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The Face Diaries! Vol.04

12/August/2014 | Advertorial, Review, The Face Diaries


Hello!!! My 1st face diary entry this year! Time really flies!
The previous entry seems not too long ago! But when I
check the date, it was last year September!! almost a year
already! If you are a new reader, the face diaries series of
blog entries are based on vanity, on my face and my body,
anything that is related on how to make myself look better,
I will go ahead and try them, and record the experience!


There will be a few entire coming up, as I quite keen in some
other beauty treatments, face touch ups, so… Watch out for
this series’ updates!


In this new entry I shall share with you guys my 1st facial
treatment in my life. Okay I know that sounds a bit unbelievable.
But true. I always thought if I do my own skin care regime properly,
I do not need any facials or treatments. But seriously I was dead
wrong. As much as I assume I know a lot about my skin.
Actually I don’t.


Introduction of Asian Skin Solutions as the only skin salon locally
that specializes in Asian skin types.
Asian Skin Solutions, specializes in Asian Skin, and targets common
skin problems faced by Asians, such as acne, pigmentation and
large pores. They can effectively solve any Asian skin problem for
both males and females!


They actually run a few test, in depth to see what is the condition of
various aspects of your skin! Which i m really sure that I do not
really have that much of a clue. I always assume I m oily skin type.


But with the magic wand from Asian Skin Solutions, I found out
that i actually have Combination Skin, which is the most common
skin type of Asians, especially locals will experience. Partly due to
the humid weather conditions in Singapore, many of us suffer
from dry skin actually without knowing it because combination
skin tends to secrete excess oil and sebum at our T-zones,
Giving the illusion that our skin is oily. The purpose of the oil
secreted is an attempt by your skin to ‘moisturize’ your dry
skin condition!





After running of the test with my beauty specialist, she explained
to me a lot of things that given great benefits to my “face knowledge”!
She taught me so many tips to take care of my skin. Like things
I always forget to do, or things I should take extra care. Which is
really really awesome, because such exclusive infos on your type
of skin is something you can’t just simple google from the Internet!

For example, did you know that although your skin may
feel oily most of the time, you may actually be suffering from
dehydrated skin?! So its really important to know what is
going on with your skin!



One of my biggest concern of my skin is that it will lose its elasticity…
My beauty specialist introduce me a customized
skin diffusion treatment to kick start my “entry level” facial that allows
my skin to be back to the normal state, as throughout the years I
massively neglected it. It’s time to get my skin healthy all over again!
How exciting!



My customized skin diffusion Treatment is the
Collagen+ Skin Treatment


Double-cleanse + Scrub: to remove make-up, dirt and sebum
on skin surface.


After removing all the BB cream n all I have on face I felt naked but yet
comfortable as the aroma of the cleanser and scrub made me so
calm and relaxed.



Moisture Mask with Softening Essence Treatment:

A relaxing essence mask treatment to
soften stubborn dirt and to prep your skin for better absorption and
penetration for following treatments. A gentle formula that soothes
sensitive skin as well.


At this point I felt really good with the fantastic skilful facial massage
given by my beauty specialist.



Gentle extraction (if needed): gentle extraction is done only when
needed to remove dirt trapped in pores.


I was looking forward for this part of the facial, as I heard from many
of my friends, they said they will be extracting my white and black
heads! Even could remove stubborn pimples!!! It wasn’t painful at all!


Collagen Essence Treatment with Repairing device: Collagen
extract was applied to assist in repairing of skin cells
for a healthier structure.

Benefits: firms the skin and gives a lifted effect!

The effect of the collagen essence is further penetrated directly into
my skin with the assistance of the repairing device which accelerates the
circulation and boost collagen production.


At this stage of the facial… I was ecstatic! My beauty specialist only
applied half of my face with the Collagen Essence, and she want to see
the difference, as she said the result is INSTANT!


To my amusement.
It was! Half of my face was significantly smaller and the skin feels so so
so much tighter!!! I am I m in love!


