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-Yutaki’s Auto.Photo.Bio.Graphy

24/January/2011 | discovery, Feeling Lucky, Monthly Special







WELCOME! welcome to the new era of yutakis’ site! i knew u all been waiting for this site for a long long time, but sorry, i m lazy and busy. haha, but its here!

the new site is consisted of two main theme, one of which is the main site, the rain/water splashing is more of the dark and cool side of yutaki.


where the other theme is white/snow, which wad i love! seriously, if u been reading my blog for sometime, u should know, i love white and clean blogs. so i want mine to be clean and pure as well, its smooth to the eye.



but i still went on with a black and cooler look for the main site for shocking value, cos i wanna try something that i never tried before, something that will open your eyes, look yutaki can look flexible as well!

here’s the entire site small details and promo stills that i will posting all over the net! for my new site, i will update more, as i m making money out of it! i m going to be so frequent updates and commercial, that u will hate me. HAHAHHA, kidding.


i will be closing down my wordpress site, soon, by all means to promote my new site! and i hand picked only less than 50 post from the old site, cos i wan new fresh start, without the the shadows of my old fugly pics… dun worry, i did kept them safe in my hard disk, only for private screenings! hahahahah


as for my new site, its going to more intense photos photos and even more photos, its photo blog, wad do u expect.


also, i changed my blog name! to auto photo bio graphy!


it mainly comes from 3 words,





heard of autobiography?

–An autobiography (from the Greek, αὐτός-autos self + βίος-bios life + γράφειν-graphein to write) is a book about the life of a person, written by that person.

mine is


which means, its a blog of my life portrays in pictures. not words. and the way i want to portray my life as. some authors wrote autobiographies portray themselves as animals, god, a invisible person or not even a living thing. but i m gonna portray my life the WAY I WANT IT TO BE. so buzz off if you think my site is so fake or wad so ever, cos it just the way i want my life to be recorded as.



here’s the making of the main site’s stills and promo pics, taken with nicole, eric and celeste! all thanks to nicole who hook me up with such a great photographer who shot my this series of photos for my blog, there actually another look, shall promo them soon too!



like my hair? its totally style, and sponsored by Essensuals Bugis!

my hair, the styling and cut all done by them! so if u like my hair, for guys, search long long time for some salon and stylist that could do you a mind blowing hair style, go to them, seriously i would not cheat you, cos its so many times  guys asking where do i cut or do my hair, yeah, there!



their address:

Essensuals Hairdressing Bugis
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (Above Burger King)
t: (+65) 6333 0039 e:

follow their twitter account :!/BugisEssensuals

have doubts on pricing? ask them anonymously! @

they are having promos and luckily draws recently too! check their promos:



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8 thoughts on “-Yutaki’s Auto.Photo.Bio.Graphy”

x | February 1, 2011

you aren’t japanese. you can’t speak japanese. you can’t write japanese. it’s all wrong. why are you prentending to be?

yutakis | February 2, 2011

so? who cares? i don’t. do u? i write watever the fuck i wan, if i like i can tamil or malayu. not happy, fuck off from my blog. who call u to come and READ ME? loser.

chiara288 (Kinga/Mekitojika) | February 8, 2011

Your photos are great! Do u fancy getting in touch with me? (I’m from Poland – Europe)

yutakis | February 14, 2011

why not! how to? facebook? like me here:

passerby | February 14, 2011

@ X, ya, who cares man, Yutakis can write whatever he/she wants, even if in actual real life he is a ugly faggot, but so long he photoshop all his photos, no one knows right? so long as the viewers never see him before in real life.

yutakis | February 14, 2011

oh yeah? i have met a lot of my readers in person, also i appeared on many newspaper articles with pics WHICH IS not photoshopped, taken by press, n i posted many videos of myself on my blog and facebook. ugly fag or not i dun care, as long i m getting laid, that’s all i care abt. could u? maybe u shld try to be fag for a change, cos seriously girls will rather screw a fag, not a fugly geek str8-lookin’ dick, trust me. in case if u had not notice, faggotary has been trendying, FOR A REALLY LONG TIME. for example, being a fag will keep u busy with girls, and u will left no time to come to be a busybody over my shits. man, life is short, do some really productive shits to your own boring life. anw thanks for speaking up me, but hope u dun come back n waste your time any longer, haven’t u notice? only chicks reads my blog. r u one? ha.

donate japan | March 16, 2011

Help support the awesome nation of Japan from the earthquake by performing a small donation!

Eugeniamin | January 21, 2013

OMGoodness! Started reading just today! You really are good looking, like a JPOP idol:) are you Singaporean! Glad that I’ve seen your blog! Anyway, nice to know you:) 加油!

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