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Thurs Day Out

21/September/2013 | A Little More Personal, Feeling Lucky, Love




Ok, I guess I m getting attached to my blog all over again,
after so many years, my blog still could make me feel
infatuated.. Lol. I didn’t update my blog for a week, I felt so
guilty!!!!!! I m serious! So i decide to post this picture post
that’s taken early this month! I will update my blog regularly
I promise! with frequent photo posts like this, which are
absolutely non-advertorials related! I wanna be that well-liked
blogger that I used to be, again! Lol.

Ok, u might aware that my twinnie Miyake was caught in
a minor car accident last month. That explains why she
MIA almost a week on social media platforms. That scared
the shit out of me! Right after she was fully recovered and
able to go out, I forced her to meet me!!! Lol. Since she had
a few assignments on hand, that requires some photo-taking,
I brought her to carpenter and cook to shoot the pics for her,
and also did a mini shoot myself along the way.. These photos
are totally unplanned, chio pics can happen anywhere, any time,
lol. So I’m pretty pleased with the pics turns out.
Not bad hor, I guess I still got it (that camwhore power). Lol.

Yeah, and starting love to my aegyol sal more and more,
day by day! It looks exactly like the way I wanted, and Dr. Soh
from Prive did a great job on it and my other fillers. For sure I’ll
be going to back to them topup in the future! And for the million
time, it’s NOT eyebags, it’s aegyol sal. I lazy to explain alr pls.




















I brought along my baby sandy, Nich and Justin (a new friend
who me and Miya know thru online engagements) we run to
a few places that day. Shoot for Miya’s adverts, meet some
clients, sign contracts, shop for advert props, background and
watch a late night movie, “We’re The Millers”!! Such a awesome
show. Pls go catch it if you love sexual rom com!!

Actually I m still in the midst of finishing the [twins magic] mini
photobook post, I wanted to update that post, it’s been a year
old. But it’s taking me F O R E V E R… The pics turns out to
be so much more than I expected, I guess it might easily over
shoot over 300 pics for that post! I might not able to call it “mini”
photobook any more, it’s not mini at all, if u guys had to wait for
[twins magic] as the next new update from me.. I guess it will
take me another 2 weeks more! By then I will die with guilt,
burn as the worst blogger all over again…










Meanwhile I’m proud to announce. My life is currently looking
up. I had a few business opportunities, a few contracts signed,
new positive directions to explore… I swear it was god’s help
and the practice of the secret, early this year, a lot of shitty
things happen. I swear I didn’t ever think I will pull myself thru.
All I wanted was to stay home and sleep till death… many doors
were shut in my face. I kept praying for an open window…
Here I am. With the many thanks to my blogging friends. I never
thought they will be so close and deep as we are now. Yes,
we started as really surface friends… I become really very
close friends with Miyake. My friendship Sophie. Wendy and
qiu deepen a lot too.

They help me so much along the way, do u guys know Miyake
always loop me in almost every single online projects she got?
She sell me like crazy to her clients. She knew I was in trouble
and wasn’t doing well. She tried all her ways to help as far as
she could. I am deeply touched with all the crazy, generous
things she did for me. I love you too, twinnie,
u re simply the best!

Yanyan is always super sweet to me, never failed to bring me
along to every single event she get invited to, thou she is soooo
busy with baby dash, but still always try to keep up with rest 3
of us, always inviting us over to have house gatherings, and
organize our monthly outing. I know, she is really love the 3 of
us one.

Having these amazing blogging friends supporting me, i can
say I m really lucky, I guess when I lose someone important in
my life, god gave me back 4. I will treasure them. I swear.

And yeah in case you are wondering, me and sandy are still as
good as ever.

Ok, so here’s my some updates of my life! Tmr I m meeting
Jane chuck with Sophie againnn!!! This time she brought along
her sister and few of her friends too! Excited! Till the next update!


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2 thoughts on “Thurs Day Out”

MH | September 21, 2013

I almost cried while reading your post lol. I hope I can find friends like these too. (:

Yutaki | September 21, 2013

U will! Don’t give up! Practice the secret!

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