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The Sunday Times

08/September/2013 | Feeling Lucky


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ok, as most of you might already know that i am on
the news papers this moring, for the aegyol sal filler.
lol. i m flattered that they posted decent pics of me
and miyake, cos usually newpapers love posting
unpleasant pics of bloggers. and its a full page
spread with on page 3!!!!

its the 3rd newspaper article on me and miyake
already!!!! super happy that we are featured to
together, because, we are a team!

ok, here are something i wanna clarify here,


Its not the eyebags!!! i rmb i clarified more than 3
times with the journalist that aegyol sal and the eye
bags are not the same.. yet the headline came out
as i spent 1k to get eye bags…

You can read the post below and find out the
difference between eye bags and aegyol sal!

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click on to the above thumbnail to
read the entire article!


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Times”

Xandra Sia Co | October 3, 2013

some other people, or should I say, journalist? will just do anything for their article to be notice :3 that’s reality and that is also the reason why I feel sad for the people that they are using, who are the real innocent ones are the ones who the journalist will involve them 😮

Yutaki | October 3, 2013

U re so sweet. Glad that u can see that! 😉

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