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-Yutaki’s Selection Scrap.Blog.Book.

24/October/2012 | Blog Scrap Book, Everydays



Introducing the
as you see here; is my 20092010 and 2011 editions.


I love visiting some compiled ulzzang and Japanese blogs/tumblrs,
what I really love about them, is that they always have a variety
of pics of many different boys and girls taken in different places,
different hair styles, different dressing and different PS-edits,

These pictures taken from different blogs and online boutiques.
These pictures made up into this really awesome scrap
book style blog.

A collection of pretty pictures. ( like those we cut out from
magazines, different models, celebrities and people we
like and paste into our own little scrap. We will keep looking
into it forever.)

To have a scrap book post like this, u gotta have a huge collection
of pics, or else things will be boring, as u will be recycling the same
shit over and over again.

With a large load archive of 3 years worthy of pictures…
Overseas trips, parties and events, both super old and new pics.
I m confident enuff that I could do a my very own online scrap book.


It also pushes me to blog and update WEEKLY.
As this blog project is WEEKLY updated.




I made many improvements and changes from
; to
complain about previous photo project was my blog loads
snail slow…With so much pictures in ONE post, it takes years
to load… So 10 by 10 pictures per post. 1 post per week, I
swear such “loading…” issues is out of the window.

Readers are really interested what camera I used taking those
pics I post. Now i will be including which camera I used to take
that picture at the bottom of the picture caption in EVERY post!
I m getting less and less selfish. Lol.

Not only pictures… More words! I will be including some live
updates about my life in these posts. Like how am I feeling,
what is happening with my life. Even introduce you guys some
cool stuffs I found on the net, like awesome blogshops, interesting
apps on iPhone, clothes, things or skin care that I m using… Some
of these introductions might be paid or sponsored, I will clarify.

Not just my face. Out of 10 sets of pictures update. 5 sets will be
my face. (duh?) 3-2 sets will be me with my dearest friends and
1-2 will be on photography and things I like. Just in case u guys
are sick of my face. lol

These pictures will be always updated on my blog 1st, then later
on instagram and Facebook. Yes, my blog will still the 1st source
to updates from me. i’ll be prioritizing my blog over all other social
medias platforms. I started from my blog, this is home.












With diamonds.

Many of you asked about where are my diamonds…Here they
are. Nothing could change the fact I know these 3 friends for a
decade now. We went through really low and bad times, but its
awesome to have friends that stick around and knows everything
about you.

Sandy, she’s studying in SIM right now, happily in love.

Wendy, she’s working in CHANEL, happily being fabulous
and just become a single lady lately, boys, watch out.

Eric, you could stalk him on his blog and twitter, he’s busy
working at tantrics bar.
















With Sophie

Meeting her, Prinya and the gang this weekend for Halloween
party, it’s gonna be another crazy party. It’s been
weeks since I met soap, I really miss my half angmoh model BFF!
Lol. (yeah, and her monotone jokes.)






Albums I’ve been addicted to lately,
some new, some old.






Many asked about my current life right now… “Shouldn’t
you be botak?” “Why do you still have hair when u already
enlisted into the army?” “Why are still updating your
instagram and blog when you are in the army?” “How could
u still update your twitter??” “Do you have some medical
issues so that u could keep your hair?”

Let’s just say, my blog is too important I gave up on national
service… And I m come back as a blogger. Lol. Watch me continue
to Camwhore and post pictures here and on my Instagram.






Special shout out to my good friend Qiuting ‘s online
boutique! awesome appeals, their bings blings and
hairbands are mad pretty, and they are going as low
as only 7-8 bucks!!

madness please. go check the store out like now!




Just when I decided to blog often…

NUFFNANG released a new revolutionary android and IOS app!!!

The NUFFNANGX. It’s a basically similar to instagram and
twitter. BUT awesomely for blog readers! Like u follow those
bloggers u like, and their blog updates will be appeared
on your timeline/feeds. So if u like 10 bloggers, all their
updates on that day will be on your timeline. Just click and
read! Awesome isn’t it!


