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-Yutaki’s Evolution

04/June/2012 | Monthly Special, Personal Thoughts


This blog post, is the HD edition of the Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger of the month, June.

This blog post is a thousand words/hundred pics summary of my 6 years journey as a blogger, how much i grew and how much i’ve changed. how much my blog evolve through out the years. A showcase of the best 11 blog post of my entire blogging sub-career. If you are a new reader, this is the one u’ve got read to know me better.


My screen name is Yutakis; if you’re wondering why there’s an extra “S” at the back Yutaki, it’s simply because 6 years ago, when I first started blogging and was deciding on my blog’s URL, I wanted “yutaki’” to let everyone know that it’s Yutaki’s blog. But sadly there is no apostrophes in URLs, so I ended up with… slowly everyone began to recognize me as ‘Yutakis’.

As you can see, my blog is flooded with endless pictures of myself! They call me a camwhore, but I prefer to call myself a more atas name – Professional Self-portrait Photographer, also known as PSP lol.

My blog wasn’t always like this, over the years my blog evolved from a regular blog to a more self-portrait, travel and theme-party related photo blog.

As Nuffnang’s featured blogger of the month, I consolidated 11 evolutionary blogposts to show you guys the transformations of over the past 6 years!

I’ve been around in the Singapore blogosphere for quite some time, as I started my blog back in 2007, when I first entered polytechnic. Back then I was strongly influenced by the new online culture of self portraits. But I did still blog about really regular (blogger) things, such as relationship dramas, friendship conflicts, endless wasted clubbing nights, different types of cuisines, blog wars, Britney Spears and yeah of course, pictures of myself.



I hosted my 1st theme party back in 2008; a pool party. It was for my 20th birthday and I held it at New Majestic Hotel.

I tried a different blogging approach for the blogpost on the pool party, which was to use consistent photoshop effects on all the pictures, with summer and pool-party related texts, vectors and cartoons. Decorated the pictures! As it turned out, everyone loved it, my blog readers, my own friends and that blog post became somewhat popular.







After the success of my first themed party, I fell in love with the whole ‘theme’ idea. I love posing as different characters and playing dress-up with all my friends. For the 2nd theme party, “Prom Night”, I booked a more luxurious and futuristic hotel room and even a limousine for the party.

When the photos were finally posted on my blog 3 weeks later, all the responses and feedback were positive. It was a huge boost to my confidence towards my photography, Photoshop skills, and creativity in organizing theme parties.








In 2010, I decided to ditch my old unprofessional camera and the less popular blog contents (such as relationship dramas, friendship conflicts and Britney Spears.) I invested on a semi-professional camera and decided to focus more on self-photography and theme parties, as these were what got me the most attention.

A reunion party I hosted for my best friend who went to Japan for studies – a Slumber Party.






My 22nd birthday, another theme party – French Vintage/Masquerade party.






I hosted a few theme parties within months, as I was addicted. Each time I posted theme party blogposts, my blog hits would increase! But at the same time, my expectations for myself increased as well, as I expect new blogposts to surpass previous ones.


Then I had my first self-portrait/travel blogposts overseas in China, Harbin and Thailand, Bangkok. It was totally not set up, with no outfits or themes planned. These pictures were simply taken during shopping trips or outings and were mainly focused on the scenery and self-photography. Once again, I got even better reviews from blog readers and even more attention than before!










Role playing got even more real. I took part in the AFA (Anime Festival Asia) as a Butler of the themed all-male Butler Cafe, Atelier Royale. All the boys were in tuxedo! I did a full journey record photo blogpost on the event and it was also my first time handling actual professional photoshoots.







In the beginning of 2011, I went on holiday to Korea, Seoul with some close friends. Although it was just another overseas photo blogpost, I tried to plan for a few outfits and an ongoing theme during the holiday.






After 5 years of blogging, 3 years of photography practice and experiences with themes… I finally decided to go on an overseas trip just for self-photography, in conjunction with my 23rd birthday.

I picked 3 places that I had always wanted to visit – Paris, Rome and Venice.

It took me months to plan the outfits and brainstorm different looks.

On 18th of may, my first online photobook <;A Dream In Paris>; was officially released! As far as I know, I am the only blogger who has produced a self-taken, self-edited and self-directed online photobook.






