nasolabial, undereye, nose and chin. Didn’t have
any down time at all, I don’t it was swollen at all, the very next time I
already went out shopping and movie with my friends already!

Here’s a movie night out with rikeru, nich, Hellven and hellven’s
friend! Here are some camwhore pics of me and them!





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I suggest you guys go down to Dr. Soh if you are unsure of
you things
You need to improve, she is very professional, experienced and
intelligent, she did me a huge favour to change my life (face) I hope
she could do the same to yours too!


honestly speaking, not a lot of doctors out there who know
their stuff well and know how to give constructive advises
on your looks, dr.soh is extremely rare one!

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390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Call: 6737 6639


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Stay tune for the next entry of the face dairies. Something else
*expected* I will share! Something else u guys will LOVE to know!

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One thought on “The Face Diaries! Vol.02”

aminanda | August 29, 2013

Your aegyo sal <3! What did you do to make them so prominent?

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