Not only that. U could like the post just by a tap, leaving
feedback and comments are so easy just like when how u
leave comments on instagram! Of cos the chances of bloggers
replying is higher that way too… It makes communication
between you and I much easier. Like chatting!




STEP 01:

Search ; on your iphone’s app store. Download,

STEP 02:

NNX will auto recommend you some blogs, editor’s pick, if u
have some blogs u like, just tab on”add blog” and search for
your favorite blog’s url.

STEP 03:

Yes i know, the 1st blog u gonna search for… MINE!! LOL.
then check on “follow”





(here’s are those blogs i m following!)


now after u follow those blogs u like, all their blog post
will be shown on you FEED!

like with one picture and one liner of the blog post will
be shown, like a facebook posts.



STEP 06:

if u like the blog post, and wanna read the entire post, just
tab on the post, the whole post will be loaded! trust me,
it loads uber fast!

STEP 07:

You could leave comments on the blog post via NNX! the
comment u leave, will auto create a mini “chat room” with
the blogger on that blog post, they could reply to your
comment in that “chat room” and u will be notified whenever
the blogger replied your comment.. this brings you and me
closer… so comment me NOW! lol.

STEP 08:

NOW, if u re blogger yourself, u could manage you and claim
your blog thru NNX’s website after doing so, u could read blogs,
reply to comments and explore new blogs via the recommended
page too! expand our blogosphere!



Here’s another awesome i discovered lately..

PHOSTER! this is really awesome if u a big fan of
typography like i am. many of u asked how do i create
those photobook posters/promos for my blog, well,
photoshop of cos… but this app made creating posters,
or poster styled photos so easy. and they look super
professional at the same time. ok, it cost like $1+ but trust me
its worth the money.



They have a huge variety of poster style that u choose
from, then u could edit everything from there, the font of the
wordings, the background color, how big or small the text
should be and even adjust where you want your text to be!
uber flexible!

after u have edited your poster, its not done yet, there’s
tone of filters to make your posters looks more real.
after you are done, save it, share it or email it.

the gallery part is the most awesome part of this app. they
display and show case all your poster works on this wall of
fame, with lighting from both top corners of your customized
posters work as spot lights, they look like real movie posters!
you are officially a rockstar




Here are some of my poster works!







Before i sign off, here’s a list a photobook style blog posts
coming your way… it will take some time, BUT… IT WILL
COME. lol. ok, pick the number of the post that u wanted
to see the most! i will try to hurry that particular post! ciao!


update next week!





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18 thoughts on “-Yutaki’s Selection Scrap.Blog.Book.”

Lexi | October 24, 2012

It’s such a delightful thing to read your blog!! ^.^
I’m really impressed by the new format you chose. I guess you never fail to surprise people. 😉
The idea of doing a (photo) scrap blog book is ingenious and will be a big success for sure. It’s nice to get to know a few things about the person (I’m refering to you^^) that takes magnificent photos that have recognition value.

P.s. 1’m voting all the way for #7. 😀

yutakis | October 28, 2012

Thanks Levi! Wha I super honored by your enthusiastic liking for my BSB styled post! Why so love one! Make me totally shy only. LOL. Thank you! And I will try to work on that post u like! ^_^

Qian | October 24, 2012

ow yeaaaah~ update finally!! been waiting for more updates from you XD
and this is an awesome idea! this makes it easier to stalk you LOL just kidding 😛
I’m excited for all the list of your photobook style blog posts you’ve mentioned above.. between number 1,4,5… hard decision ;-;
oh well 5 it is!! I’ve been in love with Japan ever since and I know you’re going to make it a blast! XD
Good luck for the army~ ganbatte!

