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The Power of Secret RF.

16/February/2020 | Uncategorized


Last year, halfway through shooting for Portraitist’s book of wonders… I realized I had such a bad case of double Chin, I noticed it as I was reviewing the pics of the shoot, any photos with a lower angle… my double chin was in-your-face, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. CALL POLIS SIA.

I spoke to Celebrity Doctor, Dr. Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic and he said that I am suitable for their Double Chin Removal Treatment – Secret RF: RF Powered Microcannula Lifting. He told me that Face Thread Lift is capable of removing double chin fats too.

Secret RF Double Chin removal treatment promises to reduce the appearance of jowl fats, eye bag fats, and double chin fats, I instantly agreed to try it out as… I was legit desperate, with a lot more shoots planned up, I seriously couldn’t depend on everything on photoshop…

Besides lifting, the Secret RF is the most effective and best treatment for acne scars, this new weapon against deep acne scars and depressed scars!

It was a relatively painless experience with the help of local anesthesia. As you guys should know by now, LA’s injection is a bit of pinch or like an ant’s bite, so if your tolerance for pain is relative low, you could ask the nurse to give you numbing cream for a completely painless experiment, the nurse at Clifford we’re extremely accommodating to my needs! Love them!

Dr. Ee was extremely experienced with the treatment, he finished the entire session within 15 mins and I didn’t felt a thing, it was a quick and fuss-free session.

There’s some light bruising like blue-black lasted 2-3 days, but they are under your chin and could easily be covered up with concealer.

This is my result after 2 sessions:

I was totally sold, with just two times of the Powered Microcannula Lifting, by the second session I’ve already archived my double chin goals! Lol, could you guys please see above?? The differences are so… BIG

My double Chin was extremely massive due to 2 zygoma reduction, 1 Chin surgery that I did in the past, the skin became really shaggy, so I m so happy that the SECRET RF managed to help, but even if it is for a bit, it will make me so happy!

I mean, to chase dreams on doing good portraits, I can’t relay everything on photoshop, I need to fix some of my flaws when beauty technology allows, as such!!

You guys could click here to visit Clifford’s secret RF page and book an appointment with them!

Just whatsapp to 8318 6332 to schedule an appointment!








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