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-Yutaki’s on Razor.

18/September/2009 | Personal, Personal Thoughts


A interview with Razor TV, Click & watch!

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8 thoughts on “-Yutaki’s on Razor.”

crystal | September 19, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS!!! esp being the only guy in ur catergory. teehee!
u really deserved it so there shouldnt be any room for ur embarrasment. XD

well said about how u felt the blog awards ’09! ^^
i agree with u, as well as the last part of the vid.

PS: ur hair looks really glossy even though its coloured. kirei hair for a bishounen! *thumbs up*

yutaki | September 19, 2009

hahah, thanks u re super nice.
i was really nervous during the interview… cos not all the finalist are interview only a few were picked.
maybe too much hair spray?? HAHAHAH!!

zelene | September 19, 2009

JIA YOU!!! 😀 One Fine day u might just b as famous as xx!! 😀

yutaki | September 19, 2009

i still owe you your mask ads, will finish it soon, recently a bit busy… sorry sorry..
xx? no la, she’s too outrageously famous.. that’s not for me…

blackfusion | September 21, 2009

Great job on ya BLOG AWARDS! browsing thru ya blog again… yah, you really put in effort in every single pix. So it’s worth it afterall huh. =)

yutaki | September 24, 2009

AWWW~ thanks, i hope i could blog as much as i can before the NS thing comes… HAHAH!! i will be hair-less!

Angie | September 24, 2009

I like your pic very much~!~!~!
Is beautiful~!~!~!
How can you edit a pic like tis pretty???
Teach me pls~!~!~! T.T
Haha……………..juz a joke~!~!~!
I like your blog too coz is white in colour~!~!~!
I like white~!~!~!

JosephCar | October 13, 2009

Good article, thank you
You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.


best regards

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