-Qian ^^

yutakis | October 28, 2012

Sadly, I didn’t take much pics in japan…. Lol, BUTTTTTT still sufficient for a mini Photobook. Lol, cos I spent 99% of the time in Japan photoshooting for my 3rd Photobook! Which is… Kinda sad, I wanna visit Japan again for completely leisure next time! Thank u for your constant support qian. Super love!

cheisey | October 24, 2012

oh yoooo! Mr.Camwhore finally here’s your update once again! [good] xDD
photobook 2,6,7 are the photobook i want to see the most! heheh… a bit greedy loll
Anyway , am happy to see you update your blog as frequent as you can!

yutakis | October 28, 2012

Hey! Thank for liking my new updates! The (4) is actually my most anticipated post by myself, thou I have the pics already, I m quite eager to see how it turns out…. Sadly (2) will be posted only after (4) is posted, which is after my next year’s birthday. Cos some of the looks are taken in genting. I don’t wanna post them and ruin the level of surprise for my 3rd Photobook. Hope u understand! 😀

cheisey | October 28, 2012

oh i see!!! it’s ok….yutakis….no matter how long is it i’ll still wait hehehehe…No worry kayyy!!! *love**

Vienni | October 25, 2012

Oh my~~~ (。♥‿♥。)
It’s really nice to see your updates, Yutaki.

You should make a real printed photo book~ (*^ワ^*)
I really want to see all, but I vote for #3. ✿(。◕‿◕。)✿

yutakis | October 28, 2012

Thanks! I hope so too! I m thinking of printing my 3rd book and do a give away on my blog! If u like it. Please join the giveaway! Thanks!

Anni | October 25, 2012

Hi Yutaki, this is the 1st time i’m commenting on ur blog! Have been reading ur blog for around 3-4 yrs. Love ur style of writing the blogpost <3 Keep going and updating ur blog cos Imma read ur blog everyday. I vote for 2 & 4 ;p
Gambateh neh!! Hwaiting!!

yutakis | October 28, 2012

The (4) is actually my most anticipated post by myself, thou I have the pics already, I m quite eager to see how it turns out…. Sadly (2) will be posted only after (4) is posted, which is after my next year’s birthday. Cos some of the looks are taken in genting. I don’t wanna post them and ruin the level of surprise for my 3rd Photobook. Hope u understand! 😀

Jenny | October 26, 2012

Love your blog and photos always !!!!
I really like the changes you’ve made !
And your outfit is sooo dashingg *v*
I pick no. 8, but can’t wait for all of them ! 🙂

yutakis | October 28, 2012

Hey Jenny. Thank u for love my outfit, I will try to rush my Venice and Rome post! Come back for more update! Thanks!

Chica | October 27, 2012

the photos are beautiful as always!
glad to see you blog again I was max sad thinking I have to wait patiently until 2013 to see another blog post :’D I vote for number 5 please, wan to see the Japan pics so badly!

yutakis | October 28, 2012

Hey! Yeah, I was kinda sad that I might had to leave the blogosphere cos of NS for a bit too. But just my luck that I m back! I never leave long. About a month? Lol, anyway, I m glad that u like the changes I’ve made, come back for updates! Love.

David Wang | November 8, 2012

Hello Yutakis!! 🙂

I have to say that I love all your photos alot!! Because you are my super No. #1 favourite blogger!! I know that you are so hardworking I just want to support you and like all the different photos you have taken.

I realise that every single photobook that you have taken are very different and unique. It shows that you really care for your readers that you want something new and fresh for us to read! We care for you too! hehe. <3 I know that you have done lots and lots of stuff for your readers to view which I actually appreciate! You are the most awesome blogger I can say! I always support and love your works and please do know that I will definitely continue to do more, I really cannot wait for more of this. Take care when you are in the army also alright? 🙂

Especially the one you have done, "A Flower's Boy Tale" that photo e-book is super super chio all the photos!! I give you all my SUPPORT and LOVE!! I hope you will see this! 😀

(loyal reader/follower)

Fransiska | November 20, 2012

i’m voting for 2, 3 and 7 😀

mickey mic | December 14, 2012

nice photo ..i like your style so much ^^

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