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The Wonders of Mr.Sticker!

09/November/2014 | A Little More Personal, discovery, Everydays




Hello everybody! In the mist of being crazily busy, I took the
time out to share with you guys some D.I.Y Stuff that I’ve
been obsessed with! Okay recently, I wasn’t obsessed with
a PC game or anime or a tv drama… I m currently really into
crafting stuff! Like note books, washi tapes, stickers, color
pencil doodles… A few months ago, I went shopping I
bought a plain dairy book, I tot I could start being more
organized, start taking notes or important things to rmb,
never I thought it was the beginning of such girly obsession…
LOL. One washi tape become two tapes, there it multiples,
one pens become many pens, one sticker become many
stickers…. BAM. I m a crafting nerd now. Lol.


Kawaii washi tapes and stickers actually not easy to find, but
recently a dear friend of mine, Rykiel, she is starting this
insta-shop selling all the superrrrrrrr Kawaii stickers that are
very hard to find in sg! She send so much cos she knew I
super love them…!!! And look what I did with them!!





I have decided to DIY a iPhone 6 casing that ONLY I will have.
I all need was a transparent iPhone 6 casing,
stickers from Mr.Sticker and very sharp pen knife!

I actually wanted to do a step by step tutorial for this post, in
order to do that I need to take a pic every time I finish one step…
But I got too engross when I started working on it, totally
forget to pics of every step. When I realized it, it was already
completed. LOL.




Recently I just changed my phone from iPhone 5 to iPhone
6! It’s a pretty sad thing to a iPhone casing collector, I have
the habit to buying iPhone casings, changing of phone
means I could throw away all the old casing alr ( some are
actually branded and pretty expensive lor!!!)

And also the 1st few months when a new phone is born,
there’s NO way u could find a Kawaii or a case of your taste.
Just yesterday I went for iPhone 6 casing shopping. The only
design that have is plain, transparent and gold/silver lining ones…
Major fugs.






I didn’t stop there. I continue to craft my iPad mini and even
my Casio TR150! But the Casio camera wasn’t showcase in
this post as I did it later on! Shall show it to you guys on
Instagram soon!!




Well i guess it really easy to figure out how did I do it, and
easy to understand from just reading. I basically stick the
stickers whichever position I like, then just use pen knife to
cut off the excessive stickers off the edges of the iPhone.
6 casing! And tadah!!!!! I have a new, super cold and one
and of a kind iPhone 6 casing THAT NOBODY HAVE! Yeah
I m very proud of my casing now, especially at time where
Everyone is using fugly iPhone 6 casings. LOL.

I’d go like ‘my iPhone 6 casing is better than yours’ whenever
someone walk by with fugly iPhone 6 casings. LOL.
I m joking la, okay, no, I wasn’t.




After I finished with the iPad mini back, I really really love it so
much, I even took a photo of it and Photoshop it into a HD
wallpaper, use it for
my iPhone and iPad! And all my gadgets are a like set now!
Super love them!!!





Here’s the book that started all the crafting madness, the
cover of the book is actually made of chocolate candy
wrapper from Tokyo from qiuqiu! I Instagram about this months
ago, but it wasn’t completed, I added more stickers and iron
on cloth stickers on to the book!

Even the back of the book is now filled with stickers!

This book officially become my “burn book” lol. Well you will
never find out what’s the content inside this book. It’s pretty
juicy I tell u. LOL.


It also serves as a drawing book for my doodles, my monthly
planner, my sketch books, my vision book, my mind map
book, my blog advertorial planner, my note book, my scratch
book. Yes a all in one book. I showed it Sophie once when
we were in Perth, she is really impressed with the effort and
content of it okay! And I tell u, Sophie is not one easy cat to
please. Lol.











Such stickers are super awesome when comes to decor of
your laptop, suitcase, iPhone, iPad, car, wakeboard, skater
board! Actually anything with a flat surface, up to your creativity!

And these stickers could be purchased from Mr.Sticker on
Instagram! Click the below link to visit their Insta-shop!
They have so much of Kawaii stickers! I wan them all!!!!





I have to finish a few projects by this weekend actually,
and I haven’t even started on them….

By when I could be less busy..? lol.


life is always all about wanting what u couldn’t have isn’t it?
i rmb when in 2012 i was 1st had to make a living on my
own, i was so desperate for paying jobs, want them so bad,
then it was like rianing job on for about 9 to 10 months,
i was so busy, there i was complaing being too busy and
wanted a break..all the way till this year’s May, i finally finished
all the jobs, had a long break, then i started to want more jobs
again, and then tadah, i starting to get back since 3 months
ago… now i m complaining that i m too busy… lol.

wtf is wrong with me. here i remind myself again.. BE GRATEFUL!
be contented with what you have!!


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