Relaxing Facial Pressure Point Massage:


To better help in improving
facial and eye for detox purposes.



i-Revival Eye-brightening Treatment: a special treatment for your delicate eyes
– helps to boost circulation around eyes area to relief them for beautiful,
brighter eyes! Highly recommended for those who spend long hours in
front of the computer or for those who strain their eyes very often.


After 5th and 6th step of the facial,
I felt my eyes are less tired, less puffy and more alert after this part of
the facial! Totally enjoyable!


Collagen+ Double Action Treatment Mask:

Packed with collagen goodness, this indulgent mask helps to hydrate
and replenish your skin’s moisture levels for a soft and supple skin texture.


An intensive hydration mask as the base layer and the collagen+ mask
on top to seal in the goodness.

This treatment step ensures that the skin absorbs the most of the
nutrients, acting like an intensive repairing treatment to not just visibly
lift and brighten your skin, but to build and repair the foundation of your
skin for healthy regrowth and immunity.

Skin is immediately more supple and firm!


Overall Review: 

After the facial, I tried to apply some BB cream on my face. To my
amusement, the BB cream blends in so well into my face! As compared
to before the facial! Normally I have some trouble trying to cover up the
uneven skin tone. But after the facial, my skin seems to be so much


My face remains super hydrated for the next one week, I noticed that
my T zone was much much less oily and my eyes and cheeks are less
puffy and water retention effect was less obvious too!


For the next 7 – 9 days, my skin was definitely much much tighter and
firmed up as compared to the skin before the facial! If you ask me if I
will go back to this super awesome Asian Skin solutions customized
facial again.. The answer is.. OF COS!!!!



I got two products from Asian Skin Solutions! One is the Pore Refining
Lotion and the other is the Light Texture Moisturiser!

Pore Refining Lotion


The nemesis of enlarged pores, Asian Skin Solution’s pore refining
lotion contains natural Vitamin B5 and Green Tea extracts to minimize
and refine enlarged pores without traumatizing or stripping your skin
of its moisture.

This lotion is absorbed quickly by your skin and leaving a slight tinge
of refreshing smell to let you feel invigorated!

This light weight lotion is best for day time usage!! Make my pores
visually smaller, always make my face camera ready, for camwhore!!!


Light Texture Moisturiser


This lightweight moisturiser is so refreshing and finely textured it gets
absorbed quickly into the skin for maximum hydration at all times! Specially
formulated for dull and sensitive skin, add some natural radiance and
vitality back to your skin!

One thing I learn during this trip to Asian Skin Solutions, is that moisturizing
is crazily important! It makes your face less oily! And I totally hooked on
to this moisturizer! It’s so gentle and effect!



Asian Skin Solutions

If you want great skin like me , simply answer a question correctly
to enjoy the new Collagen+ Skin Treatment AND i-Revival Eye
Treatment for FREE worth $248!!
[Valid for first 30 readers only]


Terms and Conditions to apply:

– Suitable for both male and female
– Strictly by appointment only.
– Promotion valid for 2 months
– Strictly by appointment only.
– Promotion valid for 2 months


 Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459

Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425


Phone Number:

6767 0077 









Been a while since a update on my blog! And i m feeling
really guilty! A more yutakis camwhore-styled blog post
coming right up tonight!!! (before i fly off to indo)

I m stuck in the midst of a very very busy month…. but i think
everything will be better after September! Now, I barely had
the time to sleep!!! This is wad i do, 8am – 6pm work,
7pm – 1am sleep, 2am – 6 am Photoshop. well this kinda life
style is really really killing me.


Thank god its gonna come to an end in September…. but
again, i felt a bit overwhelmed with life after September, it
might be really hectic and ‘life’- changing. now that i really
don’t know which to look forward to, which to hold on to…
Seriously i bet you don’t understand wad i am talking about.
okay, now SKIP all my emo life talks, Next post!!!
lol, that’s the reason u guys reads my blog isn’t it. lol.




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2 thoughts on “The Face Diaries! Vol.04”

Evon | August 13, 2014

Can’t wait for ur camwhore post!

aaynoor | October 16, 2014

I really like your writing style and it is a great review. If you are an expat and plan on moving to Singapore, do check out I found it to be very useful in finding a place.

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