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Yutaki’s 2014 Emoticon Collection

03/January/2014 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Give-aways, Welcome To My World



Happy new year!!!!!! Yes, this is my official 1st entry of 2014,
thou I had already greeted everyone my on my Instagram,
twitter, Facebook and Dayre. Here’s a official greeting to you
guys on blog. Wanna know wad “adults things” I did on my
new eye eve/new year day? Ready my Dayre! I m doing a
mini YSL giveaway there too! Participate!

I just realized, I update
my blog less often then my other social media platforms, ok,
here’s the sequence of my updates from most frequent to the
least frequent:


Usually I really don’t update much on Facebook except that my
Instagram feeds to my Facebook, if that counts, Facebook will
be side by side with Instagram. So technically my blog is at the
bottom of the list, BUTTTT! Here’s the content and effort I put
for each social media platform ranking from the most and the


See!!! I guess it take “time” to put in effort to have a proper
update on the blog right? I have already develop a habit of
updating really quality stuff on my blog, I get really really annoyed
to post below quality updates, all this add to the “no blog
updates” factors. Lol. Ok, enuff talk, this is not what this post
is about! (Next post is!)

I don’t know if you follow me closing this year, this is a lucky
year for me, I have made a really really talented friend!

this amazing young talent is..


She was a reader turn cyber friend now. Many months back she
drawn my 1at fan art. I was instantly in love. How could she be so
talented?! Ever since, almost every other month she will send
me fan arts, in last year’s August, we had the 1st collaboration,
she drew a set of 24 EMOTICON FOR ME!!!!!Yes, every single
one of them are inspired by my blog photos, mostly picked
from my 3 online photobooks!

I was very very excited, these are the things on my blog I truly
appreciate, and will add to the factor of more updates!



Not to mention she very talented, she is also very inspiring,
her ambition is to be an manga artist…. Which I think she totally
can be one! And she is super young. Only 16! At the age of
16, already so talented. Imagine when she is 20,26?

Recently she just added another a mini collection to my blog
emoticon, a 7 chibi emoticons! 6 of them are inspired from
one of my last year’s most talked about advertorial, the delicious
eyes project by eye candy’s! Where I transform myself into 6
different characters to match myself up with 6 top selling lens
from their international store!



Not only she drawn the chibi emoticon edition of the eye candy’s
project, she also drew the anime edition of the series!!!
Super love them!




Here’s the the entire set of 6 chibis/6 animation drawings! This
new series of emojis are very very useful, it’s a series of emojis
that the previous prince yutaki’s emoticon 1.0 do not have!


Here’s a emoji that I will be using if there’s contact given, like
maybe giveaway, or contact me. It says call me! Okay, maybe not,
Email me! Lol.


I super love this devil yutakis emoji, i could use this whenever I
m having evil thoughts lol! *rub hands* burn burn burn!!!


This one will be emoji when I use whenever I accomplish
something, maybe a well/long written blog post, cos chibi yutakis
look really satisfied and holding a feather pen. Lol.


I needed this!!! Previously in the prince yutaki’s emoticon 1.0,
there wasn’t a sick emoji!!! And as a sick cat that easily get a
bad sore throat, I think this emoji will seen frequently on this blog.
WELL, let’s not jinx that I will fall sick often in 2014!!!!!
*pray for good health*


Haha. If you read my blog or a personal friend of mine. You
should know my conversation start is always… OMG. Lol. Yes,
I always go like, “OMG.. You know what..?” Lol. Like everytime.
So frequently used that my close friends will go
” I don’t know what” to tease me. This OMG, and sparkling
amazed emoji is MADE FOR ME! I love this!!


This angel chibi yutaki is a set with the devil yutaki, I could always
use this whenever I m having angelic thoughts. Lol. Well I will
spam this, cos i m full angel thoughts (not). LOL.


BONUS!!! This emoji is inspired one of the advert photos I posted
on Instagram, this is a flirty and in love emoticon that I could
whenever I see pretty… Clothes. LOL.