If you notice, I continued my traditions for themes by using different looks for the photobook. e.g: Mafia and soldier.

My first online photobook surpassed all my previous works and is crowned as my most-viewed blogpost to date.




At the end of 2011, I planned my 1st overseas trip/shoot with a camwhore partner, Miyake, winter in korea! who is as passionate as me for self-portraits! The photobook-style was positively received though we did not change many looks.







Late 2011, I finally decided on a summer theme for my second online photobook! I picked a really discreet resort in Indonesia, on a tiny island, not yet discovered by the masses.

In this second book, ; I challenged the limits to see how far I could go. I tried taking pictures which were ‘impossible’ to achieve when shooting all alone. I overcome many difficulties during the shoot that I never had before.

Once again, I also role played many characters in this second book, e.g: magician, jockey, hipster, sea prince and elf.





Upon releasing it, there was instantly a positive response not only by blog readers, but also recognized by many famous bloggers as well! I super moved that my efforts were being appreciated.





There are many possible directions that my blog may lead me to. I may decide to focus more on graphic design, Portrait photography (i love making people look pretty!), travel or hosting theme parties!

At the same time, blogging has brought me loads of benefits the past few years – countless sponsorships, online endorsements, attention on/offline, respect and recognition and not forgetting, getting to know so many pretty famous bloggers! ^^ (like, qiuqiu, miyake, sophie, kaykay and xiaxue!)



Being an ultra new Nuffnang blogger (I just joined them in April) I am super positive about my next 3 years working under the Nuffies! As we all know, Nuffnang is the house of all the fantastic bloggers!

— blog post is proof read by Sophie Willocq (she made me learn to spell her surname correctly, or else she will disown me as a friend.)



I m been really lazy recently… i sleep a lot, like really a lot… i have a credit blog post to do, also a give away coming your way! (my blog give away is bi-monthly activity) and of cos, my birthday blog post.. but i m super not motivated… its only 2.29am, i already sleepy again.. LOL.


Help me!!! its like the more i sleep, the more sleepy i gets, i slept ever since last night 3am until today’s 6pm!!!! ok, my maths is freaking horrendous, not gonna count how many hours it is, but i know, it’s a lot of hours. LOL. but i think about the new sponsors coming my way… i m getting all excited again!


Next week, twinnie miyake and i are going for another overseas trip, but a really short one.. but u know when the camwhore dou are at crime… we will sure take loads of pretty pics! lol, so watch out peeps! We will be back with TONS OF PICS! good night already, i m dozing off….


i m gonna sign off with a few instagram pics i took on my 24th birthday! byebye!




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8 thoughts on “-Yutaki’s Evolution”

Nani | June 4, 2012

You’re such a gorgeous guy T_T ugh, I wanna be reincarnated looking like you in my next life.. You or Jang Geun Seok. LOL

Kasia | June 4, 2012

JGS is so hot 🙂 I wana be a guy too. Better hair and clothes, and most importantly —> you don’t have to shave your legs 😀
Dear Yutakis, I love your pictures! I can’t wait the next post.

Vienni | June 4, 2012

Last 2 pics are awesomely gorgeous! ^^
But really, Yutaki…
All of your photos are totally beautiful! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Ron Sunga | June 7, 2012

I hope you blog your behind-the-scenes soon! I’ve been reading your blog since 2010. You’re an inspiration! 🙂

TinTin | June 9, 2012

Love the pictures, you should do a tutorial on how to edit and such!!.. This was actually the first post i saw from you, hehe. I saw some of the pictures where you kind of put your hair up at the back, made it look like you had shorter hair.. It looked really good! You should try shorter hair sometime.. You could always grow it out if you don’t like it.. 😉

HitomiNeko | July 6, 2012

wooow~ I love this evolution post! so inspiring! It’s so cool to be able to find something u do so well n love ^^ ~ I Love all the photos!!!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

VanessaL | July 17, 2012

Just know that all the photos are taken by yourself!!!!
Love it very much!!!

ゆきえ | July 27, 2012

Hi Yutaki-san!

Just want to say that I admire your efforts into all your photoshoots (^_^)b They are really worth being praised. As a designer myself too I appreciate the works you have done! これからも諦めずブログを頑張ってください!次の撮影を楽しみにしています!!

And I like your taste for type btw~

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