Many of your didnt get to read the Prince yutaki’s Emoticon 1.0
post as I was updating my blog very frequent during that period
of time, this post got flush down very fast. So here’s recap of the
entire 1st set of emoticons that Larissa  drew for me in August!






Here’s a mini collection of the fan arts she drew me this 2 months!
Mostly my butler look inspired and related! Because I was a butler
last year at AFA 2013!











 Maid miya and butler taki



This the most recently that inspired from my Missha advert art piece.
Larissa  made me a wet men with super powers!


She even made me into a character
In Otome game! Here’s the progress of re making!

The pencil sketches of me, inspired by this shoot dark knight shoot
I did 2 years back!


Colored, even illustrate with 6 different expressions!


Here’s the final work! Follow me through the game!


Here’s accidentally meeting me in the hallway, welcome to my extravagant
hall way, it seems like you can’t see the end of it. I wonder how many
doors there are along it.


Here’s where you suddenly realized I m yutaki James in the bar when
we finally walked finish the long ass hallway. And did you see I smiled??


Here’s me being an ass as i m pissed that you didn’t recognize me
back in the hall way and only told me that you knew me in the bar.
Here’s when we already moved on to my bed room. I love that open
concept bathroom. I m gonna use the devil thoughts emoji now.





Ok, finally I bring you out of the huge house, drag you to the harbor,
at night, in the mafia way.. (Duck tape and tie up) and throw you with
3 choices.

“I beg you my life”
“I will work for you for an eternity”
“Kill me now”

Lol. I m such a bad ass, so horrifying choices, and all of this…
Is all because…



LOL.. this teach of all of you a valuable lesson, if you ever see me in
the hallway, RECOGNIZE ME IMMEDIATELY. Or else.

This will be your ending too!!

LOL. OMG sorry I can’t help it, this is so funny. I had to.



In conjunction with the début of the 2014 yutakis emoticon
collection, Larissa will be doing a mini giveaway on my blog!

Win yourself a chibi drawing of your own! Larissa will be designing
a mini you based of one of your photo! She will be picking 3
lucky winners!

1st Winner: 7 Chibi Drawings
2nd Winner: 3 Chibi Drawings
3rd Winner: 1 Chibi Drawings!

All you need to do is very very simple!

I N S T R U C T I O N S :

Step 1:

Follow @larissarochefort on Instagram!

Step 2:

Like and comment on her this yutakis 2014 emoticon poster
with a standard comment :

“I would love to have my own chibi drawing draw by


Link to this poster on Larissa’s Instagram


T e r m   &   C o n d i  t i o n

This giveaway is open internationally.

Duplicated comments from the same account
are considered as one entry.

Giveaway accounts are instant disqualified to win,
only legit accounts are welcome to participate.

Closing date of the giveaway is at 17th Jan 2014

Six (digit)Winners will be notified by @mention on the
winner’s Instagram page!


This is her price list for design and drawn
your very own emojis at super super super
affordable price!

D R A W I N G   P R I C E   C H A R T 

10 emoji design/drawings:

7 emoji design/drawings:

5 emoji design/drawings:

1 emoji design/drawing:

You just have to email her some pictures of yourself
(or your girlfriend/boyfriend) she will draw and design the
emojis accordingly!

She also do A4 full colour illustrations start from USD$30-50!


F i n d   L a r i s s a   R o c h e f o r t 


Twitter: @larisarochefort

Instagram: @larissarochefort 

Deviant Art:



Actually there’s a “the best of 2013” blog post coming up
today. BUTTTT I realized my overdue adverts are TOO overdue,
had to finish them 1st before I could blog that post, hopefully
it will not be forgotten, the pics and post arts are all done up!


I took a really long break during this xmas and new year holiday,
I had to finish the overdue post by this week. I HAD TO!!!!!!
Can’t let 2013 overdue work pile all the way to 2014’s second
week. Lol. Ok, ciao, till the next update!


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